UPDATE: We’ve updated our list so do check out the The Essential Guide To Halal Food In Hong Kong

15 years ago, a trip to Hong Kong meant having almost all our meals at Chungking Mansion. It was nasi briyani and curry for lunch and dinner. How we wished we could try halal dim sum in Hong Kong.

Today, whenever the dim sum craving strikes, how we wish we could hop on a plane to Hong Kong right away because… I CAN HAZ AUTHENTIC HALAL DIM SUM IN HONG KONG!

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1. HALAL DIM SUM – Islamic Centre Canteen

No visit to Hong Kong is complete without having a dim sum feast and the good news is that we’ve found authentic halal dim sum in the land of dim sum!

At Islamic Centre Canteen, you’ll find almost every type of Dim Sum usually available in a local Dim Sum restaurant. Get ready to feast on Siu Mai (烧卖), Har Gow (虾饺), Xiao Long Pao (上海小笼包), Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chicken in Lotus Leaf (糯米珍珠鸡) and so much more!

Although the walk from the MTR station to the Islamic Centre Canteen can be a little confusing, we promise it’s worth it. DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT, leave Hong Kong without trying this!

If you happen to be there around dinner time, do try out their dinner menu! They whip up some pretty tasty Cantonese dishes 😋The tofu, for example, was fried to perfection (slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside) and seasoned with the right amount of salt, garlic and chilli. The hint of spice in the tofu complemented the fried rice really well as it enhanced the flavour of the slightly bland fried rice. We were really satisfied with this dinner and will definitely come back for more.

Address:  5th floor, Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre, 40 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Directions: MTR Causeway Bay – Exit A. A 10 min walk to Islamic Centre Canteen (refer to google map below).

Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm

Price: It depends. Are you a dim sum monster? 😀

Status: Halal Certified (Certified by The Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong)


This place serves one of the best duck rice in Hong Kong. The best part? It’s halal! 

Imagine brown crispy skin and super tender duck meat that practically melts in your mouth. The flavour and aroma of Wai Kee’s roast duck is something you’ll never forget. How we wish we could have this in Singapore right now!

If there’s still room in your tummy after this amazing plate of duck rice, do try out some of their other dishes too! We really love their wonton noodles, especially the huge and juicy wontons.😋

Address:  No 5, Cooked Food Centre, 1st Floor, Bowrington Road Market, Wanchai, Hong Kong (Inside a food centre)

Directions: MTR Causeway Bay Station, exit A – Times Square. A short 7 min walk to Bowrington Road Market (refer to google map below). The food centre is located on the 2nd floor of the Bowrington Road Indoor Market building. Enter via the staircase on the Bowrington Road side of the building.

Opening Hours: 11am – 6pm

Price: S$5-10

Status: Muslim Owned


Ma’s Restaurant serves some of the best Xinjiang cuisines in Hong Kong. Just look at the picture below and you will know how amazing it is 😋We really loved the veal goulash as the filling was both tender and flavourful. Coupled with the crispy exterior, this is definitely one of our favourite dish in Ma’s Restaurant!

Since it’s really difficult to find halal traditional Chinese desserts, we saved some space in our bellies for this yummy dessert. These glutinous rice balls tasted heavenly after a hearty savoury meal. The sesame paste wasn’t too sweet and it went perfectly with the glutinous rice balls.

Address:  Shop A, 21-25 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Directions: MTR Prince Edward – Exit E. A short 5 min walk to Ma’s Restaurant (refer to google map below).

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday – 11.30am to 11pm

Price: S$10-30

Status: Halal Certified (Certified by The Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong)

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    Reporting live from Wan Chai, HK --- The mutton curry at Wai Kee is awesome!!!!! There's plenty of Halal fod choices here at Wan Chai! 5 within walking distance of Wai Kee!
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    Thank you di much for this because i am going to Hong Kong next week... By the way, is there any person there that you can suggest to me as my private tour guide? I need one as i am going to travel with my 1 yo son...
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    Love your article. Do you think these eateries open for business during fasting month? As I'm going to HK in June this year (2018), which is during Ramadhan.Thanks
    • Avatar
      Hi Mira! You might want to refer to this article for more information on halal food in Hong Kong - https://www.havehalalwilltravel.com/blog/the-essential-guide-to-halal-food-in-hong-kong/. Hope it helps! :)
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    Great article :) May I extract your photo to be part of my exhibition which is about the South Asians in Hong Kong? What title should I acknowledge for ?
    • Hi Connie, thanks for dropping by! Not too sure which photo you're looking to use for your exhibition but the images on this article have all been credited accordingly. We're afraid you'll have to approach the original owners of the photos for permission on usage in your exhibition.
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    Hi there :) Hubby and me are in Hong Kong now!! :D We went to Islamic Canteen for the dimsum as we got many recommendations :) I agree that the route is quite tricky, but I assure u, its worth it! :) Tomorrow will make another trip for the dimsum ;)
    • Avatar
      Hi Hanis! Yes it's definitely worth it :) If you visit the canteen around noon, there are other dishes as well! Also, Wai Kee (halal roast duck) is really nearby :P Have a great trip!
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    Can you please tell us where the restaurant owners purchase their poultry and meat? Did you even enquire about this? Or did you fall for the "حلال" sign displayed outside the door. To have a "حلال" sign outside the door does not and I repeat does not make the restaurant halal. Be very careful people. Hong Kongers and Chinese love pork and drink it's blood. Cross contamination and abuse of the Halal word is widespread. Be careful.
    • Avatar
      Hi Abid, the eateries in Hong Kong mentioned in our articles are either halal-certified or Muslim-owned. We've visited these eateries ourselves and have verified that they are in fact halal. Hope this clarifies!
  • Avatar
    Excellent details, particularly in directions. Thank you so much... Been deprived of halal dim sum and roast duck for years, so will get my fair share in Feb 2016 :-)
    • Avatar
      Hi Daniah! Thank you for dropping us a note :) We're really happy to know that you find our guide useful. Have a great trip and we're sure you'll love the halal local food! P.S. We miss the roast duck and dim sum already!
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