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11 Travel Tech Essentials Every Muslim Traveller Needs


Luqman Hakim •  Sep 02, 2019


It’s nearing the end of the year and it only can mean one thing! It’s vacation time! Treat yourself after a year of hard work. Whether you are travelling alone or in a group, surely you would want to make your trip as convenient and comfortable as possible. P.S. If you are planning on travelling alone, do check out this solo traveller’s photography guide so you can capture your memories without any fuss! Credit: Giphy No matter where you're going, you're sure to be using technology to help you navigate, record, and remember your experience. Technology has taken over our lives and changed the way we travel the world, so ready your packing list (and your wallets) as we list down the 11 travel tech gear every Muslim traveller needs.
1. Power Bank
It is a known fact that a smartphone does not have a long battery life. So, bring along power banks (or portable phone chargers) and you won’t have to worry about running out of battery. Whether you are using your phone to capture memories of your trip or just simply using them as a form of communication with your mates, 1 or 2 power banks for your trip would prove to be useful. ? #HHWT Tip: We also rely on apps such as Google Maps to help us get around a new destination, so making sure your phone never runs out of battery is also an important safety measure for any traveller!
Credit: @charmingtheprincess on Instagram The Remax Proda Power Bank is not only lightweight, its high battery capacity of 30000mAh allows you to charge two devices at one time ?. For smartphones which allow wireless charging, check out the PROLink Premium Qi Wireless Charging Power Bank which will make charging your devices even more convenient. Simply place your phone against the power bank and start charging - no wires needed! Remax Proda Power Bank Where to buy: Singapore: Lazada Singapore (From SGD23.90) Malaysia: Lelong (From RM85) PROLink Premium Qi Wireless Power BankWhere to buy: Singapore: Lazada Singapore (From SGD45.95) Malaysia: Lelong (From RM159) Find out more
2. Wi-Fi Mobile Router
Stay connected wherever you go with a Wi-Fi Mobile Router. A portable, pocket-sized wireless network router is probably the most useful item in this list. Forget high data roaming charges. With a Wi-Fi Mobile Router, you can easily surf the net and check for the Qibla direction or prayer times. ? #HHWT Tip: If you're a frequent traveller, having a router of your own will also pay off in the long run as you can avoid paying rental fees over and over again. You need a data-enabled SIM card to use the mobile router. You can get these local SIM cards from any telco shops or the airport of the country that you are travelling to.
Credit: @kardiostar on Instagram There are many brands of Wi-Fi mobile routers, but we would recommend the TP-LINK M7450. It may be a little heavy on the wallet ?, but it has amazing range and you can easily fit it in your pocket. A cheaper alternative is the TP-LINK M7350, which is equally portable and has decent wireless range.
Credit: @mummy.of.betina on Instagram P.S. For Singaporeans travelling aboard, you can also rent a Wi-Fi mobile router or data-enabled SIM card from Changi Recommends if you are travelling to any of the countries listed on their website. TP-LINK M7450 Where to buy: Singapore: Lazada Singapore (From SGD195.80) Malaysia: Lelong (From RM407) TP-LINK M7350 Where to buy: Singapore: Lazada Singapore (From SGD105.20) Malaysia: Lelong (From RM235)
3. Travel Adapters
Arguably, the most crucial inclusion in your “things-to-bring list” is a travel adapter. There are approximately 15 different electrical outlet sockets worldwide. Your device’s electrical plug may not be compatible with the country’s electrical outlet socket. You can check your destination's electrical sockets here.
Credit: @chamellephoto on Instagram Travel adapters convert your plugs to the country’s socket type. You can purchase adapter plugs, which are singular adapters. However, we would recommend getting the universal or multi-plug adapters. It makes for a great investment and you can use it for any country you travel to. Many adaptors now come in small, compact sizes too so it won't be too bulky in your luggage. P.S. Remember to check if you'll also need a voltage converter for the country you're travelling to. Using the proper converter ensures that your own devices won't short out or have their battery permanently affected! Some adaptors now come with built-in converters too so make sure to cover all of your bases so you won't be stuck in a new country with devices that won't work! Where to buy: Any electronics, hardware or travel store. We would recommend heading to Challenger if you are in Singapore and Harvey Norman if you are in either Malaysia or Singapore. Price for multi-plug adaptors (may vary across stores): Singapore: From SGD 15 (in Challenger stores) Malaysia: From RM 50 (in Harvey Norman stores)
4. Noise Cancelling Headphones
Long flights can sometimes be very uncomfortable especially to those not used to them. Trying to catch some well-needed sleep may be a little bit challenging if you are a light sleeper and get easily affected by background noise. ? Make sure to invest in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones before your next trip and you will have all your problems solved! ?
