These 16 Amazing Halal Eateries In Bedok Should Be On Every Foodie's List


Shasha Dania •  Aug 23, 2020

Bedok is one neighbourhood in Singapore that's famous for its variety of halal food! ? It houses some pretty famous halal hawker stalls so rest assured you can get a top-quality meal here at affordable prices. What are you waiting for? Here are the top 16 halal eateries in Bedok every foodie needs to try!

Bedok Food Centre

More commonly known as 'Bedok Corner' this hawker centre is worth travelling to for its huge variety of halal hawker food! Here are the top 4 stalls you've got to try when you're there. ? Check out our halal guide to Bedok Corner for more must-try dishes!

1. TFF Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice

The halal version of Tong Fong Fatt Chicken Rice, TFF Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice has a loyal following that will swear by their take on this iconic dish! It's definitely one of the best halal Hainanese chicken rice stalls in Singapore, with fragrant rice and tender and juicy chicken. The soy sauce the chicken comes in has a touch of sweetness that goes perfectly with the meat, and the chilli sauce will spice up your meal! Put it all together, and you might even feel like buying a second plate once you're done. ?

Halal status: Halal-certified

Average price: $4

Opening hours: Thurs-Tues; 11AM-9PM (Closed Wednesdays)

Address: 811 Upper East Coast Rd, Bedok Food Centre #01-22, Singapore 466608

2. Green Sky Char Kway Teow

Craving char kway teow, oyster omelette, and carrot cake? Green Sky Char Kway Teow's where you can find all of these local favourites! Their dishes have a strong 'wok hei' charred taste without being overpowering, and every dish is stir-fried to perfection so the ingredients are coated in the delicious grease or sauce when it's served up. ? Oyster omelette fans will love how generous they are with the oysters too!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Average price: $5

Opening hours: Tues-Sun; 12PM-9PM (Closed Mondays)

Address: 811 Upper East Coast Rd, Bedok Food Centre #01-14, Singapore 466608

Contact: +65 87972132


3. Nur Indah Kitchen

If you think you've tried all the Ayam Penyet in Singapore, think again! Nur Indah Kitchen has one of the best versions around, with a generous serving of chicken that's coated to a golden-brown crispy perfection. The chicken is juicy and tender, and the chilli has some serious kick to it. ? They also have Ikan Penyet and Empal Penyet so you'll find something for everyone here.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Average price: $5

Opening hours: Open daily; 9AM - 9.30PM

Address: 811 Upper East Coast Rd, Bedok Food Centre #01-07, Singapore 466608

Contact: +65 93894301


4. Suka Ramai Mama Power

Suka Ramai Mama Power serves familiar Indian Muslim dishes, but they've gained some serious fans for their generous portions and delicious flavours! If you're looking for something to share (or just really hungry) get their signature Mee Goreng Combo. The mee goreng comes with mutton chop, cheese fries, and a sunny side-up egg! ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Average price: $6

Opening hours: Open daily; 10AM-10PM

Address: 811 Upper East Coast Rd, Bedok Food Centre #01-26, Singapore 466608

Bedok Shopping Complex

Known as 'Simpang Bedok', this is another popular destination for halal foods of all cuisines - including some late-night supper spots! ? (Check out these 17 halal late-night supper spots in SG to plan out your midnight makan madness!)

5. Spize

Satisfy your late-night cravings at this iconic supper spot in the east! Spize's Western, Asian, Zi Char, and Mediterranean dishes are available until 3AM so you can grab a bite no matter what time of day it is. For some classic supper favourites, try their Nasi Goreng Kampong or Mutton Keema Murtabak. Or on a sweeter note, they have Belgian waffles, sundaes, and even dessert prata too. ?

