I Didn't Think My Hair Was Damaged Until My Fiancé Treated Me To TK TrichoKare’s Hair & Scalp Spa


Syahirah Mazlan •  Aug 12, 2022

As a woman in my late twenties, I never would have imagined myself setting foot inside a hair & scalp treatment centre if not for my fiance. ? I used to think that I was still young, so I never really paid much attention to the state of my hair until my visit to TK TrichoKare. While I stepped out feeling like a whole new me (hair-wise of course), the experience was one that I’ll be sure to remember in the future! I tried the customised Award-Winning Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment and this was how it went.  

P.S. The treatment is now only at $40 NETT (U.P $745)!

The Root Of My (Hair) Problems

I’ll be the first to admit that my hair isn’t exactly in its healthiest state. I like to dye my hair - A LOT! Once my roots start to show, I head straight for a box of hair dye. ? On top of that, I have a whole list of hair problems that I noticed surfacing throughout the years, like thinning, dry hair with mild inflammation and clogged pores on my scalp.

I came in feeling nervous and a bit sceptical, perhaps because this was my first time doing a hair and scalp treatment in a long time! I started scalp treatment a few years ago but stopped due to hectic schedules. ? Now, as I grow older, I want to revisit and learn more about my current scalp conditions. And it was like fate when my fiancé decided to pamper me with TK TrichoKare’s services

Thankfully, the Trichologist/ hair & scalp specialist was very patient in explaining what was going on with my hair & scalp during the consultation. A hair & scalp analysis was performed using a lens that magnifies up to 200 times, this procedure not only helps to analyse the scalp condition but also works as visual proof of what the improved scalp condition would look like after treatment.

Process Of Customised Hair & Scalp Treatment

Usually at home, when doing my hair washing routine, I’d lather some hair mask on while showering and then put on some hair oil after drying before calling it a day. But when the specialist began my customised treatment, I instantly knew I was in for a treat! ? Now, if the treatment's name doesn’t explain how clearly advanced it was, the experience will definitely do the talking. 

At the start of the treatment, a customised premium European herbal scalp masque was applied and massaged into my scalp. It felt cold but definitely not unpleasant and had a nice smell to it too! I was told that it's the ultimate remedy for different hair problems as it helps to detox the scalp and remove impurities. 

After that, we did a revitalising hair bath which helps restore sebum balance. Rinsing the masque off my hair was so refreshing and made me feel a little stress-free too! ?

Next, a customised OxyJet step was performed together with the application of a customised ampoule to help accelerate my scalp’s cell metabolism, reduce inflammation, and improve blood circulation for thicker hair growth. I found this process to be relaxing and quite interesting as jet streams of oxygen and nutrients were pumped into my scalp layer by layer. Coupled with some light head massages by the specialist, I was so close to nodding off at how relaxing it was! 

The last step of the hair & scalp treatment was called Photodynamic Therapy which required me to put on a helmet-looking device. It uses laser light technology that supports hair regeneration and helps accelerate healing if your scalp is facing any distress. It may look bizarre but it was very comfortable and all I had to do was sit there for 10-15 minutes.

What Does My Scalp Say?

At the end of the session, my hair was so smooth to the touch and my head felt so light, I couldn’t believe the results! I was shown the before and after comparisons of my scalp, which honestly surprised me! Looking at the screen, I couldn’t help but stare for a while. I didn’t expect the difference to be so drastic, especially because I thought my scalp was already quite healthy. ? But the hair and scalp treatment had actually made my scalp look so clean and visibly smoother. And to think that I wouldn’t have gone for this much-needed hair & scalp spa day if my fiance hadn’t insisted on treating me to one. ?

Before (left) and After (right)

Before I left the treatment centre, I was given a free travel-sized Hair Care Kit to help with the upkeep of the treatment. I feel completely refreshed, and I wouldn’t be opposed to more hair & scalp treatment sessions if my fiance continues to treat me to them. ? But in all seriousness, it is advisable to go back follow-up treatments regularly to maintain and improve the overall state of the hair and scalp.

So, if you’re like me and have a partner who’s generous enough to spoil you (and your scalp), why not let them know about TK TrichoKare’sAward-Winning Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment? Especially now that the treatment is going for only $40 NETT (U.P. $745) and will be running till the end of July so you have to hurry! ? The promotion is only valid for new customers and appointments are strictly by booking on a first-come-first-serve basis. A parental companion is required for those aged 20 years and below.

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