Credit: @tmbari on Instgram We would recommend the Sony WH-1000XM2 or the product’s newest model, the WH-1000XM3. This piece of beauty may be a little costly, but it is known for its fascinating noise-cancelling functionality. You have the freedom to calibrate this function depending on the environment you are in. Do check out our video feature on the WH-1000XM2 to find out a little more about these amazing headphones. Where to buy: Sony stores. However, the WH-1000XM2 may no longer be available in Singapore; you can still get the newer WH-1000XM3 version from Sony Singapore stores instead. Do check or contact the stores directly for stocks. Price for the WH-1000XM2: Singapore: From SGD319 Malaysia: From RM1508.49 Price for the WH-1000XM3: Singapore: From SGD549 Malaysia: From RM1599 Find out more
5. Mirrorless Camera
Last thing you want while travelling is to be lugging around heavy photography or videography gear such as a bulky DSLR. Well, fret not, you can easily find an affordable and compact mirrorless camera in any electronic or camera retail store.
Credit: @mark.payton.photography on Instagram Mirrorless cameras are lightweight. They can easily fit in a small pouch but do be warned, just like a DSLR, it can be fragile if bumped and shaken around. Get a Peak Design Leash to secure your valuable camera when you're on the move.
Credit: @eriko_s2 on Instagram There are many mirrorless cameras in the market and it is normally a matter of preference when it comes to selecting your desired camera. ? The Canon EOS M100 is affordable and extremely lightweight, weighing just a mere 302g (with battery and memory card inserted). If you are willing to invest a higher price for your camera, then the Nikon Z6 is for you. It has superb image quality and has a great grip. However, it may be a little bulky for some, weighing at 675g. We've also picked out our top 10 travel camera recommendations for 2019 here to give you even more choices before you decide! #HHWT Tip: Now there are even cameras with 180-degree tiltable screens so you can check out your selfie before you snap it! Click here for some recommendations of these selfie-suitable cameras. Canon EOS M100 Where to buy: Canon physical or online stores (Singapore | Malaysia) Singapore: From SGD 799 Malaysia: From RM 2299 Find out moreNikon Z6Where to buy: Nikon physical or online stores (Singapore) Singapore: From SGD 3899 Malaysia: Nikon Malaysia only recently introduced the Z mount system. Do look out for price updates on their page. Find out more
6. Gimbal
If you are looking for a stunning piece of technology for filming your trip, then invest in a gimbal. A gimbal has anti-vibration capabilities giving your video a stabilised, professional feel.
Credit: @alexanderpusho on Instagram The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is arguably one of the best gimbals in the market. It is a gimbal built specially for your smartphone so it's not too bulky but will pay off by getting rid of that pesky shakiness in your videos. Record amazing videos of your trip using your smartphone’s camera and save it in its memory. Heads up though, you may need loads of memory space in your phone for this.
Credit: @missgeeklychic on Instagram On the other hand, if you are looking for something more portable (and can easily fit in your pocket), then invest on the aptly named, DJI Osmo Pocket. Weighing at just 116g, the Osmo Pocket is an excellent piece of tech gear for frequent travellers who like to capture life on the road as they go. Where to buy: DJI's online store or their physical stores DJI Singapore: Funan Mall, 109 North Bridge Road, #03-25, Singapore 179105 DJI Johor Bahru: Taman Mount Austin, 41, Jln Austin Height 8/8, 81100 Johor Bahru, Malaysia Price (Prices are based off online store price and may differ at DJI’s physical stores):DJI Osmo Mobile 3: From USD 105 DJI Osmo Pocket: From USD 369
7. Gorilla Pod
Skip the heavy tripods or monopods and invest on a gorilla pod. Joby's Gorilla Pod is not only portable, but it can also be easily shaped to fit in your luggage. ? On top of that, the legs of the tripod are flexible with the capability to adapt to different, unconventional surfaces, whether flat or uneven.
Credit: @kelly__lopez on Instagram The Gorilla Pod comes in 1k, 3k, 5k, and a rig version. The 1k is the most basic option and supports the least weight, whereas the rig includes 2 mounts for accessories such as mics. Always wanted to record vlogs or just capture selfies without carrying around a selfie stick? Invest in the Joby GorillaPod Mobile Rig and capture amazing photographs (or videos) and look professional doing so. ?
