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16 Brands Cheaper In Australia Than Back Home


Shasha Dania  •  Mar 13, 2020


Thinking of planning a trip to Gold Coast with the kids? Or maybe you're looking forward to exploring the wild beauty of Western Australia. Either way, a trip to Australia is bound to be one full of gorgeous scenery, unforgettable theme parks and attractions, and amazing weather! Before you come back home however, make sure to fill your luggage with some of your favourite brands. 😁 Credit: Giphy From surfer chic to natural cosmetics, there's no shortage of Australian products that are inspired by the geography and nature of the country. Whether you're visiting outlet malls, chic uptown department stores, or small independent boutiques, you'll be in a shopping paradise! P.S. Look out for even more souvenirs to bring back from Down Under here. 😊 Skincare & cosmetics
1. Aesop
 Founded in 1987, this cosmetics and skincare brand has its headquarters in Melbourne! Aesop's products are known for their careful formulations and sleek, modern packaging that create a sophisticated look. Copycats have sprung up to try and recreate their products, but of course, going straight to the source ensures you're getting the safest products possible. 😊 Some of their popular products include the Resurrection Hand Balm, Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant, and Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Toner. Halal Status: Do note that Aesop's ingredients are largely plant-based and laboratory-made, and have not been formally halal-certified. Some products may contain alcoholic derivatives and you can look at Aesop's ingredients FAQ here. We recommend checking the ingredients list before purchasing. Where to buy it: There are various stores around the country. Website | Instagram
2. Jurlique
This South Australian brand takes a natural approach to skincare, utilising botany and biochemistry to keep your skin healthy, radiant, and refreshed. Their biodynamic farm is located in the hills of Adelaide, and even the air there is kept high-quality to result in healthier ingredients! You can even book a tour there to see it up close. Look out for favourites such as their Nutri-Define line, Rosewater Balancing Mist, and Activating Water Essence. Halal Status: Do note that Jurlique's ingredients are naturally-derived and plant-based, and have not been formally halal-certified. We recommend checking the ingredients list before purchasing. Where to buy it: There are various stores around the country. Website | Facebook | Instagram
3. Lucas' Papaw Ointment
Credit: Lucas' Papaw Remedies on Facebook
 You can usually find this popular ointment in outdoor or adventuring shops back home, but you can definitely find them at a cheaper price Down Under! pure Australian papaws! Do note Made from fermented pure Australia papaws (papaya), the enzymes are concentrated to give the ointment antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It can be used as a local topical application for minor burns and scalds, insect bites and rashes. However, as it contains pharmaceutical-grade petroleum jelly it's not a suitable replacement for regular moisturizers and should not be used as such. P.S. As the ointment consists of fermented enzymes, we recommend you use it at your own discretion and comfort. Where to buy it: Chemists, pharmacies, and major supermarket brands typically carry the ointment on their shelves. Website | Facebook Clothing & accessories
4. lululemon
Credit: lululemon Australia and New Zealand on Facebook lululemon may not be an Australian brand, but it's still cheaper to buy them in Australia than back home! Athletic apparel brands are a dime a dozen now, but the soft and luxurious comfort of lululemon still makes them stand out. They've even developed their own purpose-driven fabrics, from sweat-wicking Everlux to high-performance Luxtreme. 😍 You'll never have to worry about uncomfortable leggings or insufficient support during your workout ever again! Where to buy it: There are various stores around the country. Website | Facebook | Instagram
5. Pandora
If you're looking for a gorgeous souvenir to bring home, Pandora bracelets and charms make a great gift. Jewellery from the Danish manufacturer and retailer is often cheaper than back home - couple that with tax refund claimed via the Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS), and that means even more savings! 😱 Make your Pandora charm extra special by getting unique Australian-themed charms such as Sydney Opera House, Kangaroo, Koala, or the Australian flag! P.S. You might even be able to find collections there that you can't find back home, such as the Harry Potter series! Where to buy it: There are various stores around the country. Website | Facebook | Instagram
6. Billabong
This fashion brand has been a favourite to bring back from Australia for years! 😁 Founded in Gold Coast in 1973, Billabong started out producing mostly surfwear (and it still does!) but now has a variety of bright and vibrant pieces perfect from the seashore to the city. Pick up a wetsuit that will withstand even the toughest of waves, or a simple t-shirt or dress to throw on after a swim in the gorgeous Australian waters. Where to buy it: There are  various stores  around the country. Website | Facebook (Men) | Facebook (Women) | Instagram (Men) | Instagram (Women)
7. Quiksilver
Founded in Victoria in 1969, Quiksilver's surf-inspired apparel is perfect for all types of active outdoor lifestyles. The bright colours and trendy designs make their pieces go from fun to functional without any fuss. There's a youthful look to their pieces, keeping you looking energetic and up for the challenge no matter what. They even have kids' ranges and a whole series suitable for the snow! (You might not need it in Australia but there's no harm stocking up for your next winter vacay 😉) Where to buy it: There are various stores around the country. Website | FacebookInstagram | Instagram (Women)
8. Roxy
Did you know that Roxy is actually a sister brand of Quiksilver? 😮 Its's one of the largest and most well-known sports fashion apparel lines for young women and you can find a whole wardrobe's worth of clothes on their shelves. Their designs are slightly cuter than Quiksilver's women's items, including trendy patterns and pieces such as fleece sweaters, printed dresses and jumpsuits, and athleisure-ready leggings. They even have a useful guide for picking out the best wetsuit (that covers from your neck to your ankles!) for your needs so you can have a comfortable swim. Where to buy it: There are various stores around the country. Website | FacebookInstagram
9. Seafolly
