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HHWT Picks: Top 6 Halal Food Stalls You Can't Miss At The Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar


Nabillah Roslee •  May 15, 2018


The blissful month of Ramadan we’ve all been anticipating is finally here! As more than 50 light installations decorate the streets of Geylang, our favourite Ramadan Bazaar comes alive with crowds of hungry foodies scouting out the best and most unique dishes till 14 June! Credit: giphy With over 800 stalls set up along Haig Road and Malay Village, you must be wondering what NEW food items you can look forward to in this year’s bazaar. Well, we’re here to save you all that effort - here’s 6 awesome halal stalls you must check out for your gastronomic adventure!
From the café that brought you burgers with rainbow bagels and Bucket Gangster drinks, WORD is back to serve you some fresh flavours and meaty goodness!
These eye-catching drinks have names like no other, amongst which are Mat Salleh Butterscotch Float (pictured) and Ah Beng Mango! As the buckets are “gangster” in both names and size, we recommend sharing each one ($8) between 2-3 people.
And of course – when it comes to the food menu, WORD doesn’t disappoint! Sink your teeth into their mouth-watering lamb or beef Gangster Ribs Cups, the newest item on the menu. Served with either fries or briyani, heaven in a cup is only a minimum of $12 away.
Other tantalising dishes include their famous Chilli Beef Fries ($6),Coney Dog ($6) and the irresistible Grilled Cheeseburger ($8) with Angus beef or chicken. Just look at that cheese pull! Where: Geylang Wisma Booth 33 and Tanjong Katong Complex Booth 32
2. Suap
Suap means ‘feed’ in Malay, and this stall aptly sells café-quality food you can easily suap to your loved ones! Try their variety of hot dogs ($7), which range from Bacon Wrap Caramelized Onion to Turkey Ham Cheese. Get 2 of them for a discounted price of $12!
For a lighter option, try their chicken wings ($6-18)! Fried to a golden crisp, these wings come with 4 unique sauces – Korean, Honey Soy Garlic, Cheese and even Coca Cola Spicy sauce! You can’t call yourself a fried chicken lover ‘till you’ve tried these ?
#HHWT Tip: Not a fan of hot dogs or fried chicken? Get their fries or nachos ($6 each) instead, so you can still try the interesting selection of sauces.
If you’re looking for something heavier, Suap’s got you covered too! Try their Nasi Ayam Berempah, a savoury rice dish with fried chicken that was marinated with 10 spices for 12 hours! Top it off with the sambal belacan and you’re all set for a power-packed Iftar.
And yes, Suap sells refreshing beverages too! Get a hold of their aesthetic mason jars when you order either Original Mango Mojito or Strawberry Green Apple for $6 each. Where: Engku Aman Booth 39 and Haig Road Booth 245 (Near Darul Arqam)
3. Katoshka
The one and only French fry stall you’ll look for in every carnival will be in this year’s bazaar again! Now with Sweet Potato Fries ($5.90) on the menu, this crowd favourite is a great option to snack on while you’re roaming around.
#HHWT Tip: The Sweet Potato Fries come coated with chilli sauce, but you can top up $1 for Special Cheese sauce and $1.50 for Chilli Beef or Tom Yum sauce!
Choose from their long list of savoury sauces! They’ve got the mandatory Special Cheese ($5.90) as well as unique flavours, such as Chicken Snack Pack ($6.90) and Tom Yum ($6.90)!
Katoshka has also started selling beverages that are sure to quench your thirst for Iftar! Their Iced Creamy Mango ($3.50) is a Ramadan Special which we thought tastes a lot like Mango Lassi! This drink is perfect as an after-Iftar dessert, so be sure to slurp this fresh goodness when you’re there ? Where: Haig Road (right in front of Darul Arqam) and Tanjong Katong Complex (sells beverages only)
4. Kreyv
Kreyv-ing something traditional? This stall stands out with its renditions of rojak petis, a mixture of fruits and vegetables in shrimp paste and other flavourful ingredients. Specifically, Kreyv will be selling their Chicha Thai and Chicha Petis for $6 per tub! Otherwise, opt for their usual Rojak Petis ($6-10). We especially liked how crunchy the char kway was!
Kreyv is also well-known for their Sweet N Spicy Mangga Jeruk Assam Boi ($5-9). These best-selling humongous jars contain pickled mangoes with spices that will leave you wanting more! Rest assured that these are safe for everyone’s consumption as their fresh ingredients are imported straight from Thailand with no preservatives and vinegar added.
#HHWT Tip: If you have never tried these traditional goodies and are unsure of whether they’ll suit your tastebuds, don’t worry! They have samples to try before you make your purchase.
Seems like mango drinks are a trend this year because Kreyv’s got some of their own! Among the variety, you have to get this Mango Float ($6). Made and topped with generous chunks of mango and a scoop of ice cream, this blissful dessert will fill you up in no time. Where: Engku Aman Booth 41
Credit: Kreyv on Facebook And as per their fans’ requests, Kreyv will be selling Raya treats such as Pineapple Tarts, Nutella Tarts and Kuih Makmur. This is the stop you’ll have to make when looking for kuih Raya this Aidilfitri!
5. Markozar
Have a taste of Indonesian street food right in Geylang with Markozar’s famous Martabak Manis ($6.50)! For the uninitiated, Martabak Manis consists of thin pancakes topped with high quality ingredients such as Golden Churn butter, high grade chocolates and Kraft cheese. This sweet and satisfactory dessert has been all the rage in Singapore, so be sure to get your hands on these authentic ones in the bazaar!
Markozar’s flavours range from the OG Original to Nutella Falls and are going for $6.50 each. Their famous Banana Cheese($6) will also be sold– but this time, with a twist! Delight in the sweetness of fried bananas coated with your choice of fondue sauce, topped with grated cheese. They even have Ferrero fondue sauce!
Another must-try from Markozar is their Keria Viral, which has gone truly viral since last year’s launch! Markozar makes this sweet potato donut cake with minimal flour so you can truly enjoy its soft texture.
Credit: @markozarmarkozar on Instagram
They’re also coated with gula melaka (brown sugar syrup) instead of the usual sugar, so remember to come down to taste the virality! Grab a box of 4 for $5.50 or 6 for $8 to share with your foodie friends ? Where: Haig Road Booth 202 and Tanjong Katong Complex Booth 10
6. Beef Bro
Singapore’s first ever halal MentaikoBlow-Torch Beef ($16) are sold right here in Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar! These mouth-watering premium rump steak cubes are topped with irresistible mentaiko sauce and then blow-torched to perfection.
#HHWT Tip: Be sure to dip your beef cubes in their sambal belacan, made from a family recipe. It may sound weird but the Singapore twist went mind-blowingly well with the overall dish. Where: Entrance to Lorong Sireh Pinang public carpark (across from OneKM Mall)
#HHWT Tip: Bookmark this article now and easily find these must-try eats when you’re there! As you can see, Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2018 is well worth the wait! With these amazing stalls set up, you can be rest assured that your yearly visit here remains mandatory. ? Here’s wishing all our Muslim readers a Ramadan Mubarak! [iframe seamless="seamless" style="border: none; overflow: hidden;" height="450" width="100%" scrolling="no" src="https://pollbuzz.co/frame/2253?type=poll"][/iframe]