5 Best Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations For Muslim Couples In 2018


Nabillah •  Apr 25, 2018

Planning for your honeymoon? If you're looking to fulfill your dreams of an unforgettable getaway with your life partner, you've come to the right place! And we're here to show that you don't have to break your bank for the honeymoon of your lifetime.

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Previously, we wrote about the top 10 Muslim-friendly honeymoon destinations of 2018. Now, here's 5 Muslim-friendly places that's high on the list of popular affordable honeymoons this year, just for you! Don't forget to share this with your spouse ?

1. Bali, Indonesia

As one of the best honeymoon spots in the world, you’ll have hundreds of affordable luxurious villas to choose from in Bali – whether you’re looking for a room with a view, one with your own personal pool or a place with the ocean at your doorstep, you can be sure to find something private and bespoke without having to scrimp and save too much.

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Bali's not just known for its beaches! The variety of views - from plantations to intriguing cultural architectures - promises an adventurous yet relaxing honeymoon for your post-nuptial private time. Yet, if you'd like some rush of adrenaline, Bali's also a great place to try out water sports such as whitewater rafting and surfing.

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And Bali certainly does not disappoint when it comes to finding halal food! A variety of Indonesian dishes rich with spices and goodness awaits you at this top honeymoon destination.

P.S. Check out these halal eateries for your trip to Bali!

2. Krabi, Thailand

Thailand as a country has won the hearts of honeymooners all around the world as one of the best destinations in 2018. In particular, Krabi caught our attention because of its budget-friendly activities and wide variety of halal eateries ?

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Choose from their plethora of affordable Muslim-friendly resorts with halal dining options and prayer facilities! When in Krabi, island hopping and exploring their vibrant night markets are activities you can enjoy with your life partner. ?

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3. Maldives

A dream island getaway awaits you at the reverred honeymoon paradise of Maldives. A predominantly Muslim country, halal dining options will leave you spoilt for choice! ?

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Now, we know a getaway in Maldives can easily break your budget! But check out the Kaani Beach Hotel at Maafushi in beautiful Kaafu Atoll! If you love the sun, sand and the sea, a plethora of water activities are at your disposal - from spinner dolphins sighting excursions, to night fishing and snorkeling. Or take your relationship to the next level and become certified scuba divers while you're there!

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Featuring Maldivian-styled sea-view rooms with a rooftop sundeck, all its rooms come equipped with in-room entertainment and wireless internet to ensure you stay connected during your stay. Rooms are available from as low as USD60 per night and the best part is, there are three mosques around the island which are within walking distance from the hotel.

Click here to book Kaani Beach Hotel!

4. Lombok, Indonesia

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Another trending Indonesian island among travellers is Lombok, home to Mount Rinjani and pristine white sandy beaches.

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If you've always dreamt of a fun-packed honeymoon beyond lazing by the beach and playing water sports, you can up your honeymoon game (literally) by hiking Mount Rinjani! Feast your eyes on breath-taking waterfalls, intriguing caves and the rewarding view at the mountain's peak. This is truly the definition of an unforgettable adventure!

#HHWT Tip: Mount Rinjani is known to be a sacred place to the locals of Lombok (Sasak and Balinese). They believe that it is the home of the Gods and often place offerings in the water. Hence, it is better to consult a local before visiting any of the sacred places, out of respect.

Lombok is abundant with affordable beachfront resorts and halal eateries, so you're sure to enjoy your honeymoon without worry! You can even take your spouse out for a romantic meal at these gorgeous restaurants with views like no other ?

5. Switzerland

Seemingly at the opposite end of the Muslim and budget-friendly spectrum is Switzerland, which has topped multiple rankings as the no.1 honeymoon destination of 2018. ? But you'll be surprised by how possible it is to travel to Switzerland on a budget! Be sure to admire the breathtaking landscapes of the Swiss mountains and make your way up to Mount Titlis and Jungfraujoch (known as the top of Europe).

There are also free activities you and your partner will enjoy, which include exploring the Swiss old towns, crossing the iconic 17th century bridges and marveling at Switzerland's picture-perfect promenades. Additionally, Switzerland is home to Bern Mosque, if you'd like to stop by for prayers and meet fellow Muslims from a different part of the world ?

Affordable halal food is also surprisingly easy to find, as we discovered on our trip there. There are halal kebab and Indian stalls running near major train stations, so you won't have to kick-start your exploration on an empty stomach. ?

P.S. Check out our ultimate Muslim-friendly guide to exploring Switzerland on a budget here!

Now that you've got the list of best honeymoon destinations that tick off all honeymoon must-haves, you can start hinting to your partner. With these Muslim-friendly spots with affordable gorgeous resorts to choose from, what are you waiting for? It's time to make your dream honeymoon a reality. ?