10 Tips For Rusty Travellers Who Haven’t Travelled Overseas In A While


Syahirah •  Aug 19, 2022

The pandemic has really put a pause on travel for a long time! If you haven’t been overseas in a while and are planning to make plans to soon, the most important and fundamental things about travelling can be easily forgotten. 😅 Especially things that would’ve been super obvious to take note of! So to help you travel more smoothly, we’ve rounded up these tips for rusty travellers who haven’t travelled overseas in a while.

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1. Check the state of your luggage 

It’s easy to just grab any old luggage or travel bag when you’re planning a trip overseas. But depending on how long you haven’t travelled, there’s a chance your luggage has gone through some major wear-and-tear while in storage! Make sure to thoroughly check that the wheels and zips are working well and that there are no holes on the surfaces. You don’t want your luggage to fail on you so close to the day of your departure! 😆

2. Consolidate all your airport documents ahead of time

Now that Covid-19 is in the picture, documentations are even more stricter than ever before! You may even need to fill in a lengthy questionnaire when travelling to countries like Japan before you’re allowed to enter the country! So it's important to check and consolidate all the required documents and download any additional documentation before your trip so everything can run smoothly.

3. Online check-in for certain airlines

Online check-in can be very helpful if you don’t want to hurry and be late for your flight. 😃 It gives you the flexibility to settle yourself and if you’re travelling with family and children, it’ll help you so much by giving you the security of time! But do keep in mind that only certain airlines offer online check-in.

4. Arrive at the airport early

If you haven’t flown in a while, you might’ve forgotten the frustration of waiting in line for boarding. Specifically, when travelling budget, there are more documents that the staff must check and verify. The process would take longer than it usually takes, especially when many travel on the same courier. To be safe and avoid rushing to catch your flight, get to the airport a few hours before the scheduled time. 😅

5. Check for any prohibited items on the flight

It’s important to remember that air travel can be very strict with its rules and regulations. Some airlines and customs prohibit certain items from entering the plane and country. For example, passengers travelling on Thai Airways are not allowed to bring more than 2 pieces of power banks or spare batteries with a capacity of 32,000 mAh (160 Wh) or less on board. At the same time, they are not allowed to bring onboard power banks or spare batteries in checked baggage on any occasion. 😄

6. Rent a Wi-Fi pod from the airport

Technology is dependent on data roaming when you’re overseas. Save some money by renting a Wi-Fi pod from your airport (if you don’t have time to visit your internet provider); it can be done online to avoid stressful airport experiences! 😎The best part about this is that multiple users can connect to this pod at once and as long as you’re within the connection of the pod, you’ll have access to Wi-Fi to post those IG-worthy moments without having to wait to get to your accommodation before getting online!

7. Look for transportation options

If it’s been a while since you last went overseas, you might overlook small details like transportation in favour of planning hotels and itineraries. However, after a tiring flight, you don’t want to have to stress over how to get to the hotel once you touch down. 😄You should always plan ahead for what’s to come. If there are ride-hailing services, shuttle buses and other alternative transportation to get you to where you need to go. 

It’s crucial that you also take some time to take note of the emergency contact details or services to call in the country you’re visiting. We can never be too sure of what to expect!

8. Make sure your travel insurance has Covid coverage

This might sound like a no-brainer, but you can never be too safe when travelling, especially not in these uncertain times! So, it's good to ensure you're protected, ensuring your travel insurance can bear the cost of Covid-related emergencies. 😥Certain countries like South Korea even require travellers to purchase travel insurance before their trip with a minimum coverage of SGD34,000. 

Ps. Still undecided on whether or not you should purchase travel insurance? Find out what it can do for your Covid-travel!

9. Print out your travel documents

Having a hard copy of your travel documents is important now that there are so many papers to show to the customs. While it's convenient to keep your important documents on your phone and mobile devices, it's better to have them on hand these days at the airport. That way, it's faster to show the staff before entering the transit area. Ensure that you print your relevant travel documents and organise them neatly in a folder or keep them stapled.

10. Have your passport ready

Let's be honest. Most of us haven't travelled in years because of Covid and our passports may have well passed their expiry date. 🥲 Many travellers tend to book a flight while their passports are getting renewed. With the passport renewing process taking longer than usual these days, it's important to note that if you've purchased a low-fare ticket and your passport isn't ready by the day of your departure, you will not be able to cancel or reschedule the flight.

Going on a trip mean getting excited for a whole new journey - especially with how the pandemic has hindered our travel plans, you should be able to travel smoothly and enjoy the whole experience! SHARE these tips with your friends and family who are planning to travel soon. 💪🏼