You Can Now Try The 1st Ever 4-Course Halal Anglo-Indian Food In Singapore


Qistina Bumidin •  Sep 26, 2022

If you think you know your Indian food well, let us put your knowledge to the test. Chicken Tikka Masala, Chutney - are they considered Indian food? Well, not exactly. These foods are an example of Anglo-Indian cuisine, which marries the spiciness of Indian food and the gravy-obsessed English, resulting in a unique and distinctive flavour! 🤩

Anglo-Indian cuisine is truly a rarity in Singapore, much less a halal version. But this is about to change: you’ll be able to sample halal Anglo-Indian cuisine food (think even more exquisite than chicken tikka masala and chutneys 😋) in a unique dining experience by The Black Hole Group, the big brains behind Tipo, Working Title and more

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Before we give you a glimpse of what to expect, this private dining experience is part of HHWT’s first-ever food festival, titled Together At The Table (TatT), running from now till 23 Oct 2022! 🥳 In collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board, as a fringe event of the Singapore Food Festival 2022, TAtT aims to celebrate the diversity of our Singapore culture and seeks to build bonds that connect people from different walks of life through food 🍽️ You can look forward to food-related activities like curated halal dining experiences such as the aforementioned Anglo-Indian tasting session and masterclasses, which you can check out via Tribes, HHWT’s new initiative!

As part of the festival, Tribes have curated a special list of halal dining options in the 4 cultural precincts - Little India, Chinatown, Joo Chiat & Katong, and Kampong Gelam on Tribes. This will showcase the diverse offerings in Singapore’s different neighbourhoods, encouraging further exploration of these neighbourhoods 😍

Chef Fadzil, group chef of The Black Hole Group. Credit: The Black Hole Group

If you’ve reached this point, we can safely assume you’re as excited as us to go on a gastronomic adventure 😋 The Mad Sailors known for their delicious fish and chips, are changing their direction this time by bringing you this otherworldly food extravaganza that makes you look beyond everything you know about English and Indian cuisine 🤩

Hours of R&D and experiments have amounted to a menu that gets you thinking, “so you can mix buah pelaga (cardamom in Malay) and chocolate?” 🤯 Yes, this is what you will get to eat at this dining experience. Here’s a sneak peek of what your foodie senses will be treated to 😌

Credit: The Black Hole Group

There’s a reason why they say the world is your oyster - because, just like how anything is possible in life, you would have never thought that these oceanic delicacies can be enjoyed in this way: being served with spiced curd and rasam 😱 The bar’s already set relatively high already and we haven’t even entered the main course yet - we bet the foodie in you is overwhelmed right now 🤩

Moving on, you’ll have the option of Duck Madras as your entrée. Tasty and juicy duck farmed in Ireland is bathed in Madras sauce (a tomato-based sauce with red chilli and a delicious blend of mixed spices), with carrots and lentils added for a perfect finish 😋 For seafood fans, they also offer Fish Pie made with Patagonian Toothfish, commonly served only in 5-star restaurants. This buttery, succulent fish is now served with a flavourful medley of saffron cream, pickled mussels and pea 🤤

A first look at the words Duck Madras and Fish Pie might confuse you - “it sounds as if Duck Madras is simply Indian and Fish Pie is purely English”. Interestingly, however, you will not find a 'Madras' anywhere in India nor a Fish Pie in the UK using saffron cream instead of white cream and cheddar cheese. That’s where the beauty of Anglo-Indian cuisine lies - its uniquely familiar 🥰

Credit: The Black Hole Group

Remember how surprised you were seeing cardamon and chocolate on the menu? It’s time to surprise yourself by digging into the Chocolate Cardamon Tart for dessert 😱 The chocolate is a decadent delight; imagine adding the sweet cardamon to the mix - it’s everything you want in a dessert, from its balance of textures to the luxurious taste and, of course, the sweet spot 🤤

Ultimately, we can describe it this much, but nothing beats the experience of trying it for yourself. With only 10 slots available, it truly adds a more intimate touch to your dining experience, where you’ll be with other foodies like yourself, just enjoying a slice of cuisine you never thought you could taste right here in Singapore - which is what TatT is all about; food being a window to diverse cultures! 😉 Let your tastebuds run wild with BHG’s special dining experience on Anglo-Indian cuisine on October 14th. Click here and book an unforgettable night via Klook now

Date: October 14th 2022

Duration: 2 hours

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