Credit: @meant_for_more on InstagramWhere to buy: Singapore: Lazada Singapore (From SGD58 for the 1k version) Malaysia: Lazada Malaysia (From R86)
8. E-Reader
Bringing a stack of books to your vacation is surely a major hassle. Lighten the load with an E-reader. Download and store your e-books into the device and bring it on your trip. E-readers such as the Amazon Kindle is not only extremely lightweight, it is affordable and a great investment for every bookworm.
You can easily get e-books (or electronic books) from the Amazon online store for their Kindle devices, the cheapest being just USD 2 ?. The store has a large collection of fiction and non-fiction e-books. You can also purchase and download Islamic e-books from the store into your Kindle. Amazon KindleWhere to buy: Singapore: Lazada Singapore (From SGD125) Malaysia: Lazada Malaysia (From RM510)
9. Portable Water Purifier
Credit: Giphy Worried about using the water supply in the country you’re visiting? Or camping out in the wilderness, where the only source of water is from a lake or river? Then, fret not! You can easily find portable water purifiers at your nearest travel store or from online stores such as Amazon.
Credit: @edecaussin on Instagram Portable water purifiers come in all shapes and sizes, some in the form of bottles, straws or filter attachments for your bottle. The Sawyer Mini Water Filter is an example of an external attachment for your bottle. Just collect water using the syringe given in the package or just use an ordinary bottle and let the filter work its magic. You can easily take your wudhu in the woods, using clean, filtered water! ?
Credit: @nighthawk1_4 on Instagram Another amazing water purifier we would recommend getting is the award-winning Lifestraw LSPHF017 Water Filter. This amazing piece of technology is just simply a straw, with an in-built water filter. ? Outdoor enthusiasts or those planning jungle treks or hikes will definitely appreciate this life-changing technology. Lifestraw also sells bottles that come with an integrated straw, so that you can drink filtered water on the go. #HHWT Tip: Do research on how to use these water filters before you purchase or use them, so that you can use them properly! Sawyer Mini Water Filter Where to buy: Singapore: Lazada Singapore (From SGD93) Malaysia: Lazada Malaysia (From RM115) Lifestraw Water Filter StrawWhere to buy: Singapore: Lazada Singapore (From SGD45) Malaysia: Lazada Malaysia (From RM124)
10. Travel Steamer / Iron
Invest in a travel steamer or iron and you will never have to worry about leaving your hotel room with creased clothing or a wrinkled headscarf. Most hotel rooms may provide an iron and ironing board (for either free or at a small fee) but having your own is ideal especially for those who are not keen on using a shared iron, or who might need to use the iron throughout their trip and don't want to avoid recurring rental fees.
Credit: coolstuffdude Invest in the miniature and handy Travel Smart by Conair Mini Travel Iron. It can easily fit in your luggage bag and works like an ordinary iron. If you are looking for something for delicate garments such as headscarves, then get the Philips Steam & Go Handheld Garment Steamer. It is a portable, lightweight steamer, perfect for clothes which can be easily damaged by the direct heat of an iron. Travel Smart by Conair Mini Travel Iron Where to buy: Singapore: The Planet Traveller (From SGD47.90) Malaysia: Amazon (From RM199.42) Find out morePhilips Steam & Go Handheld Garment SteamerWhere to buy: Singapore: Lazada Singapore (From SGD77.75) Malaysia: Lazada Malaysia (From RM164.90) Find out more
11. Portable Bidet
Credit: Giphy Rushing to the toilet to do your number 2 only to realise the cubicle has no bidets, or worst, ran out of toilet paper? With a portable bidet, you won’t have to go through the trouble of using bottles of water or wet wipes ever again. Additionally, using a bidet instead of toilet paper is more hygienic and is environmentally friendly.
Credit: @poopster.ru on Instagram
Several travel-ready electric bidets already exist and are small and sleek so you can pack them into your luggage with ease. Portable bidets are also great for travelling with infants, so parents make sure to take note!
Credit: Indiegogo on FacebookSonny Portable Bidet is one of the latest crowdfunded portable bidets. Just charge the device and fill it up with water before you leave your apartment and you are ready to go ?. It makes cleaning and washing up easy as the Sonny Portable Bidet sprays a steady stream of water. Note: Where to buy: Singapore:Lazada Singapore (From SGD21) Malaysia: Lazada Malaysia (From RM48.72) Sonny: The Sonny potable bidet is currently still in the crowdfunding process and pre-order is available with free shipping from the United States of America. Prices start at approximately SGD137 for a single bidet. With all these amazing tech gear, your next trip will be made easier (and hopefully, more pleasant). Some of the gear in this list may be a little costly but worth the investment, especially if you are a frequent traveller. Curious to know how else you can up your travel tech game? Check out this list of other ingenious travel gadgets you might find handy!Credit: via GIPHY