We Tried Topp Care's Hair Treatment To Get Us Through Singapore's Humid Weather


Cheng Sim •  Mar 05, 2021

[Updated 22 June 2021]

If there’s one thing we learned about hair care, it’s that the hot and humid weather can get the best of Muslimahs. For those of us who wear hijab, we can all relate to the hijab-related struggles, including oily scalp and dry, frizzy hair, when living in a tropical country like Singapore! 

Since our colleague Amirah shared the same hair concerns, we gave Topp Care Hair Solutions a try! Situated at Eastpoint Mall, Topp Care provides effective scalp care and hair beautifying services using high-quality natural Western Botanical ingredients. Their branch is located next to Simei MRT station, which makes it convenient for Amirah!

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Amirah has oily scalp with thinning and dry hair, and she has been looking for a hair treatment that targets scalp care with hair thickening properties. Similar to most people, effectiveness and pricing are major criteria on her checklist. If you’re looking for an effective treatment that’s value for money, do check out her experience below!

Before the Hair Treatment

Identifying your hair and scalp concerns is the first step to all Topp Care’s treatments. It began with Amirah being brought to a private room by a female hair specialist where she filled in her particulars and jotted down her main hair concerns. The hair specialist also made the session comfortable for Amirah when she removed her hijab to have her scalp and hair follicles scanned and analysed.

Topp Care offers a wide range of hair and scalp treatments customised to each individual’s hair and scalp conditions, such as hair loss, oily scalp and dandruff. After getting a better understanding of Amirah's hair concerns, she was recommended to do a Detoxdren Hair Treatment, and her treatment is personalised to target excessive sebum production and dandruff issues. Since she has dry hair, the treatment also helps to improve the function of sebaceous gland, a tiny oil-producing gland attached to the hair follicle that controls the  amount of sebum to her scalp. 

On top of that, Amirah learned useful hair care tips from Topp Care! For better hair care, she is advised to wash her hair every day. That’s because the clogged pores on her scalp affects her hair growth. Amirah also discovered that she has dandruff issues - but not to worry, the Detoxdren Hair Treatment can take care of that!

The hair specialist was knowledgeable and explained other contributing causes behind her hair struggles which include stress, spicy food and lack of sleep. To help Amirah understand her hair condition, the staff showed an example of a healthy scalp and follicles as well as shared different treatments to combat them. Since Topp Care has a variety of mask treatments, a customised mask will also be included in the treatment to cater to her needs.

During the Hair Treatment

Privacy is an important factor for hijabis during a hair treatment. Topp Care provides an exclusive private space with fully-drawn curtains for Amirah. A female staff will also be automatically assigned to Muslimahs, so you will definitely be in good hands at Topp Care!

To address Amirah’s hair concerns, Topp Care provided a Hair Treatment that consists of the following steps. Since the treatments are customised based on the individual's existing condition, you might get something completely different on your next visit. 

Amirah’s Customised Hair Treatment

  1. Detoxifying mask
  2. Hair wash
  3. Regeneration hair ampoules
  4. Stimulating scalp massage 
  5. Infra-red treatment

Amirah’s treatment began with a detoxifying mask that helps regulate the sebum production as well as removing blockages and residue around her hair pores. The mask is also packed with Horse Chestnut Seed Extract that provides natural protection against UV and promotes the scalp’s blood circulation. All of Topp Care’s hair care products are using natural Botanical ingredients, so it’s safe for Muslims! 

The treatment continues with a hair wash as well as a stimulating and relaxing scalp massage, which is something that Amirah looks forward to after a busy day at work. Since Topp Care has an open shampooing area, the staff waited and made sure that no males were present in the area before leading Amirah to her seat. The staff also provided a hair covering when she walked over. 

Once done, she was taken back to the private space and had her hair blown dry. Lastly, she received an infrared treatment to promote nutrients absorption and improve blood circulation - just the thing she needs for a healthy scalp! 

After the Hair Treatment

Example of before and after Customised Hair Treatment

You can definitely see the difference! Here’s an example of how an oily and dry scalp looks like before and after the Customised Hair Treatment at Topp Care. After the treatment, the scalp appears much cleaner (even shinier!) and there are no more residues or sebum blockages around the hair pores, which is great for anyone who aims for better hair growth. 

Amirah also shared that her scalp felt fresh and her hair had more volume! When we caught up with her a few days later, she added that her hair still feels soft and scalp feels clean too. It’s safe to say that the effect doesn’t wear off even after a few days! 

Our review

Amirah felt that the results are good after completing her Customised Hair Treatment at Topp Care. It took 1.5 to 2 hours to complete the session, so she recommends setting aside a few hours in your schedule or arranging for a weekend appointment. To reserve the exclusive private treatment area available at Topp Care, you are advised to inform the staff about your concerns and they’ll make sure that you have ultimate privacy throughout your session there. 

The usual price for Amirah’s Customised Hair Treatment at Topp Care is approximately $300 per session, but the pricing options vary according to your personalised treatment. It might be pricey for some, but it’s absolutely necessary to take care of your scalp and hair. Even Amirah agrees that “sometimes, we do forget that our scalp and hair need our attention too!”

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We hope this review will be helpful for your first visit to Topp Care Hair Solutions! 

This article is brought to you by Topp Care Hair Solutions.