For many of us, our earliest travels and adventures were thanks to our parents bringing us on family trips and excursions. It may not have been somewhere far away - one of my earliest memories are of going to the zoo in Singapore, which seemed a lot grander then to a 4-year-old! ? No matter where you are, family time together will always leave us with the best moments we'll remember even decades down the road.

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Whether you have kids of your own or you're looking to treat your parents to a long-deserved vacation, taking some time to vacation together helps bring the family together especially when everyone's busy with school and work. Here are 13 destinations you should consider for your 2020 family vacay!

Note: As the ongoing 2019-nCov outbreak has existing cases in some of these destinations, do check with official travel advisories and updates before booking your flights and accommodations, and take any necessary precautions before or during your trip to keep your family safe and healthy. We hope that the outbreak will come to a close soon and that we can all start to look forward to trips with our loved ones again! ☺️

For families with young children:

If this is your first time travelling with your little one - congratulations! ? Being able to show your children the world through travel and exploration is an amazing experience, and you'll create lots of beautiful memories together along the way. You don't need to go very far (some of our own earliest travel memories are road trips or day trips!), but here are some destinations suitable for babies and toddlers to give you an easier time adjusting to this new experience.

1. Kuala Lumpur

Whether you're having a weekend staycation or taking a week-long trip to this iconic city, there's something for everyone. Between indoor activities such as immersing yourself in an underwater adventure, thrilling rides at indoor theme parks, and outdoor activities such as learning about animals, there are plenty of fun and educational activities for every family to enjoy! ? KL is full of museums, nature parks, and all sorts of theme parks perfect for an exciting day out. Or if you want a more laidback time, why not have a picnic at these 10 gorgeous nature spots or visit a hidden (but educational!) gem at the Museum of Islamic Art!

P.S. Check out these 8 kid-friendly resorts around Malaysia and 14 awesome theme parks in Malaysia for more ideas for a quick escape nearby!

2. Tokyo

How could we not include Tokyo in this list? It’s truly a city with something for everyone - whether you’re visiting a captivating museum, exciting theme park, or historic shrine! In fact, we even have a 7D6N family-friendly itinerary to Tokyo ready for you! ? Complete with trips to the Ueno Zoo, TeamLab Borderless, and Tokyo Disney Resort it'll be all you need for a Tokyo-tastic adventure. We've even included tips on stroller rentals, changing stations, and more in the itinerary. If you spot anything we missed out do let us know! There's also the Ghibli Museum and Sanrio Puroland where you can see beloved characters such as Totoro and Gudetama - or check out these fun-filled activities that won’t cost you a single Yen!

#HHWT Tip: The Ghibli museum tickets need to be pre-purchased, so remember to pencil this into your calendar! You can purchase them at any Lawson’s convenience store in Japan, or through Lawson’s website.

3. Singapore

The best family holidays will stay in our memories forever. If it’s time to plan your next adventure, let it be Singapore! It is, after all, a destination that’s perfect for the young and young at heart. There are many family-friendly hotels (from just RM114) with spacious rooms and activities just for your kids that will make your stay more convenient than ever. ? Don't miss out on the Singapore Zoo or popular attractions such as Universal Studios Singapore, Adventure Cove, and the S.E.A. Aquarium with our trusty family guide too! Our 4D3N itinerary will help you explore the best sights Singapore has to offer including Gardens By The Bay, Sentosa and more.

4. Langkawi

Squeezing in a family getaway can sometimes mean just relaxing at a kid-friendly beachside resort and enjoying a peaceful weekend in Langkawi together. Beaches are an amazing place to go with young children - not only are the sand, sky, and sea a whole new sensory experience but many resorts also have dedicated activities or kids clubs that will be arranged for you. ? Langkawi's latest water theme park Splash Out Langkawi has also just opened which means even more fun activities for the whole family to enjoy!

5. Western Australia/Perth

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Western Australia’s natural beauty and diverse attractions make it the ideal place to plan a family trip. Whether you're staying in Perth or exploring the beautiful surrounds on a family road trip, a wonderful adventure in one of the liveliest cities in the world awaits you with the numerous interesting attractions that can’t be found anywhere else! This 6D5N self-drive itinerary will showcase the beauty of Perth and its surrounds including the stunning Pinnacles Desert and the animals at the Cuddle Farm.

#HHWT Tip: You can also spend a 4D3N long weekend just exploring the beauty of Perth if you're not quite ready for a road trip yet - street art, fresh air, and quokkas await!

For families with tweens and teens:

Your children are now a little older - and that means more choices of where to go! ? Theme parks, nature adventures, or city explorations are all up for grabs now that you can enjoy them as a family. You also won't have to worry about lugging around strollers or diaper bags. You can even start to involve your kids in the planning and getting them interested in travel!

6. South Korea

South Korea is one of THE best places for a family vacation. From the cityscapes of Seoul to Busan's beachside beauty to the natural wonders of Jeju Island, you'll find something here for everyone. ? You don't have to be a K-Pop or K-Drama fan to pay a visit to Nami Island - and don't miss out on world-famous sights such as Gyeongbokgung and Haeundae Beach either! You can also combine cities to see more than one side of Korea - just check out this 6D5N Seoul-Jeju itinerary (Under RM2500) and 7D6N Seoul-Busan itinerary for a cross-country adventure!

