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Tips And Tricks On Staying Safe While Travelling


Qistina Roslan •  Dec 28, 2023

No matter how far away you're going, it's always good to know these tips and tricks to ensure that you and your things are safe! We here at HHWT have been travelling for quite a while and we have some safety tips that we would like to share with you!

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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance

One of the most important things you MUST have would be your travel insurance! This ensures that you have something to fall back on in case natural disasters, accidents or even missed flights happen. The type of insurance you get depends on where you are travelling, what you are doing, when you are going and who you are going with. Some insurance plans allow you to add family members


Get a padlock for your luggages


Honestly, one of the best ways to secure your luggage is a good ol' padlock. This adds a layer of security if you're ever bringing expensive or treasured goods with you. They can break sometimes due to rough handling or just pure bad luck, so keep some in your luggage if you're afraid of that happening!

Make sure the zippers on your carry-ons face inwards

Plane cabin

We all know about the safety of check-in luggage, but what about carry-on? Well for carry-ons, make sure that your bag's zippers are facing inwards. Yes it's a hassle but there have been times where people would go through your bags while you were sleeping! Especially if it's an overnight flight.

In crowded or popular places

Don't wear flashy jewellery

Or better yet, don't bring any jewellery or goods that cost a lot (like the $1.08 million ring that was lost by a Malaysian woman earlier this month). Mistakes do happen, and with the stress of travelling, we tend to misplace and forget about things! Jewellery is very susceptible to being forgotten so it's best to keep the ones you're bringing minimal and be diligent and keep them on you at all times.

Get a cross-body bag

Fanny pack

With how close it is to your body, there is a low chance of your bag getting snatched by thieves, or you becoming a victim of pickpocketing. There are many types of cross-body bags but we personally use those fanny packs you can sling around you. Wear a jacket or clothing over your bags to prevent them from being accessed!

You can also have easy access to your passport, phone and wallet without fumbling around.

Buy a phone leash

Phone leash

This sounds extreme, but it's better to be safe than sorry in some places where pickpocketing is infamous. These gadgets basically ensure that you can yank your phone out of the pickpocketer's hand if they do manage to grab it from you. They can also be done with wallets or any other small valuables you may have.


Read the reviews (especially for airbnbs!)

Looking at a computer

Some of us are pretty avid users of airbnb and one of the main ways to ensure that you are booking an accommodation that is safe is to read the reviews! Many reviews nowadays are quite detailed in terms of the reality of living in that accommodation. Things that we look out for are if there is any history of bedbugs, the presence of pets, if the owner will be living with you or not and other amenities that you might need.

Our must-haves are the washing machine and kitchen use (because it saves us a lot!).

Talking about bedbugs.. we have an article here that you should check out on how to check for them!

Don't close the door until you've checked the room

Opened door

This doesn't happen often but there have been cases of people hiding in closets, bathrooms etc. when guests enter their room. Sometimes it could just be staff that were doing last-minute tweaks. However, to be safe, get someone to hold the door or prop your luggage at the door while you check your room.

Place something in front of the door

There are times where we dragged a chair and place it in front of the door as a precaution. This is mainly to ensure that no one sneaks into the room at night. If we don't feel like putting a furniture in front, we usually place either our locked luggage, a doorstopper or any item that makes sound/hinders people from coming into the room. There are gadgets sold online that help you with this issue too if you want to check them out!

There are definitely more safety tips that can help you stay safe while travelling, so feel free to share with us more online! Safe travels!