Tokyo Had Its First Snowfall Of 2022 & It’s Absolutely Magical


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Jan 07, 2022

Japan's borders have been closed for a while, and Singapore's Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) have been put on pause since December. And while many of us have been stuck in sunny Singapore & Malaysia, Japan's famous city, Tokyo, has just seen its first snowfall of 2022 - bringing back fond winter memories for many of us stuck in tropical countries! Fortunately, HHWT's found beautiful pictures of Tokyo's winter wonderland and we'd love for you to join us as we admire Tokyo's beauty from our own beds.

Tokyo's First Snowfall Of 2022


Credit: fengzi0412 on Instagram

Our journey begins in Asakusa, one of Tokyo's more popular sightseeing spots! The centre of Tokyo's shitamachi ('low city'), Asakusa glows in the snow, capturing the decades of Japanese history that it is home to in a light, white frosting.

Credit: Marilyn_kita on Instagram

One of Asakusa's main attractions, the Sensoji temple, looked especially exceptional in the snowfall. Roofs lined in white, Japan's oldest temple held its own.


Credit: hayatousuda on Instagram

Tokyo's popular shopping and entertainment centre glistened with the snow! As people opened their umbrellas to experience the wonderful sight, life went on.

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Credit: asooooobu on Instagram

From this view, you can see one of Japan's largest bookstores, TSUTAYA Bookstore amid the snowfall! A blanket of white covers the streets, but Tokyo remains as busy as ever.

P.S. If you're in Malaysia, TSUTAYA Bookstore is opening an outlet in KL in 2022! Check it out!


Credit: huyentrang201908 on Instagram

The famous streets of Harajuku and the bare trees lined in white that came with it provided locals with the perfect background for the daily Instagram #ootd and #fitcheck. Known to be the centre of Japan's teenage cultures and fashion styles, it's no wonder, too!

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Credit: rantmitake on Instagram

Let's take a break from the white that fills the streets for a second and head to Akihabara, where glowing, neon lights fill in the spaces between snowflakes. The electronics & games hub looks like a scene from a video game at night!

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Credit: rantmitake on Instagram

The snowfall in Akihabara is not all punctuated with colours and bright lights, however. In the day, the neighbourhood streets remind you of anime scenes instead!

Tokyo Disneyland

Credit: messomiki on Instagram

Before we end today's journey, check out Tokyo Disneyland's iconic castle covered in snow!

Credit: d23_otfk_s on Instagram 

Bringing pride to the magical charm that is snowfall, Tokyo Disneyland's usual excitement and festivities stood tall amid the white blanket that had topped its buildings and rides.

With that, this marks the end of our journey through Tokyo's first snowfall of 2022! Although we can't be there in person this month, we can always enjoy the beautiful views from the comforts of our home, biting down on our wanderlust till Japan reopens again ?