6 Signs You As A Hijabi Need A Scalp Treatment


Qistina Bumidin •  Oct 04, 2022

As hijabis, we often take our hair for granted. We don’t put in as much effort towards taking care of our hair as we should because we always think, ‘Well, who is going to see [it] anyways?’ But we tend to forget that our hair isn’t for anyone but ourselves, and taking care of it is a form of self-care ?

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So when HHWT offered me to try out Topp Care’s hair treatment that’s hijabi-friendly, I immediately went for it, and all I can say is I wished I had gone sooner. With an accumulated experience of more than a decade in treating hair and scalp conditions, Topp Care incorporates high-quality Western Botanicals and natural ingredients with properties that promote hair health and growth into every step of the treatments. I’m certain my experience and newly acquired knowledge during the visit will convince you to go for a scalp treatment NOW! ?

1. You don’t wash your hair daily

Generally, it’s agreed by many stylists that you should wash once every 2 days, which is what I’ve been doing. But for us hijabis, the hair specialist I had a 1-to-1 consultation with at Topp Care did not recommend it at all! ? Our hair is covered for the better part of the day, which results in the pores on our scalp getting clogged with sweat, dirt and product build-up. And she knows it well as she is professionally certified by the US Trichology Institute (USTI). By the way, Trichology is a specialised scientific study of human hair and scalp ?

She recommended shampooing our hair twice - so shampoo, rinse, shampoo again, wash, then conditioner. And wash your hair in lukewarm or cold water; not hot! Hot water dries your scalp, worsens your itchy scalp and forms dandruff. There’s a process you should follow if you want to maximise the effectiveness of your shampoo. You should only wash your hair with your fingertips to gently massage shampoo into your scalp. Never, I repeat, NEVER let your conditioner touch the scalp; it should only touch the ends of your hair ?

2. You’re living in a tropical country

If you’re living in sunny Singapore, things aren’t all sunny on your scalp: since we’re wearing the hijab, everything disgusting I mentioned in the first point gets DOUBLED. For me, this leads to a whole head of issues - at least that’s what Topp Care proved when I went for my scalp treatment ?

Topp Care scanned my scalp condition to customise the most suitable hair treatment for me, and imagine my horror when I found out about the issues I had from the scanning device, which was able to magnify my scalp surface by 200 times! ? My hair pores were congested with oil and lots of sebum, which resulted in a sensitive scalp. I also suffered from hair loss and thinning hair as my hair was unable to regrow due to blocked pores. 

We may be able to take the heat, but that’s not the case for our hair. I do wish we had winter weather sometimes ?

3. You only add shampoo and conditioner to your haircare routine

Well, you’re on the right track, but you’re not going any further in reaching your end goal - gorgeous hair that doesn’t itch under the scarf. You might think your go-to shampoo and conditioners have been helping, but it doesn’t solve the deep-rooted issues (pun intended ?), i.e. your scalp, and going for treatments regularly helps by penetrating beneath the scalp! Here’s a science fact about the hair you may not know: the scalp, an extremity, is one of the most challenging places for blood to flow. The scalp depends on blood flow to bring oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles. Merely rubbing your scalp doesn’t do the trick - hair treatments penetrate your hair and scalp, providing moisture and nutrients to your hair ?

So the hair specialist at Topp Care recommended I do the Detoxdren Hair & Scalp Treatment, which was amazing from start to finish. The treatment started with a cooling scalp mask that helps control hair fall - 20 mins of true bliss right there. Formulated with Horse Chestnut, the mask helps to regulate the sebaceous gland secretion and improve the blood circulation of the scalp.

And all these treatment steps were done in the privacy of an exclusive enclosed booth, shielded away from all other customers. A very thoughtful and important feature for all us hijabis ?

P.S. Ready to try it on your own? Topp Care is currently having a special promotion for their customised hair treatments, only $40 (UP$309). The promotion is valid for first-time customers aged 21 years old and above!

4. Worse, you’ve been using the wrong shampoo

The dream of soft, luscious hair is being able to run our hands through it easily. Using the wrong shampoo can leave your scalp greasy and your ends dry (I’m living proof ?). The problem is that much worse when that hair falls in front of your face ? Remember to choose a shampoo according to your scalp, not the state of your lengths and ends! If you have a sensitive scalp like me, fret not, though - trust the hair experts at Topp Care to treat your hair with extra care. The shampoo used during my treatment contains botanical ingredients such as hair-strengthening Horsetail Extract and vitamin C-enriched Orange Extract for my hair fall issues.

5. You’re facing hair loss issues

Don’t you hate how your hairbrush is filled with hair or how the shower drain looks after you shower? TMI, we know, but it’s gross ? And this gross thing becomes a problem if it seems like you’re losing more than the average of 50 to 100 hair strands a day. If yes, it’s time to go for a scalp treatment, specifically a massage. Shampoos and conditioners can help by strengthening your hair, but scalp massages go beyond and nourish your hair from within  (remember my science fact? ?). 

And a much-needed scalp massage was what I got as part of the treatment at Topp Care. After blow drying my hair and scalp from the hair wash, the hair specialist added a specially formulated lotion that contains Ginseng and Ginger extracts to help with the increase of the number as well as the size of hair follicles. Next, she gave me a calming head and neck massage to promote blood circulation - increased blood flow to the scalp nourished my follicles and helped with the lotion absorption ?

She blow-dried my hair once more and styled it before putting my head into this spaceship-looking thing or called infrared treatment if you’re not as much of a hair noobie as I am ? The infrared helps nutrients to be properly absorbed into my scalp and improves blood circulation, ensuring the nutrients reach my hair and scalp. After a scalp treatment like this, will you seriously want to go back to your old, basic ways of merely shampoo and conditioner? EXACTLY.

6. Life has been way too stressful for you

There’s been a lot going on for me - having a Covid-19 wedding, multiple job switches and house shiftings has stressed me out, and little did I realise that it has been taking a toll on my hair. My high-stress levels translate to lousy sleeping and eating patterns, adding to my hair problems.  Stress can push hair follicles into a “resting” phase so that they don't produce new hair strands, which results in hair fall. Plus, stress can weaken your body's natural defences against naturally-existing microbes in the scalp, which will lead to dryness and flakiness ?I have been dealing with the endless changes in my life since 2020, and to think I have been walking around with this? On my head? For 2 whole years? Yup, that irked me out a little ?

Topp Care’s scalp treatment did the trick for me (I’ll mention again - have you seen pictures of my scalp after treatment?!), plus for the entire hour, I felt pampered, something I haven’t done for myself in a long time! Hair care is self-care ?

After the scalp treatment, they gave me a set of shampoo and conditioner samples to try! I’ve been keeping up a good hair care routine (seeing pictures of my scalp before the treatment was a great motivator ?), and I look forward to returning for treatment! All of their products are plant-based, so they are natural, safe and extremely gentle on the follicles with no harmful substances like parabens - bye-bye to itchy scalp! ?

Special highlights (discounts for you included!)

If you’re wondering if Topp Care will accommodate your needs as a hijabi, they do! All the consultants are female, and I couldn’t stress enough that they have special booths complete with a curtain for privacy for you, too - just remember to make an appointment, and they will prepare those booths for you! I saw many Muslimahs at the salon, so it’s time for you to join us cool kids and get your much-deserved hair treatment ?

Don’t worry about the cost, though - Topp Care is currently having a special promotion for their customised hair treatments, only $40 (UP$309). The promotion is valid for first-time customers aged 21 years old and above. Hijabis, you’re due for hair treatment. Your hair has already been waiting far too long - it’s time to start taking care of our crowns ?

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