8 Tips To Shop At Primark For Your Next Shopping Trip


Farah Fazanna •  Oct 17, 2022

Ah, Primark. A must-visit shopping haven when you’re in London. You may not have plans to shop there but something would pull you in and once you set your sights on a £2 Disney sweatshirt, you’ll lose all sense of responsibility and spend all your money there. It’s okay, we’ve all been there so we’ve compiled a guide to shopping at Primark to help you shop more wisely!

1. Set a budget

This may seem like a no-brainer but trust us, you’ll lose your skills to calculate once you stepped foot in Primark. Clothes with £2, £4, and £8 labels will make you think “Oh, so cheap!” and start to fill your basket. Setting up a budget before going to Primark will help you go through the clothing racks more responsibly and you’ll only buy what you need.

2. Go early

Yes, that’s right! Set a day specifically to shop at Primark and go as early as the shop is open. The Primark outlet in Oxford Street opens as early as 8am to avoid the crowd. The clothes are still on the hangers and the store is still free of strollers and teenagers. Now you can shop in peace! Once you’re done, you can enjoy brunch at nearby restaurants or even go back to your hotel for a snooze.

3. Try on the clothes

We understand. The queue to try on the clothes can get quite long but trust us, it’ll make all the difference. Some of the sizings can be quite off despite being in the same size. That UK10 dress may not fit the same as the UK10 blouse, so try it on! To hasten the process, we recommend wearing something that’s easy to take off and put on.

4. Bring your own bag

If this is your first rodeo at Primark, do note that they give out paper bags (a move that we can get behind!). So, if you don’t want your bags to rip and spill the entire contents onto London’s streets, bring your own bags! We suggest bringing water-resistant bags as you know how rainy it can get in the UK!

5. Check Primark’s Instagram before you go

It can get overwhelming at Primark with endless clothes and accessories. One way you can streamline your shopping experience is to check out Primark’s Instagram before you go as they would upload the most recent and popular trends! This way, you’d already know what to look for when you’re there! Efficiency ? Shopping

6. Check the material

It is easy to get sucked into buying trendy clothes that you’d never usually wear since the price is so cheap. But do remember that cheap clothes = low quality. Be a smart shopper and check out the material and label so you can buy quality clothes at a reasonable price. 100% cotton and the organic range are a must-have! Read on further to check out other must-haves from Primark to bring home!

7. Visit the home department

If clothes aren’t your thing, Primark’s home department is sure to entice you! They have a wide range of home accessories such as bed sheets, dinnerware, candles and many more. There’s a whole organic range that we loved as well!

8. What to buy at Primark

It’s easy to be persuaded into buying the latest trend when the prices are cheap. To help you shop, here are the things that are value for money at Primark:

  • Baby clothes. We recommend buying the pyjamas as they offer 3-in-1 packs! Baby grows fast, so there’s no point in investing in expensive clothes. 
  • Swimsuits, especially for plus-size people! 
  • Tshirts and pyjamas. Choose the cotton ones as they’d last longer.
  • Homeware such as mugs and table accessories. They’re super cute and aesthetically-pleasing!

Well, there you go. Now you can shop until you drop!

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