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TRAVEL ALERT: Is Japan Safe? 5 Things To Know About Typhoon Lan


Maryam •  Oct 24, 2017


Powerful winds and heavy rain lashed Japan on its election day (last Sunday, on 23 October) Typhoon Lan, which was widely touted to be Earth's biggest megastorm made its intensifying approach to the country. In case you're already in Japan or heading there soon, here's a brief update on Typhoon Lan, and what you need to know to prepare for its consequences.
1. Current status of Typhoon Lan
  • On October 15, Typhoon Lan began as a tropical storm in the annual typhoon season
  • It increased in speed and intensity and became a typhoon just two days later.
  • On October 20, Typhoon Lan reached its peak capacity, with maximum sustained winds of 175km/h, thus intensifying into a super typhoon, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) reported.
Credit: cyclocane
  • Typhoon Lan made landfall in Japan early yesterday morning (Monday, on 22 October)
  • Causing mass floods and setting off landslides as rivers burst their banks in several parts of the country.
  • At least 4 people are reported to have lost their lives as Lan lashed through the Pacific coast of central Japan
  • As of today, Lan has been weakened significantly "below warning levels and is no longer categorised as a tropical storm", according to Cyclocane.
Credit: cyclocane
2. Are flights being cancelled?
  • Due to Typhoon Lan, hundreds of flights for the past three days were cancelled and re-timed.
  • If you're travelling to/from Japan today, it is advisable to check with the airlines on the status of your flight and to make the necessary arrangements should it be cancelled as well.
Credit: airlinereporter
3. Which areas to avoid?
  • The capital city of Tokyo remains for the most part unscathed, as the weakening storm passed through Japan and headed out to sea yesterday
[caption id="attachment_34497" align="alignnone" width="900"]
Road collapsed in Osaka due to Typhoon Lan's torrential rain[/caption] Credit: Reuters
4. Emergency contact numbers
If you’re on the ground right now, do contact your respective embassies in Japan to notify them on your safety and to seek further advice. If you're a Singaporean, you can register on the MFA's Emergency Contact Network here.
5. Weather forecast today
  • Tokyo: partly sunny throughout the day
  • Osaka: mostly cloudy, with a chance of rain in the afternoon.
  • Temperatures in both cities range from 13 to 17 degrees Celsius, so do pack appropriately for the weather if you will be travelling here today.
Credit: Virginia Ricotta on Facebook