#HHWT Tip: Thinking about planning the ultimate winter holiday in South Korea? Then this 10D9N itinerary is what you need to see the must-see sights of Seoul, Jeju, AND Busan!

7. Phuket

Forget Krabi and Bangkok - head to Phuket Island for a nearby escape! Phuket may be known as a party destination but it's actually a great place for water and nature activities that will bring the whole family together - just like in this 4D3N Phuket itinerary! For a more quiet time, Karon and Kata beaches have laidback vibes but are still close to shops and restaurants. Bangtao, Surin and Nai Harn beaches will give you some undisturbed time - or you can take a day trip out to Racha Island for some diving and snorkelling! ?

8. Gold Coast

Australia’s Gold Coast is famous for its theme parks, beaches, and infinite list of attractions! ? The Gold Coast really is an age-friendly location for all - the stunning beaches are perfect for both a relaxing walk along the shore or a more exciting dive in for a swim. You can’t miss the theme parks either - Dreamworld, Movieworld, and Whitewater World are all uniquely exhilarating and worth a day trip each ? The whole family can also explore native wildlife at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and shop for hours at Pacific Fair - all of which are accessible from the city centre by bus!

#HHWT Tip: The bus or tram rides to major attractions can take between 15 to 45 minutes from the city centre, so remember to bring along distractions for younger kids, or catch up on your sleep before you get to your next stop. ? You should also try to combine it with a trip to Brisbane - this 6D5N Gold Coast-Brisbane itinerary will help you start your planning!

9. Dubai

Dubai is more than just a stopover on a flight to Europe - it’s the perfect destination if you’re craving laid-back family fun with a hint of luxury. The theme parks are massive, and the souks are brimming with endless displays of wholesale spices, souvenirs, and jewellery. There are also thrill activities that will leave you speechless - see the city from the top of the Burj Khalifa or take a hot-air balloon ride over the desert. Make some time for the largest theme park complex in the Middle East, consisting of Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai, LEGOLAND Dubai, and LEGOLAND Waterpark. The four parks have attractions covering all ages, and they're not even all the theme parks in Dubai! ?

P.S. If you want more tips on enjoying Emirati luxury without breaking the bank, check out some of the activities in Dubai perfect for a shoestring budget! Our 6D5N itinerary will show you the sights of the city including the Souks, Jumeirah Mosque, and Quranic Park.

For families with adult children:

Now that you've grown up it's time to treat mum and dad to a holiday of their own! Travelling with parents may not be smooth sailing all the time, but it can be an amazing way to bond as a family while thanking them for taking care of you all these years. ? Make sure to check out some important tips for travelling with your parents - all from our writer's personal experience!

10. London

London is on so many of our travel bucket lists for a good reason - rich with history and full of culture, its streets are full of new wonders around every corner and delicious halal food! You can also take an easy train ride to cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, and Brighton - football fans, take note. ? Spend on your favourite English brands at these 5 shopping streets (with halal food nearby) or keep your trip on a budget with a 7D6N adventure under £30/day.

#HHWT Tip: While you're in Europe, extend your trip for a 9D8N London-Amsterdam-Paris adventure and see some of Europe's grandest cities! Or keep it to a 7D6N London-Paris itinerary and really soak in the atmosphere of 2 of the world's most famous cities.

11. Turkey

Bursting with rich culture, beautiful scenery, boundless history and admirable hospitality, Turkey is easily a global favourite when it comes to travelling. ? Each region of Turkey has its own unique charm but Istanbul, Cappadoccia, and Pamukkale are some of the cities every first-time visitor needs to see for themselves. Get started on your planning with our 6D5N Turkey itinerary that includes Pamukkale's thermal pool terraces, Istanbul's iconic Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque, and more!

P.S. There are lots of hotels in Istanbul near the top sights - click here for 11 convenient spots to consider! Don't forget to check out our budget tips for Istanbul to help you stay on budget during your trip.

12. Melbourne

Looking for a laidback destination that has gorgeous scenery, lots of nature sights and attractions, and great food? Then you’ve definitely got to visit Melbourne! ? Famous sights such as the Phillip Island Penguin Parade, laneways decorated with street art, and the orchards and flower fields of the Yarra Valley await you here. Check out our 7D6N Muslim-friendly Melbourne itinerary for some ideas! The Great Ocean Road is also a stunning option for a scenic self-drive holiday you won't ever forget. ?

13. New Zealand

With 2 islands worth of surreal and scenic landscapes, beautiful Maori culture, thrilling activities and more, New Zealand is a place that you need to visit at least once in your life! Embark on a journey to Middle Earth at Hobbiton, the set of the Lord of the Rings movies, or be mesmerised by the sheer beauty of Mt Cook and the sparkling blue Lake Tekapo. For the adrenaline junkies, New Zealand's where you can fulfill your goals of bungee-jumping and skydiving too ?

#HHWT Tip: New Zealand's magnificent scenery can be admired during any season but if you want a mild and comfortable temperature, summer (Dec, Jan, Feb) is the perfect time so you can try out the various thrilling activities too. ?

Looks like it's time to start making amazing memories together as a family!