Halal status: Halal-certified

Average price: $14

Opening hours: Sun-Thurs; 10AM-3AM, Fri, Sat, PH Eve; 10AM-3.30AM

Address: 336 Bedok Rd, Bedok Shopping Complex (Simpang Bedok), Singapore 469512

Contact: +65 63377493

Website | Facebook | Instagram

6. Time for Thai

We're always up for cuisine at any time of day, and Time for Thai is the place to go for delicious dishes made by Thai chefs with authentic recipes. ? Share a meal with friends with dishes like Singapore's first-ever halal Leng Saap (Spicy Mutton Spine), Stir Fry Basil Chicken, Steamed Sea Bass with Spicy Lemon Sauce, and everyone's favourite Seafood Phad Thai!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Average price: $8-$20

Opening hours: Open daily; 12PM - 12AM

Address: 282 Bedok Rd, Bedok Shopping Complex (Simpang Bedok), Singapore 469438

Contact: +65 69099404

Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. Tang Tea House

If you're searching for supper but can't decide how much you want to eat, the halal dimsum at Tang Tea House is a great choice as you can start small and order more if your stomach isn't satisfied yet. ? The Golden Sand Buns are the perfect combination of sweet and savoury, and the warm salted egg yolk filling is so satisfying when it's served piping hot!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Average price: $9

Opening hours: Open daily; 11AM-12AM

Address: 357/359 Bedok Rd, Bedok Shopping Complex (Simpang Bedok), Singapore 469545

Contact: +65 64459100 or +65 88743639

Website |Facebook | Instagram

8. Badoque

You won't be disappointed when you dine at this trendy neighbourhood cafe! Badoque's portions are generous and their menu includes Western, Mediterranean, Indonesian, and even Japanese dishes! Try out their Special Beef Ribs which come glazed in their homemade barbecue sauce, or the Duck Puttanesca pasta topped with roasted tomato sauce and smoked duck. ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Average price: $18

Opening hours: Tues-Sun; 12PM - 11PM (Closed Mondays)

Address: 298 Bedok Road, Bedok Shopping Complex (Simpang Bedok), Singapore 469454

Contact: +65 64466928

Facebook | Instagram

9. Enak Enak Hong Kong Tea House

Enak Enak is another go-to spot for halal dim sum and zi char. Their menu has a huge variety - it even includes Indian and Western food! The top dishes you've got to try? Definitely their Sup Tulang Merah, Indian Mutton Chop, Oatmeal Prawns, and Shanghai Steamed Dumplings. ?

Halal status: Halal-certified

Average price: $8

Opening hours: Open daily; 24 hours

Address: 342 Bedok Rd, Bedok Shopping Complex (Simpang Bedok), Singapore 469524

Website |Facebook | Instagram

10. The Social Outcast

This Western cafe is taking burgers to the next level - The Social Outcast serves premium dishes such as wagyu beef, unagi, lamb and even portobello mushroom burgers for under $10! Their French Onion & Mushroom Beef burger is an interesting twist on the classic French dish, topped with caramelised onions and sauteed onion for a mouth-watering mix of sweet and savoury. ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Average price: $16

Opening hours: Open daily; 5PM - 12AM

Address: 348 Bedok Rd, The Bedok Marketplace (Simpang Bedok) Level 2, Singapore 469560

Facebook | Instagram

11. KL Damansara Chilli Ban Mee

It's difficult to find halal ban mee (or ban mian) in Singapore - so we're grateful that KL Damansara Chilli Ban Mee has a halal version! The noodles are springy and you can choose toppings like scallop, fried wanton, or even lobster! Plus the chilli flakes pack a real punch that are the perfect touch to every bowl. ?

Halal status: Halal-certified

Average price: $10

Opening hours: Open daily; 10AM - 9PM

Address: 314 Bedok Rd, Simpang Bedok, Singapore 469478


Padi Emas

Padi Emas is yet another halal hawker centre in Bedok! They recently moved to their new location at Senang Crescent (Chai Chee) from Bedok Reservoir, and at this particular outlet there are 2 star stalls you've got to try ASAP if you haven't yet. ?

