This App Lets You Buy Surplus Buffet Food For $10/Box From Hotels In Singapore


Syahirah Mazlan •  Oct 14, 2022

We love our hotel buffets in Singapore! But have you ever wondered what happens to all that food once hotel guests leave the breakfast or lunch buffet? ?While the answer may not always put a smile on our faces, one application aims to do just that. The Treatsure App in Singapore lets you buy surplus buffet food for $10/box from hotels in Singapore! 

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Credit: Treatsure on FB

The frequently asked questions when hearing this kind of news would be: “Can ANYONE buy the food?” / “Do you have to be staying at the hotel to buy the food?” / “Is the food halal?”. Not to fear, we have all the answers! ?Anyone can buy these boxes of food, and you don’t even have to be staying at the hotel to do so. This is all thanks to the ingenious application called Treatsure, which was launched to help combat food wastage in Singapore.

Credit: Treatsure on FB

Through the app, you’ll have access to the partnering hotels and restaurants to see where you’ll want to purchase this buffet-in-a-box from. Here are the list of partnering hotels that offer halal buffets:

  • 65 at JEN Singapore Tanglin by Shangri-La
  • Asian Market Cafe at Fairmont Singapore
  • Tiffany Cafe & Restaurant at Furama City Centre
  • Kintamani at Furama Riverfront

Credit: Treatsure on FB

So, how do you go about buying these boxed buffets? It’s pretty easy! ?The app will tell you what time a buffet is at, and all you have to do is note when it’s nearing it’s end time and make your way to the hotel - we’d recommend at least 30 to 45 minutes before. Once there, show the app to the staff and use their paper takeaway boxes and take your pick of the surplus buffet food.

P.S. You can also choose to buy a reusable Treatsure lunch box! It’s microwave safe AND you’ll get a 50 cents rebate when you use it at the hotels!

Would you be interested in this boxed buffet? While Singapore still has a long way to go in the sustainability section, we think this app is a great way to combat the issue of food waste! 


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