12 Exciting Travel Deals You Can’t Afford To Miss During 11.11 Sale


Cheng Sim •  Nov 08, 2019

Any seasoned traveller will tell you to shop for the best travel deals when the time is right. If you ask us, the time is now because 11.11, one of the biggest sales of the year is here! Travel Recommends, a one-stop travel solution platform for Malaysian travellers that provides the travel essentials you need, has many deals and promotions up their sleeves too.

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Bringing amazing deals and unbeatable rates, Travel Recommends has all the travel essentials you need - affordable SIM Card, TravelWiFi, JR Pass, attraction tickets and more! Not only can you score amazing travel deals, you’ll also skip the hassle of queuing for tickets or transportation passes when you arrive at your destination. If you’re as excited as we are, let’s see what Travel Recommends has in store this year!

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1. Explore Japan with JR East and West Passes

Anyone who has travelled to different cities in Japan would know that commuting with a Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) is very convenient and value for money too!

There are many types of JR passes and we recommend that you plan your itinerary in advance so you know which pass to get. For example, you can explore Osaka, Kyoto and Nara with JR West Rail Pass or Fukuoka, Kagoshima and Nagasaki with JR Kyushu Pass! Since the passes are known to be expensive, Travel Recommends has amazing deals for a limited time only - so book it now!

Travel Recommends’ 11.11 Promo! 

JR Central Pass

  • Alpine Takayama Matsumoto Area Tourist Pass 5 Days (Adults): RM670 (NP: RM674)
  • Alpine Takayama Matsumoto Area Tourist Pass 5 Days (Child): RM337

JR West Pass

  • Kansai Area Pass 1 Day (Adult): RM82 (NP: RM87)
  • Kansai Area Pass 1 Day (Child): RM41 (NP: RM43)

JR Kyushu Pass

  • Kyushu (North) Rail Pass 3 Days (Adult): RM305 (NP: RM578)
  • Kyushu (North) Rail Pass 3 Days (Child): RM162 (NP: RM289)

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If you’re exploring West Japan, Travel Recommends is offering a special promo with JR West! Book now and get FREE* Japan 4G unlimited TravelWiFi with every two JR West passes. 

*Valid from 11-13 Novemver 2019. Maximum RM50 will be deducted from Japan TravelWiFi rental with every transaction. RM 50 cash voucher will be sent via email after JR Pass purchase. Shop now!

2. Enjoy a seamless train ride with a Suica or ICOCA card

IC (integrated circuit) cards are reloadable transport cards that can be found across Japan with each city or area typically having their own unique card or design. Perfect for all bus and train commutes, the Suica card is widely in Japan whereas ICOCA card can be used to navigate the Kansai region like Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe. Book your Suica card and ICOCA card from Travel Recommends for instant savings and convenience before your trip! 

Travel Recommends' Buy 1 FREE 1 Promo!

  • Suica card (pre-loaded with JPY1,500 and a deposit of JPY500): RM84 (NP: RM90)
  • ICOCA card (pre-loaded with JPY1,500 and a deposit of JPY500): RM84 (NP: RM99)

South Korea

3. Try a traditional hanbok

Immerse yourself in the Korean culture by donning a beautifully designed hanbok, a dress that is worn during festival celebrations and traditional ceremonies in South Korea. Book your one-day hanbok rental from Travel Recommends, if you’re adding this to your itinerary! We recommend booking this early because it’s a popular experience in Seoul.  

Travel Recommends' Buy 1 FREE 1 Promo!

  • 4-hour hanbok rental: RM59 (NP: RM66)
  • 24-hour hanbok rental: RM94 (NP: RM102)

#HHWT Tip: Get free entrance to popular attractions in Seoul when you wear a hanbok! You can step into Gyeongbokgung Palace, Jongmyo Shire, Changdeokgun Palace and more for free and take gorgeous travel snapshots too. 

4. Admire the sweeping view of Seoul at N Seoul Tower

Towering the Seoul skyline at 236-metres high, N Seoul Tower is one of the best spots to admire the city’s bustling landscape. Originally served as a broadcasting tower for local television and radio channels, it’s the highest point on the well-loved Namsan Mountain. Besides appreciating the city view, it’s great to see romantic locals crowding the ‘Locks of Love’ and ‘Wishing Pond’ to wish for eternal love. Buy a ticket to N Seoul Tower from Travel Recommends to see it for yourself! 

Travel Recommends' Buy 1 FREE 1 Promo!

  • Admission ticket: RM20 (NP: RM39)

5. Step into the wonderful world of Hello Kitty Island

Credit: anokarina on Flickr

Feel like a kid again when you explore the themed exhibits at Hello Kitty Island. Inspired by Sanrio’s most popular character, the museum is adorably decked out with Hello Kitty exhibits, education halls, theatre and more. There’s also a gift shop where you can take home plush toys and memorabilia as souvenirs. Get your ticket to Hello Kitty Island from Travel Recommends for a fun-filled day!  

Travel Recommends' Buy 1 FREE 1 Promo!

