Top 5 Halal Burgers In Singapore For The Burger Monster


Tengku Suzana •  Mar 18, 2016

There's nothing more comforting than a mouthwatering burger and in our second episode in collaboration with Happy TV, we bring you #HHWT's pick of the 5 cafes/eateries with the best halal burgers in Singapore!

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Are you ready to feast on the best burgers in town?

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1. Working Title

If you're feeling ravenous, this is the burger for you - Working Title's Tower of Power! Double beef patties topped with caramelised onions, double cheddar, mesclun and tomatoes with BBQ sauce, this sure is one of the largest burgers around. Oh, and we were pleasantly surprised to find truffle tater tots inside too!

Every burger lover's dream burger...

If you're craving for some crispy turkey bacon in your burger, give the Baconator a try!


#HHWT tip: The cafe serves up some pretty interesting sides so our advice is if you're having the Tower of Power, share it so you have an excuse to try the sides too. We highly recommend the stuffed portobello, ribena wings, roasted baby potatoes and of course, the truffle tater tots (which are essentially mini hashbrowns seasoned with parmesan and truffle oil)!

Ribena wings

Stuffed Portobello - just look at that cheeeeeese!

#HHWT tip: If you're visiting Singapore and looking for a hostel near the city, check out The Shophouse, which is just above Working Title!


Address: 48 Arab Street Singapore 199745

Opening Hours:

Mon-Thu: 11am - 10pm

Fri: 11am - 11pm

Sat-Sun: 10am - 11pm

Contact: +65 6298 8721/ Facebook/ Website

2. BurgerUp

Think it's impossible to find gourmet burgers at a fast food joint? Think again. This home-grown brand prides itself on using the freshest and finest ingredients for its burger patties, sauces and sides!

Check out the biggest burger in BurgerUp - the massive Herba-licious Beef Supreme burger! You'll find 180 grams of premium beef patty in this and trust us when we say it's really juicy.

burger up herbalicious burger
Burger fit for a burger monster!

What's better than having one patty? Two patties of course! The Yuan Yang burger gives you the best of both worlds with its chicken and beef patties, which go really well together.


#HHWT tip: You can order easily through the digital kiosks where you're able to choose from the signature set combo meals or customise your very own burger!




1. Yishun 10 Complex - #01-03, 51 Yishun Central 1 Singapore 768794

2. Punggol Waterway Point - #B2-06, 83 Punggol Central Singapore 828761

Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm

Contact: +65 62571255/ Facebook/ Website[email protected]

3. Kaw Kaw

If you've visited Kuala Lumpur, you would have heard of the famous Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw and the good news is, you can have it in Singapore too! With so many burgers to choose from at Kaw Kaw, each of us had our personal favourites!

Love fried chicken (who doesn't like fried chicken :P)? Then you'll have to try the Queen of all burgers - the Permaisuri Burger (Permaisuri means 'Queen' in Malay)! This reminds us of a Zinger burger but bigger and better. The chicken thigh was fried to a crisp and you'll get a really generous portion! Packed with melted cheese, turkey ham slice, chicken floss and lemongrass sauce, your tastebuds will be in for a treat.

Permaisuri Burger

Think no burger is complete without some bacon? Then the Smokey Beef Bacon Burger is perfect for you. Lets just take a moment to drool over that fatty turkey bacon... We love how the beef patty is really flavourful and juicy!

Smokey Beef Bacon Burger

If you prefer seafood burgers, try out Kaw Kaw's newest addition - the Ebi Burger!

Ebi Burger

A huge variety of drinks for you to choose from

Chilli cheese fries!

Not just a cafe, Kaw Kaw also provides a platform for emerging local artists to showcase their work so you'll get to enjoy a performance every Saturday as you dine there.



Address: 28 Aliwal St #01-01, Aliwal Arts Centre S199918

Opening Hours:

Mon – Thurs: 12pm to 11pm

Fri – Sun: 3pm to 11pm (Last order at 10.30pm)

Contact: 6444 8349/ Website

4. The Lab

[Find out why The Lab is on our list of 5 halal food places in Singapore every tourist must visit]

You can’t pay a visit to The Lab and not try the burger inspired by its namesake, the Heisenburger. With a homemade tender beef patty, bacon, blue cheese, garlic mayo and served with sweet potato fries, it’s not hard to see why the Heisenburger is The Lab’s signature dish!

P.S. The sweet potato fries are seriously the best!

Heisenburger with our favourite sweet potato fries!

Mushroom lover? The Burger Stack was made for you. The huge juicy portobello mushroom topped with mixed cheese and Danish blue cheese aioli complements the homemade beef patty perfectly. We're dreaming of this right now.

P.S. We're so sorry but we mixed up the names of the burgers in the video. When we said Burger Lab, we meant Burger Stack. Our bad :(

Burger Stack

Keep an eye out for one of the latest additions to the menu - the Bonesteak burger!

Bonesteak Burger


Address: 1 Jalan Pisang #01-01, Singapore 199069

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sat: 12:30 pm – 10pm

Sun: 1pm – 9:30 pm

Contact: 6299 5681, [email protected], Facebook

5. I am...

Inspired by his trip to Amsterdam, the founder of I am... decided to set up a cafe revolving around the things he loved about Amsterdam.

Check out I am...'s signature burger - the Charcoal-grilled Big Bear Beef Burger! We love the charcoal-grilled beef patty and of course, the sunnyside-up egg. You can never go wrong with this!



The mocktails at I am... are a lifesaver in our really humid weather and we love the Bushramint and Virgin Lychee Mojito. So refreshing and the perfect perk-me-up!


The cafe's name ‘I am…’ is derived from the city's iconic sign – ‘I amsterdam’!



Where: 674 North Bridge Road, #01-01, S(188804)

Opening Hours:

Mon-Thu: 11:30 am - 11pm

Fri-Sat: 11:30 am - 1am

Sun: 11:30 am - 1opm

Contact: 6295 5509, [email protected], Website

So the next time your burger craving strikes, you know where to go! ;) What's your favourite burger in Singapore? Do share with us in a comment below or on Facebook/Instagram!