Top 5 Travel Essentials You Need To Get From Shopee’s Flash Sale This 7/7


Faruq Senin •  Jul 04, 2018

Travel season is here and you’re probably scrambling to get your travel items in place. Whether you’re planning for that dream Europe vacation or going on a short getaway nearby, there’s a high chance that you’ll need to shop for travel essentials.

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And it always pays to plan early! I mean, you wouldn’t want to be caught in a last minute situation where you find yourself not having everything you need for your trip. We know how busy you are so we’ve rounded up 5 awesome travel essentials that you’d need ? The best part is you can get them online on Shopee during their 7.7 Flash Sale this 7th July, with deals of up to 77%!

For the uninitiated, Shopee is a leading online shopping platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan where you can find pretty much everything you need. They have a wide selection of product categories ranging from consumer electronics to home & living, health & beauty, baby & toys, fashion and fitness equipment. Read on to find out how you can prepare for your next trip without breaking the bank ?

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1. Delsey Maubert Backpack with Laptop Protection Travel Bag

Usual price: $109

Sale price: $39

A travel backpack is always crucial when you’re travelling. As travellers, we don’t want to be in a situation where we’re unprepared for circumstances. Things like water, prayer items, medication, electronics are travel must-haves. There’s just so many things to bring and the Delsey Maubert Backpack with Laptop Protection Travel Bag will keep you covered!

Credit: @delseydk on Instagram

With a discount of more than 60%, the bag has a large capacity and specialised pockets for you to store all your travel knick-knacks. We know many of you don't travel on tours, so chances are you’ll do a lot of walking and take public transport. You’ll be pleased to know that the Delsey Maubert is made with ergonomic straps and padding so that it rests comfortably on your shoulders ?

Credit: @delseydk on Instagram

For those of you who like to bring your laptop when you’re on holiday, Delsey Maubert has a padded internal laptop compartment so you can be rest assured that your laptop will be kept safe. The backpack is also perfect as a carry-on when you’re taking flights or when you have a layover – especially when you need to store items like toiletries, a change of clothes or winter wear.

Get the Delsey Backpack here!

#HHWT Tip: The Delsey Maubert backpack is showcased on Shopee Mall, which is an in-app space for a collection of official brands and Shopee’s top sellers. This means that the backpack comes with free shipping, has a 15 days return policy and is 100% authentic! Find out more about Shopee Mall here.

2. Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2

Usual price: $25

Sale price: $15.90

In this day and age, we use our mobile phones all the time and even more so when we’re travelling. With various apps to help us travel better like the HHWT app and Google Maps, our mobile phone battery cannot last especially when we’re out the entire day. Not to mention, the constant photo-taking and posting on Instagram and Facebook. But with the Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2, you don’t have to worry about your phone dying on you!

Credit: @mobismobile on Instagram

The powerbank’s usual price is $25 but you can get over 30% off during the flash sale. It has two-way fast charging, which is essential especially when you need to travel fuss-free. You wouldn’t want to be carrying both your mobile phone and the powerbank when you’re moving around, right? So, you can definitely use Xiaomi Mi’s powerbank fast-charge feature for short periods of time when you don’t need to take your phone out.

Credit: @thank_you_power.bank on Instagram

Plus, with features like temperature resistance, overcharge protection and output overcurrent protection, you don’t need to worry about your powerbank overheating or exploding – perfect for when you’re on a flight ?

Get the Xiaomi Mi Powerbank here!

P.S. The Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2 has the “Lowest Price Guaranteed” label so that means if you find the same product at a lower price from their list of approved competitors, Shopee will give you a voucher reward which is 2x of the difference in price! All you have to do is click “Claim for a FREE voucher/coins” and follow the steps to submit the claim. Find out more here.

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3. Travel Pillow U-neck

Usual price: $11.90

Sale price: $6.90

Sleeping on a plane or in the bus can be uncomfortable especially when you’re on long journeys and a good travel pillow is always essential! But finding one that suits you can be tough. If you’re looking for a quality pillow on Shopee to accompany you on your travels, get the Travel Pillow U-neck which is Muji-inspired ?

The best part about the U-neck is that it’s softer than most other travel pillows out there so you know your neck will never have to ache when you’re sleeping in that awkward position on the plane. It is also very flexible in shape too, so you don’t necessarily have to wrap it around your neck – perfect for different types of sleepers. All these features for just $6.90! Who says you have to spend a lot for an effective travel pillow?

