JUST IN: Tokyo DisneySea Now Has A Quiet Room Where You Can Do Your Prayers


Shasha Dania •  Nov 27, 2019

Planning a trip to Tokyo DisneySea soon? Well, we have some good news for you that will make your trip even better! ? If you're still wondering if you should visit Disneyland or DisneySea (although both parks are amazing in their own unique ways!) maybe this will help you decide. ?

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Tokyo DisneySea has just added a Quiet Room which can be used as a prayer room for Muslim guests! ? Tokyo Disneyland also has a room where you can do your prayers, but it is not a dedicated Quiet Room like DisneySea. Click here for more information on where to pray at Tokyo Disneyland and 9 more handy tips!

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Credit: Food Diversity

The room can fit roughly 20 people so you can do your prayers together even if you're travelling with family or friends. ?

Credit: Food Diversity

Though the room is not only exclusively meant for Muslim guests, it includes ablution (wudhu) areas for both men and women so it's very Muslim-friendly. Do remember to bring your own prayer mats and garments, as they are not provided. You can also use your own phone app to determine the Qiblat in the room.

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The room is located outside of the Park Entrance South, so you will need to get a re-entry stamp when exiting in order to re-enter the park later. Do remember to approach a staff member to get this stamp or else you won't be allowed back into the park! After exiting the park, look for the "Parkway Gifts" shop, and you will find the Quiet Room behind it.

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Opening Hours: Opening hours of Tokyo DisneySea. The hours are currently 8AM - 10PM daily but do check the park calendar for the latest updates!

Location: Outside of DisneySea Park Entrance South