10 Travelling Tips By Changi Airport Insiders For Post Covid Travel


Syahirah Mazlan •  Jun 16, 2022

Living with Covid is already as challenging, but what about adding travel to the mix? With the rules constantly changing, there's bound to be a lot of confusion and uncertainties, even more now that travel is picking up in Singapore! We've got in touch with some Changi Airport insiders to give us some airport tips on what travellers can do to make their Covid-travel a little more safe and comfortable.

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1. Arrive at the airport early

Many may still wonder if they should come to the airport early, and the answer is YES! Specifically, when travelling budget, there are more documents that the staff must check and verify. The process would take longer than it usually does, especially when many people travel on the same courier. To be safe and avoid rushing to catch your flight, get to the airport a few hours before you the scheduled time. ?

2. Make sure your travel insurance has Covid coverage

This might sound like a no-brainer, but you can never be too safe when travelling, especially not in these uncertain times! So, it's good to ensure that you're protected, which means ensuring your travel insurance can bear the cost of Covid-related emergencies. ? Certain countries like South Korea even require travellers to purchase travel insurance before their trip with a minimum coverage of SGD34,000. 

Ps. Still undecided on whether or not you should purchase travel insurance? Find out what it can do for your Covid-travel!

3. Print out your travel documents

While it's convenient to have your important documents kept in your phone and mobile devices, it's better to have them on hand these days when you're at the airport. That way, it's faster to show to the staff before entering the transit area. Ensure that you print your relevant travel documents and organise them neatly in a folder or keep them stapled.

4. Eat before coming

Halal and Muslim-friendly eateries can be limited at certain Terminals and there's a high chance of being very crowded. That's because the airport is still in its reopening phase of accepting more passengers for travel. To avoid hunger pains and being grumpy before your flight, make sure you eat before coming to the airport. It wouldn't hurt to go earlier to visit Jewel for a meal - check out our Halal food guide in Jewel for Muslim travellers! ?

5. Check the travel requirements for your destination

Before, Singaporeans did not require a visa to visit many countries. However, due to the current situation, visas are required to enter certain countries such as Japan and Australia. These new regulations may come as a shock, especially when you're already at the airport, so make sure you read and plan ahead in preparing the documents required for when you reach your travel destination.

6. Have your passport ready

Let's be honest. Most of us haven't travelled in years because of Covid and our passports may have well passed their expiry date. ? Many travellers tend to book a flight while their passports are getting renewed. With the passport renewing process taking longer than usual these days, it's important to note that if you've purchased a low-fare ticket and your passport isn't ready by the day of your departure, you will not be able to cancel or reschedule the flight.

7. Check your accommodations frequently

Read the most current reviews or get in touch with your accommodation provider to ensure that they are still operating. In these uncertain times, we never know what may happen in the country we visit. It's a common situation in post-Covid-travel that policies differ from one country to the next, leading businesses and hotels to cease business or close completely. Ensure you check on your accommodations to ensure they're still open and accepting guests!

8. Check your flight details before coming to the airport

In Covid-travel, flights can be uncertain, and there can be many delays or cancellations. ? To avoid having to camp at the airport in those circumstances, check online to ensure your flight is still ongoing and there are no delays.

9. Utilise the airport facilities when you can

If you find yourself waiting for a delayed flight, or arrive at the airport a little too early, kill some time at the Plaza Premium Lounge at Terminal 1, 2, 3, 4 and Jewel! The pay-per-use lounge has a shower, free WIFI and charging stations. If you're hungry, they offer buffet-style dining with vegetarian options! It's SGD40++ per entry, and the lounge is open to travellers from any ticket class. 

Rates / Opening hours / Location:Click this link for more information

10. Be patient with the airport staff

With the sudden surge in travel, the staff are trying their best to keep up with the passenger traffic! Always remember to be kind and patient so everyone can have a smooth and enjoyable journey. ?

These insider tips will surely help keep you safe and free from disappointment as travel becomes a new norm once again! Remember that preparing for a trip is hard work, but so is preparing for the airport. Make sure to plan in advance, keep yourself updated and always be kind! ?