5 Natural Wonders In Taiwan That’ll Take Your Breath Away


Cheng Sim •  Jul 10, 2019

Beyond its amazing gastronomy and bustling cities, there’s another side of Taiwan that’s worth exploring: its breathtaking nature. We’re talking scenic natural landscapes and refreshing coastal escapades here, and they’re all waiting for you!

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While a lot of Taiwan’s nature spots are a short drive away from the city, they offer a breath of fresh air to those weary of the concrete jungle. If you’re excited to explore the gorgeous natural attractions in Taiwan, begin your adventure at Yin Yang Sea before moving to Jiufen Old Street, Taroko National Park, and Alishan National Scenic Area.

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1. Feel the ocean breeze from Taiwan’s scenic coast

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Taiwan's sweeping coastline offers a lot of opportunities to reconnect with the sun and the sea. Start with Yin Yang Sea where the dual-coloured waters will leave you awe-struck. Notice the brass yellow shade? It comes from the insoluble iron particles of the pyrites (fools' gold) around Jinguashi. While swimming is discouraged, it remains a lovely sightseeing spot to appreciate the sea's natural hues.

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Just a 30-minute drive away, Chaojing Park features a popular beach that is perfect for long walks. Don't miss out on the life-size Flying Broom art installations to create fun memories at the park itself. Then, enjoy a 15-minute drive to Zhengbin Fishing Port to take snapshots along the colourful houses.

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If we could keep the coastal breeze in a jar, we would. Till then, sauntering along the Badouzi station, which is a quick drive from Zhengbin Fishing Port, is equally great because everyone enjoys the calm breeze blowing through their hair! You might also want to check out the Mysterious Coast, which is a short drive from Jinshan. It has a picturesque view marked by the Twin Candlestick Islets that sit alone in the East China Sea.

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2. Wash your worries away at Shifen Waterfall

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If life got the best of you, wash your worries away at Shifen Waterfall, which is a 45 minutes’ drive from Taipei City. As wide as 40 meters, it’s no surprise that this cascading splendour is the broadest waterfall in Taiwan. Some even call it the Little Niagara Falls of Taiwan!

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Not too far away is the charming town of Jiufen, which has cast a spell on Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki. Don’t be surprised to find glimpses of Studio Ghibli’s famous animated film, “Spirited Away” here.

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With cobbled alleys that wind through traditional wooden homes and lanterned shops, it's totally worth exploring, whether you’re an anime lover or not. Since the town is known for its steep staircases, don’t rush and take your time like everyone else.

Before you retreat to your hotel, embrace the minutes that go by when you watch the train rumbling through Shifen Old Street. Afterwards, get acquainted with the local culture by setting off a floating lantern into the sky as well as sipping Oolong tea at Skyline Teahouse.

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3. Walk through the scenic Taroko National Park

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If you’ve been living in the city your whole life, Taroko National Park, one of the most visited national parks in Taiwan, will give you the break you never thought you needed. Prance through the famous Arch Gate and follow the trail to the Eternal Spring Shrine that sits atop a rocky waterfall. It’s amazing to see a peaceful shrine tucked away in the mountains, and you’ll enjoy more marvellous views when you continue on to Swallow Grotto trail that overlooks the beautiful Taroko Gorge as well as Shakadang Trail that snakes along the crystal-clear Shakadang River and stunning marble canyons.

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There’s a whole new world out there and sitting by Qingshui Cliff will get you acquainted with the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. With the wind gushing over you, you’ll see why this coastal cliff is named as one of Taiwan’s eight wonders back in the 1950s. Come closer to the waves at the crescent-shaped Qixingtan Beach. Eclipsed by soft sands and sweeping views, this scenic gem is perched away from the city.

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4. Take a train through Alishan National Scenic Area

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It’s a four-hour drive to Alishan from Taipei, but it’ll be one of the most rewarding journeys you will ever take. Look out the window and watch the landscape changes from buildings to beautiful mountains, scenic sunsets and lush nature. If you want to explore what it has to offer, start with the serene landscape of Alishan National Forest Recreation Area that will win you over. Aside from the sound of the trees swaying in the wind, you’ll hear trains rumbling down the tracks. When you do, that’s when you know your train has arrived. Hop on and explore the century-old Alishan Forest Railway that snakes through tall trees and misty landscapes.

For those who wish to explore the railway tracks on foot, walk down the defunct Zhongzhi Line of Alishan Forest Railway that is open to the public. Fenced by Japanese Cedar and Taiwan Red Cypress trees, it is connected to the railway bridge, where the famous two-century-old Shuishan Giant Tree awaits. Don’t forget to try the aromatic Alishan High Mountain Tea, brewed using tea leaves freshly plucked from the mountainous region in Chiayi County.

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Another notable nearby attraction is the Eternity Suspension Bridge. Landscaped by mountains and charming towns, it can be accessed by starting at the Dijiou Suspension Bridge before continuing down the Tianchang Suspension Bridge that overlooks the Bazhang River Valley. Most locals find these bridges extremely romantic. In fact, ‘tian chang di jiou’ also means ‘everlasting love’.

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5. Wander across the mirror-like Gaomei Wetlands

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There’s something incredibly enchanting and serene about Gaomei, and you’ll know it when you arrive. Widely known for its wetland habitats, it is home to the Gaomei Wetlands, which is a two-hour drive from Taipei. Sink your feet into the sand and leave your footprints on your visit. Depending on the season, bird watchers will find migratory birds gathering against the romantic sunset. For a picture-perfect moment, you can take your shoes off and walk along this mirror-like wetland for a snapshot, unlike any other.

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For another scenic attraction, enjoy a 90 minutes’ drive to Rainbow Village! When a retired soldier Huang Yu-Fu was faced with the possibility of losing his old village to demolition, he started painting his home to save it. It took petitions from university students to save his village, and their efforts paid off. Today, it has become a trendy attraction that welcomes Instagrammers and tourists alike. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot the soldier, also known as Rainbow Uncle, touching up the murals. He is the only resident left in this village, so do say hello!

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For a balance of art and culture, take a drive to the bookish Miyahara that’s only 30 minutes away! It was once Taichung’s largest ophthalmology clinic before it was renovated into Harry Potter-like location. A short distance away, the National Taichung Theater awaits your smartphone snaps. A modern cultural landmark that mimics a whirlpool, this opera house hosts many spectacular performances that will appeal to any performing arts lover.

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If you're seeking a break from Taiwan's bustling city, make a date with its scenic splendours instead. Explore the national park on a train, get spirited away in a charming town, and embrace the coastal breeze. Wherever your Taiwan adventure takes you, there’s always a special attraction for every traveller.

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