Tips For Those Who Would Like To Travel With Their Elderly Parents


Noor Aishah Karim •  May 17, 2023

Ever thought of travelling with your parents but are not so sure of what you should take note of? Here are some tips shared by Nur Diana (@hazanisya on Instagram) for her recent travel to Vietnam that you should take note of too! When travelling with your parents, their safety and well-being are of the highest priority, and these tips would come in handy!

#1 Plan ahead

Photo credit: Nur Diana

That if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Travel may be hard for elderly parents, so we would advise making things easier for them. For example, you can book a minivan just like what Diana did for the airport transfer!

This would call for a more comfortable ride for your family and parents, leaving you with peace of mind! You can book yours on Klook!

#2 Know your parent's boundaries

Photo credit: Nur Diana

Understanding your parents' boundaries when travelling with them is essential for a smooth and enjoyable trip. It's important to recognise their physical limitations and consider their comfort levels. For example, if your parents have difficulty walking long distances, it would be wise to choose accommodations and plan activities that are easily accessible and don't require extensive walking.

You can also explore transportation options such as hiring a private car or using services like GrabCar to ensure they can get around conveniently without putting too much strain on their mobility. Being mindful of their needs and making appropriate arrangements will not only make the trip more enjoyable for your parents but also help create lasting memories together. You can also bring balm or a walking stick for your parents to be more prepared! Diana brought medicated oil for her parents and used it when her mom missed her step!

By respecting their boundaries, you can ensure a positive travel experience for everyone involved.

#3 Don’t line up too many activities on a day, leave some space for spontaneity or emergencies

Photo credit: Nur Diana

When planning activities for your elderly parents, it's important not to overload their schedule. Avoid cramming too many activities into a single day and instead, leave some space for spontaneity or emergencies. Ageing parents may require more time and rest between activities, so it's crucial to consider their energy levels and stamina.

By allowing for flexibility in the itinerary, you allow them to take breaks, relax, or simply enjoy the moment without feeling rushed. Additionally, leaving room for unexpected events or emergencies ensures that you can handle any unforeseen circumstances without causing unnecessary stress. Remember, a well-balanced schedule that accommodates their needs and allows for spontaneity will contribute to a more enjoyable and relaxed travel experience for your elderly parents.

#4 Live, Laugh, Love travel and capture those memories

Photo credit: Nur Diana

Enjoying the trip with your parents and cherishing the time you spend with them is a priceless experience. Travelling together offers a unique opportunity to create lasting memories and strengthen your bond. Whether it's exploring new destinations, indulging in delicious local cuisine, or engaging in heartfelt conversations, every moment shared becomes a treasure.

Take the time to engage in activities that align with their interests and preferences, allowing them to actively participate and feel included. It's in these moments that you can truly connect and appreciate their wisdom, stories, and experiences. Embrace the chance to slow down, savour the beauty around you, and revel in the joy of being together. Remember, the trip is not just about the destination; it's about the quality time you spend with your parents, making every second count and creating unforgettable experiences that will last a lifetime.

With that, take all the photos you’d like and encourage your parents to do so too! With that, you would be able to create and print photos which will last for a lifetime! Take pictures of them or even with them!

Enjoying a trip with your parents and spending time together is a priceless joy. It's an opportunity to create cherished memories and strengthen your bond. Whether exploring new places, engaging in heartfelt conversations, or simply sharing moments of laughter, every experience becomes meaningful and unforgettable. Embrace the chance to connect, appreciate their presence, and make the most of your time with them.