With at least 5 different colours, there’s something for everyone too – whether you like it red, blue or khaki green.

Get the Travel Pillow U-neck here.

#HHWT Tip: Earn 7 Shopee coins when you buy the Travel Pillow U-neck, which means you can get 7 cents off your next purchase or accumulate your coins to get more discounts next time. If you didn’t know, Shopee rewards you 1 Shopee coin for every $1 spent on completed purchases. All you have to do is click “Order Received” and you’ll get the coins! Find out more here.

4. DJI Drone

Usual price: $149

Sale price: $97.70

This is for all you video enthusiasts! If you’re looking for a drone to take breathtaking overview shots of landscapes and cityscapes during your travels, the DJI Tello will be your best friend. The best part about the DJI Tello is that you don’t have to pay too much for a high quality drone ?

Credit: @djitello on Instagram

For just $97.70 during the sale, the DJI Tello is probably one of the cheapest drones which has a HD camera. With easy-to-use functions, the drone is suitable for first-timers who want to start flying drones but don’t know where to start! But if you’re an experienced user, don’t worry as there are advanced features too.

Credit: @shigemix24 on Instagram

With fun modes like Up & Away, Circle and 360, you can perform flying stunts with the drone. Plus, no need for the hassle of transferring the footage to your phone, the DJI Tello will stream directly to your phone or tablet.

Get the DJI Tello here!

#HHWT Tip: If you find the DJI Tello on Shopee’s competitor’s sites at a cheaper price, you’ll be rewarded for that with Shopee’s Lowest Price Guarantee programme. The reward will be 2x of the difference in price! All you have to do is click “Claim for a FREE voucher/coins” and follow the steps to submit the claim. Find out more here.

5. Solove N-9/F-1 Portable & Table Fan (Multicolor)

Usual price: $15.90

Sale price: $8.90

Ever walked in the sweltering heat at Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market and wished you had something to keep you cool? Well, now your wish has come true! The Solove Portable & Table Fan is something you’d love to have during your travels. And since it’s summer in most countries right now, this will make a perfect travel companion as we know you’ll be doing a lot of walking and braving the heat.

Credit: @solovestore on Instagram

This fan can last 3-13 hours depending on the fan speed – so you know you can rely on it for the whole day when you’re out and about. Not to mention that it comes with a USB cable too so you can charge it with a powerbank anywhere. Plus, it’s aesthetically pleasing too – with 4 different colours you can choose from. Perhaps it’s time to include the fan as you pose for that #ootd ?

Credit: @solovestore on Instagram

But who says you can only have it when travelling? The best part about this is that you will use it even when you’re back home. Imagine carrying it with you at pasar malams (night markets) or just simply placing it on your office table using the magnetic stands. We all know how hot it is sometimes that just the aircon alone won’t work! What’s good about this is that it doesn’t make any noise, so rest assured you won’t be annoying your colleagues.

Get the Solove fan here.

#HHWT Tip: Want to be rewarded for buying on Shopee? Earn 9 Shopee coins when you buy the Solove fan. That’s because Shopee rewards you 1 Shopee coin for every $1 spent on completed purchases. So 9 Shopee coins means you’ll get 9 cents off your next purchase or you can choose to accumulate them! All you have to do is click “Order Received” and you’ll get the coins!

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With these 5 must-have items for your travels, now you’re all set for your trip. The most wonderful thing is, you don’t have to go through the hassle of physically finding the item at the store. With easy access and convenience of shopping through an app, buying your travel items on Shopee and having them delivered right to your doorstep will be a breeze.

Plus, during Shopee’s 7.7 Flash Sale on 7th July, you can find other highly discounted travel items at up to 77% off the usual price. What’s more, with perks such as Shopee coins to save on your next purchase and their promise of the Lowest Price Guaranteed (LPG) – you get 2x the price difference back if you find prices of products (marked with the LPG logo) lower on competitor platforms! With Shopee Guarantee, Shopee also protects their users by only releasing payment to the seller once you’ve received the item, which means that you don’t have to worry about unsafe transactions ever again.

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping on Shopee here or download the app on the Apple Store or Google Play!

P.S. Check out all the items that are on sale here! You can only view this page from 12 midnight on 7/7, and it's only valid for 24 hours ?

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