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This Halal Indonesian Eatery In SG Is Bringing Authentic Soups & Street Food To Your Table


Shasha Dania  •  Aug 24, 2020


When you think of halal Indonesian food in Singapore you might think of fried golden Ayam Penyet or char-grilled Ayam Bakar - comfort food may not be what first comes to mind. But a meal at Tok Tok Indonesian Soup House will soon change your mind. 😊 Their menu of authentic Indonesian soup dishes and street snacks are just what you need for a homecooked Indonesian meal! Read on to see what you can look forward to when you dine at Tok Tok.
Credit: Tok Tok Indonesian Soup House Tok Tok uses authentic recipes from Indonesia - so you can rest assured you’re only getting the best taste possible. 😋 Their Sop Buntut ($10.90) is their signature dish for this exact reason - it uses the family recipe of the executive chef! Made with tender grain-fed oxtail simmered with their unique blend of Javanese spices, the soup even has homegrown potatoes and carrots to transform it into a hearty meal. Paired with a plate of rice, it’ll hit the spot and leave you feeling warm and energised even after a rough day.
Credit: Tok Tok Indonesian Soup House The Soto Betawi  ($9.90) is another dish you need to try, this one originating from Jakarta. The main ingredients of the rich broth? Spiced beef and a dash of milk to give it a full texture without any creaminess. 😮 The spices and herbs of the beef combined with the milk to create a dish that’s filling without sending you into a food coma. Slurp it up with a plate of rice and some crackers, and it might just become your next favourite comfort food. 
Credit: Tok Tok Indonesian Soup House If you’re not a fan of soup don’t worry because their rice dishes are stunning too. The Nasi Kuning ($9.90) uses jasmine rice flavoured with turmeric for a fragrant aroma and characteristic bright yellow colour, accompanied by a variety of mouth-watering dishes. Pan-fried chicken marinated overnight, fried vermicelli noodles, sliced omelette, pan-seared perkedel patties, sweet and spicy fried tempe, and crunchy garlic crackers all combine into an explosion of flavour and texture for less than $10! 😍 Make sure to drizzle their traditional homemade Sambel Penyet all over it for a burst of heat! If you don’t have any weekend plans yet, tell your friends and family it’s time to try out something new at Tok Tok Indonesian Soup House! 😊  Halal status:  Halal-certified Opening hours: Open daily; 11AM - 9PM Address: Ann Siang Road - 18 Ann Siang Rd #01-01 Singapore, 069698 Orchard Road - 313 Orchard Rd, [email protected] #B3-10, Singapore 238895 Paya Lebar - 60 Paya Lebar Rd, Paya Lebar Square #01-71/K6/K7, Singapore 409051 Delivery via: Online, GrabFood Contact: +65 62211760 (Ann Siang Rd), +65 66341501 (Orchard Rd), +65 69043171 (Paya Lebar) Website | Facebook | Instagram This article is brought to you by Tok Tok Indonesian Soup House.