REVIEW: Can $40 Save My Badly Damaged Scalp After Impulsively Dyeing My Hair?


Syahirah Mazlan •  Aug 22, 2023

Hello (and what’s up) everyone, it's your enthusiastic explorer of all things fun, Aishah, ✨ here to share a hair-raising (pun intended!) experience with you. We've all been there – a moment of hair audacity that leaves us with a bit more colour than we bargained for. I’ve been suffering from damaged hair for a while now so I’ve been looking for a proper scalp and hair treatment in Singapore to help me finally achieve the healthy hair and scalp I’ve always dreamed of! Come with me to TK TrichoKare, where they worked their wonders to rescue my locks from the aftermath of a daring dye experiment. 🥳

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Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Aishah, a content writer at HHWT! But I’m so passionate about doing a good job that it stresses me out. And they say that stress is the number one factor in causing damaged scalps! 😵‍💫 That being said, I’m pretty adventurous about life experiences. A while ago, I dyed my hair a bright colour (just for fun) and noticed that my scalp has become a lot drier than it used to be.

Recently, I heard that TK TrichoKare is offering an Award-winning Scalp Purifying Therapy at just $40 NETT with Free MaxiKare Ampoule (applied during treatment) & Free Nourishing Hair Bath and CompleteKare Mask (total worth $770). Even if you’re not on a budget, this deal is just way too good to pass up on! What’s more, I can find out more about my hair and scalp condition from the real experts instead of second-guessing the scalp issues I currently face. Which was why I decided to sneak in a hair and scalp appointment during lunch and it was the most relaxing experience ever.

Upon entering TK TrichoKare at Ngee Ann City, I was welcomed and ushered into the private consultation room where I was asked to fill in a pamphlet that asked about the state of my hair and scalp and some of the issues I’ve been facing in relation to them. The consultant then studied my responses and did a Hair & Scalp Analysis Using Tricho-Scan (which I learnt can magnify up to 200 times!). This not only helps to analyse the scalp condition, but also works as a visual proof of the improved scalp condition after treatment is administered. It was a very interesting experience, especially for a first-timer like myself!

The consultant explained that I was suffering from thinning hair and a red and inflamed scalp - something I didn’t think was possible initially but when presented with the state of my scalp, which turned out to be worse than I thought, I was ready to learn more on how to rectify it. 😥 I was ushered into a private room that was really nice and… Well, private which was perfect for a hijabi like me to let her hair down (pun intended!).

If you would like the same private Muslimah-friendly room, you can make a request when making an appointment and ask for the room ahead of time. You can also request for a female hair specialist and consultant and hair scalp specialist too!

P.S. Excited by our experience already? Check out the Award-Winning Scalp Purifying Therapy @ $40 NETT with Free MaxiKare Ampoule & Free Nourishing Hair Bath and CompleteKare Mask (U.P. $770)!

Customised Premium European Herbal Scalp Masque

When I got comfortably seated in the cushy chair, the Hair & Scalp Specialist came and showed me the Customised Premium European Herbal Scalp Masque that had been made just for me! This customised masque is known as the ultimate remedy for the different hair problems many of TK TrichoKare’s customers may face. For me, it helps to detox the scalp and remove impurities and unclog my pores too. 👍🏼

On top of the masque’s cooling sensation, the Hair & Scalp Specialist also gave such a SHIOK scalp massage, I almost fell asleep! After waiting for a couple of minutes for the masque to set and do its work, I proceeded to get a hair wash known as the - Revitalising Hair Bath. This process isn’t just a simple hair wash, it helps the scalp to restore its sebum balance, keeping it feeling refreshed and stress-free.

MaxiKare Ampoule

Then it was time for the OxyJet! This step was performed together with the application of a customised ampoule called MaxiKare to help accelerate my scalp’s cell metabolism, reduce inflammation, and improve blood circulation for thicker hair growth. I must admit, I was truly captivated by the whole experience. Imagine streams of invigorating oxygen and essential nutrients being gently infused into my scalp, layer by layer. And as the specialist expertly performed soothing head massages, I found myself on the brink of drifting into a peaceful slumber – that's just how incredibly relaxing it was!

The final phase of the invigorating hair and scalp treatment encompassed the innovative Photodynamic Therapy. This entailed donning a helmet-like contraption that harnessed the power of laser light technology. This cutting-edge approach aids in reviving hair growth and expediting the recovery process if your scalp is undergoing any form of distress. It was a funny-looking device (which I loved!) but nonetheless, the experience was incredibly cozy – I simply relaxed for a brief 10-15 minutes while the magic happened.

Final review

At the end of the session, my hair felt incredibly silky to the touch, and my head was unexpectedly lighter than before – the results were truly unbelievable! The before and after comparisons of my scalp left me genuinely surprised but in a good way. It looked like all the impurities had been removed from my scalp because it looked visibly healthier!

Not to mention, my inflamed scalp was no more. Just check out the photos above! I was able to see an immediate difference in my before and after scalp analysis photos. My scalp didn’t just look better, it felt better too.

Nourishing Hair Bath and CompleteKare Mask

I’d recommend this Award-Winning Scalp Purifying Therapy at $40 NETT with Free MaxiKare Ampoule, Nourishing Hair Bath and CompleteKare Mask (worth $770) to anyone looking to improve their scalp condition! The promotion is only valid till the end of September and appointments are strictly by booking on a first-come-first-serve basis so make sure you make arrangements soon if you’re interested. 😄

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