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8 Amazing Travel Instagrammers That'll Inspire You To Explore Malaysia


Cheng Sim •  Oct 24, 2020


Malaysia is blessed with many natural wonders and scenic attractions, so it's no surprise why we love planning short getaways in this beautiful country. However, the recent extension of MCO, CMCO and RMCO in different states in Malaysia means we won't be travelling domestically until the situation gets better. If you want to stay inspired for your future getaways, follow these travel Instagrammers in Malaysia and discover more hidden gems to add to your bucket list!
1.  Farisofar
You're bound to see the beauty of Malaysia through Farisofar's lens (@farisofar), and it has captivated many people including the likes of Apple last September. Besides capturing the skylines of Kuala Lumpur and sundry shops in Muar, he creates unique perspectives through mobile photography. Follow him on Instagram!
2. Sesat In Malaysia
The wise J.R.R. Tolkien once said 'not all those who wander are lost', and same can be said for Leon. Behind his Instagram account, @sesat_in_malaysia, which translates to Lost in Malaysia, he takes his adventurous spirit to the outdoors and as high as Gunung Santubong, Mount Trusmadi, and Mount Kinabalu. It's part of the perks of being based in Kota Kinabalu, and there's no better way to visually appreciate Borneo than through a local's lens. Follow him on Instagram!
3. Mowgli Kovin Siva
What makes Malaysia amazing is the accessibility to the great outdoors. But you need a great sense of adventure to go deeper into the jungle and explore the hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered, and this is where Kovin Sivanasvaran (@kovzzz) comes in. A hiking enthusiast based in Petaling Jaya, you'll find beautiful snapshots of waterfalls, secret pools, and stunning beaches on his feed. If you're just as passionate about the outdoors as he is, you can join weekend trips to his favourite nature spots. Follow him on Instagram!
4. Amar Syakirin
Apart from the bustling capital city, there's another side of Malaysia that are waiting to be shared, and you can experience it all from Amar Syakirin's Instagram page (@amarsykirin_). From the golden paddy fields to the cascading waterfalls, you can relive the serene side of Terengganu through his snapshots. In the midst of all these sceneries, you'll also find bits and pieces of heritage buildings and cafes on his feed. Follow him on Instagram!
5. Jelajournal
Dynamic duo Arnie and Hafiq explore many places together and it's all captured on their Instagram page (@jelajournal). A wordplay on the word, 'Jelajah' (meaning explore in Bahasa Malaysia), step into their world and admire snaps of their luxury holiday in Desaru, coffee dates in a local cafe in Kuala Lumpur, and an afternoon in an Instagram-worthy bookstore in Ipoh. Follow them on Instagram!
6. En. Pamey
There's no greater joy than seeing vibrant snapshots of Malaysian food arranged front and centre on En. Pamey's Instagram feed (@en.pamey). If he's not indulging in ikan bawal goreng or keropok lekor, he'll take you on a virtual journey around Malaysia. From a staycation in a heritage villa in Langkawi to an Instagram-worthy swing in Penang, it's such a treat to these amazing places in Malaysia from a local's perspective. Follow him on Instagram!
7. Dinnyaiman
Dinnyaiman's snapshot of a serene landscape in Kampung Sahabat has once caught the eyes of Apple, but there's more to see on his Instagram page (@dinnyaiman). It's a mishmash of panoramic wonders in Perlis, ranging from paddy fields to the beach. It's definitely a change of scenery, away from the concrete jungle and skyscrapers. Perlis may be the smallest state in Malaysia, but Dinnyaiman will give you plenty of reason to visit this place someday. Follow him on Instagram!
8. HeartPatrick
HeartPatrick's passion for architecture and street photography runs deep. Combined with a beautiful landscape of Kuala Lumpur, his Instagram page (@heartpatrick) will motivate you to see a different side of the capital city. Some days, you'll be treated with dramatic drone shots of Saloma Bridge. Other times, he'll treat you to some magilight magic and paint the Jalur Gemilang in thin air. If you need more evidence that his creativity has no boundaries, you can read more about how this Malaysian photographer reimagines travel photography while staying home. Follow him on Instagram! It'll be a while before we can explore Malaysia again, but let's take this as an opportunity to check out the sights and sounds we can explore someday. We hope these travel Instagrammers will inspire you to rediscover the beauty of Malaysia with a camera or smartphone too. For more photography tips, check out our recommended reads below!