  • Adult: RM48 (NP: RM54)
  • Teenager: RM42 (NP: RM48)
  • Child: RM36 (NP: RM42)

6. Plan your journey to the airport with AREX

Credit: Wei Te-Wong on Flickr

You never know when traffic is going to slow down your journey from the hotel to Incheon Airport. Add speed and convenience to your commute by taking the Airport Railroad Express (AREX). Since it has wide and comfortable seats, the 43-minute train ride will feel like a breeze. Book your AREX ticket with Travel Recommends before your trip!

Travel Recommends' Buy 1 FREE 1 Promo!

  • One-way ticket: RM21 (NP: RM30)

#HHWT Tip: Since the standard train frequency is 25-40 minutes, remember to check the AREX timetable before planning your train ride. 


7. Skip the queue with Singapore EZ Link card

With one of the world’s most efficient public transport system, commuting from one attraction to another is a breeze in Singapore. You can get to almost every major attraction and shopping centre via public transport, and the most convenient way is with an EZ-Link card, which is a prepaid card. Get a Singapore EZ Link card from Travel Recommends so that you can skip the queue and tap conveniently to your next train ride.

Travel Recommends' Buy 1 FREE 1 Promo!

  • Singapore EZ Link Card (with a preloaded $5 value and $5 deposit): RM27 (NP: RM30)

8. Meet the wildlife at Singapore’s River Safari and Night Safari

Credit: River Safari Singapore on Facebook

Your kids will love their trip to River Safari, Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife park. Look forward to eight river habitats where you’ll meet giant river otter, Mekong giant catfish, and giant salamander. Say hello the cuddly giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia before visiting the world’s largest freshwater aquarium at the Amazon Flooded Forest. Book your tickets to River Safari from Travel Recommends so that you won’t miss the fun!  

Travel Recommends' Buy 1 FREE 1 Promo!

  • Adult (including boat and cruise ride): RM108 (NP: RM117)
  • Child (including boat and cruise ride): RM72 (NP: RM78)

For an evening safari adventure, head over to Night Safari, the world’s first nocturnal zoo! Hop on a 45-minute guided tram tour that’ll take you to see various wildlife in their 35-hectare park. Featuring themed habitats such as African Savannah, Himalayan foothills and jungles of Southeast Asia, see if you can spot Asian elephant, clouded leopard or Malayan tapir in the dark. Book your tickets to Night Safari from Travel Recommends for an unforgettable night adventure! 

Travel Recommends' Buy 1 FREE 1 Promo!

  • Adult (including tram ride): RM134 (NP: RM147)
  • Child (including tram ride): RM90 (NP: RM99)

9. Splash away at Adventure Cove Waterpark

Experience the twist and turns of high-speed water slides at Adventure Cove Park. A thrilling way to spend a sunny afternoon, look out for popular slides like Whirlpool Washout, Riptide Rocket and Pipeline Plunge. Grab a tube to drift leisurely on the Lazy River or snorkel over a beautiful Rainbow Reef. Get your tickets from Travel Recommends for a splashing good time in Singapore!

Travel Recommends' Buy 1 FREE 1 Promo!

  • Adult: RM90 (NP: RM115.83)
  • Child: RM70 (NP: RM91.45)

10. Marvel at the Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay

Looking up to the dazzling Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay is an experience unlike any other. Standing tall at 9 to 16 stories, these canopy trees are also known for conserving and harvesting solar energy. Besides that, Gardens by the Bay attracts visitors with its beautiful themed Flower Dome, Far East Organisation Children’s Garden and Cloud Forest. Book your tickets from Travel Recommends experiencing the Garden City for yourself.  

Travel Recommends' Buy 1 FREE 1 Promo!

  • Adult: RM69 (NP: RM85.34)
  • Child: RM40 (NP: RM45.72)

Other travel essentials

11. Stay connected with a SIM card

If you’re travelling to Indonesia

Whether you’re on a shopping spree in Bandung or exploring the busy streets of Jakarta, there are many snapshots to share with your family back home. Get an Indonesia 30GB SIM card from Travel Recommends! It saves you from spending too much on international roaming charges, and you can easily get internet access on the go. 

Travel Recommends' Buy 1 FREE 1 Promo!

  • Indonesia SIM Card 30GB: RM62.40 (NP: RM78)

If you’re travelling to Australia

You may need to stay connected while navigating the winding Great Ocean Road or your drive to the evening penguin parade at Phillip Island. Tell your family all about it after getting an Australia 3GB Telstra SIM card (7 Days) from Travel Recommends

Travel Recommends' Buy 1 FREE 1 Promo!

  • Australia 3GB Telstra SIM Card: RM132 (NP: RM165)

12. Travelling as a group is better with Travel WiFi

If you’re travelling with your family or a group of friends, book a Travel WiFi from Travel Recommends for better savings! A pocket-sized router that can be shared with five devices, it provides connectivity and convenience for group travellers. It also covers top destinations such as Japan, Korea and Thailand for as low as RM9 a day!

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Whether you’re planning the ultimate train journey in Japan or meeting the wildlife at Singapore’s River Safari, it’s best to plan for your trip with these awesome deals from Travel Recommends! Shop for more 11.11 deals on their website and follow their Facebook and Instagram for the latest sale surprises.

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