Swimwear and surf apparel are the perfect things to bring back from your trip to Oz, and Seafolly is yet another brand to consider filling your closet with. 😊 Their pieces have a more feminine touch, with lots of soft and airy cotton that will be breathable even in the hottest and most humid of climates - and bright prints to keep your outfit eye-catching! Their sunglasses have also been seen on popular stars such as Taylor Swift - the chic and colourful lenses are the perfect item to complete your look! Where to buy it: There are various stores around the country. Website | FacebookInstagram
10. Uggs
 UGG's classic unisex boots are made of the finest quality sheepskin. With Australia being the largest distributor of sheepskin footwear, you can get the original boots from UGG Australia and be assured of their great quality! Apart from being trendy, they provide warmth, comfort and ease of wear – the perfect pair to stock up on before your winter holidays. UGG has even branched out into streetwear, sneakers, sandals and more so you can pair their classic comfort with any style 🤗 P.S. The sheepskin used is also ethically sourced, and you can read more about UGG's policies regarding animal welfare here. Where to buy it: There are various stores around the country. Website | FacebookInstagram
11. Cotton On
You won't have any trouble finding a Cotton On store while you're in Oz. 😁 This casualwear giant stocks everything you need to build a whole new wardrobe, from soft cotton staples at their main stores to sleepwear and athleisure at Cotton On Body to affordable and comfy shoes at Rubi. The Factorie and Supré brands are also great for streetwear and trendier pieces. Don't forget to check out Typo too for adorable stationery to bring back home! Where to buy it: There are various stores around the country. Website | FacebookInstagram Food & consumables
12. Blackmores
Health supplements can be so expensive to buy at home, but thankfully you can usually get them for much cheaper in Australia! Blackmores is one of the biggest health supplement brands out there, with products suitable for every age range and requirement. Their Milk Thistle helps support liver function to increase detoxification within the body, and their Natural E 250/500 IU contains vitamin E to help support heart health! They also have kid-friendly multivitamins to ensure that your little ones get all the essential nutrients they need. 😊 Halal Status: Several products have been specifically halal-certified but do note that this does not apply to the brand as a whole. We recommend checking for the official halal label before purchasing. Where to buy it: Supermarkets, pharmacies, or chemists usually have a selection available. Website | Facebook | Instagram
13. Fish oil supplements
Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which does wonders to your health as it promotes healthy cholesterol levels as well as supports bone health. Fish oil can also offer mood support, helping with disorders such as depression and anxiety. Halal Status: Do note that manu fish oil brands in Australia might contain pork gelatine or non-halal-certified bovine gelatine. Here are some brands who sell halal or Muslim-friendly fish oil supplements: Madina Vitamins (halal-certified by the Islamic Services of America), Australian by Nature (halal-certified by the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils), and Southernature (halal-certified by the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils). Blackmores ' EPO+Fish Oil and Omega Brain High DHA Fish Oil products have also been individually halal-certified. Do remember to check the product packaging for the halal logo before purchasing, as not all of the products sold by the same company may be halal-certified. Where to buy it: Supermarkets, pharmacies, or chemists usually have a selection available.
14. Chocolate
It doesn't matter whether you're buying pure couverture chocolate, truffles, or bars - it's definitely way cheaper in Australia! Whether you're visiting a large chocolate factory or looking for small boutique brands you'll be spoilt for choice from the variety. 😋
If you're visiting Western Australia's Margaret River Chocolate Factory or Melbourne's Yarra Valley Chocolaterie you won't have to worry as their couverture chocolate (without any additional ingredients) are Muslim-friendly! For both locations, we have also checked with them that their products that contain any alcohol or animal derivatives have it clearly stated on the packaging so do check the ingredients list before purchasing any products. In addition, the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie has confirmed with us that they use vanilla beans and not vanilla extract (using alcohol). Halal Status: Ingredients differ across brands, and we recommend checking the ingredients list or asking store staff before purchasing.
15. Golden Boronia Nougat
 Credit: Golden Boronia Nougat on Facebook Stock up on Australia’s number one nougat while you can! The nougat is made using natural ingredients and is 100% cholesterol-free, so you can munch away without feeling too guilty 😝 Plus the nougats come in a wide variety of types, ranging from hard to soft nougats as well as all kinds of flavours.We recommend getting the mixed pack so you can taste a little bit of everything! Halal Status: Golden Boronia is halal-certified by the Western Australia Halal Authority (WAHA). Where to buy it: Supermarkets, souvenir shops, or duty-free shops usually have a selection of nougats available. If you happen to be in Western Australia, you can drop by their main factory to buy boxes of the nougats in bulk! Address (Factory): 168 Kewdale Road, Kewdale, Perth, 6105 Western Australia Opening Hours: 9AM - 3PM (Mon-Fri), closed on Saturdays and Sundays Website | Facebook | Instagram
16. Macadamia nuts
 Macadamia nuts are a great option for a healthy souvenir. Packed full of healthy fats, they're a filling treat that can help reduce cholesterol levels too. Plain, salted, or flavoured - you can find macadamia nuts of all types in supermarkets or even dedicated shops that sell only nuts! Halal Status: Plain and salted macadamia nuts are typically Muslim-friendly as they should contain only nuts and salt, but do remember to check the ingredients list before purchasing any as a snack. We recommend you dine at your own discretion. Where to buy it: Supermarkets or speciality shops carry a wide range of macadamia nuts (and other nuts too)! Forget buying keychains and fridge magnets - these should definitely be on your souvenir shopping list instead! Did we miss out on any of your favourite brands? 😆 Let us know what else you love shopping for in Australia!