12. Deanna's Kitchen

Originating as a home-based business, Deanna's Kitchen is probably THE number one place in Singapore for authentic halal Prawn Mee! Run by a Chinese convert and her husband, their prawn mee has been voted as one of the top prawn mee in the country and is adored by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Topped with generous servings of prawns, clams, and even lobsters, you'll be hooked on their sumptuous seafood bowls after one bite. ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Average price: $9

Opening hours: Tues-Fri; 10AM-4PM, Sat-Sun; 10AM-7PM (Closed Mondays)

Address: 28 Senang Cres, Padi Emas Coffee House #02-11, Singapore 416601

Website | Facebook | Instagram

13. Padi Emas Economical Rice

For a cheap and delicious meal in the area, look next door for Padi Emas Economical Rice. Economy rice or "cai png" stalls serve up a huge variety of vegetables, meat, and other protein dishes that you can choose from. Prices vary according to the dishes you choose but you can usually get a filling meal for $5 or less! ?

P.S. Denise Deanna of Deanna's Kitchen has even recommended the dishes she loves to order from this store. Click here to find out what they are!

Halal status: Halal certification in progress. The stall is partially Muslim-owned; we spoke to one of the owners, Yusoff, and he has confirmed that all the ingredients are halal but as it is a new outlet, it will be a while before they get their halal certificate from MUIS. We recommend that you dine at your own discretion.

Average price: $2-$5

Opening hours: Tue-Thu; 10AM-7PM, Fri-Sun; 10AM-9PM (coffee shop hours)

Address: 28 Senang Cres, Padi Emas Coffee House, Singapore 416601


14. Dutch Colony Coffee Cafe

This gorgeous cafe in Kembangan will definitely become your next favourite brunch hangout! Dutch Colony Coffee Cafe is run by the Dutch Colony Coffee Company which also has a roastery and coffee academy in Singapore. Their Western and local fusion dishes are plated to perfection, and they're most known for their all-day breakfasts! Try the House Pancakes, Shabsouka & Soft-Boiled Egg Toast, and Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries first. Then everything else second. ?

Halal status: We spoke to a Director in the company who confirmed that the company is partially Muslim-owned, and all espresso brands are halal-certified by MUIS. All ingredients used across all outlets are halal-certified, and items including cakes and pastries are from halal-certified kitchens and/or halal-certified sources. No alcohol, pork, or lard is served at all. We recommend that you dine at your own discretion.

Average price: $15

Opening hours: Mon-Thurs; 8AM-6PM, Fri-Sun; 8AM-8PM

Address: 113 Frankel Ave, Singapore 45823

Contact: Call +65 64485852 or Whatsapp +65 88737915

Website | Facebook | Instagram

15. Asyraf Halal Corner

Previously located in the CBD, Asyraf's Halal Corner has found a new home in Bedok. Their menu is an affordable take on fusion Western dishes so you won't have to break the bank to try something new! Their signature dish you must try is the Roti John Beef Steak Carbonara. It's exactly like it sounds - roti john topped with beef steak and generously covered in carbonara sauce. ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Average price: $5

Opening hours: Sun-Thurs; 2PM-9PM, Fri; 2PM-11PM

Address: 527 Bedok North St 3, Singapore 460527

Contact: +65 81982851 or +65 91811665

Facebook | Instagram

16. Yassin Kampung Seafood

Seafood and zi char restaurants are great for special occasions or family meals, and Yassin Kampung Seafood dishes out what you need to celebrate with a good meal! Popular dishes at Yassin Kampung are their crispy oat prawns, 3 flavoured fish and sambal stingray. For a bigger group, the 3-flavoured fish will definitely be a hit, featuring fried grouper drenched in a mix of sweet, sour and spicy sauces so everyone can have a bite! ?

Halal status: Halal-certified

Average price: $15-$30

Opening hours: Open daily; 11AM - 12AM

Address: 215 Bedok North St 21, Singapore 460215

Contact: +65 67171717

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Time to plan a foodie feast with your friends! ?