4 Tips For Hosting A Virtual Gathering With Your Loved Ones This Raya


Ili •  May 15, 2020

Dear HHWT readers, we are more than halfway through Ramadan - and that means Raya is just around the corner! But unlike any other year, we’ll be celebrating the upcoming festive season quite differently from what we’re used to. With the Circuit Breaker measures keeping everyone at home, it looks like we’ll be meeting up with our loved ones through our TV screens instead of face-to-face ?

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Without the traditional get-togethers of Raya, many of us are planning to connect with others virtually while celebrating at home. The idea of it sounds simple enough but if you’re scratching your heads and wondering how to go about it, don’t worry! We’re here to help you out ? With Sony’s BRAVIA TV, prepare to throw an amazing virtual gathering this Raya season as we share a few tips that’ll make your celebration a truly memorable one. 

1. Schedule virtual visits with extended relatives 

A big part of Raya festivities is visiting relatives that you don’t get to see very often. Whether it’s your first aunts and uncles or your distant third cousins, the holiday becomes extra special when you share it with extended family members. Though you may not be able to physically visit them this year, you can still meet and talk to them by scheduling virtual visits using web applications like Zoom and Skype!  

Make your virtual gathering even more enjoyable when you hook your computer up to the BRAVIA OLED A8G TV. By using a full-size TV as your monitor, you’re already off to a great start since it’s more comfortable than squeezing around a computer screen and elbowing your siblings for space ? Combined with the powerful X1 Extreme picture processing engine, the ultra-detailed display will make you feel as though you’re visiting your loved ones in-person. 

Before you end the video call, don’t forget to take a photo with your relatives! Since Raya this year is being celebrated in such a unique way, capturing this moment in time is a good idea so you can look back and relive the memory, and maybe even share it with your future grandkids ? Thanks to Sony’s OLED screens, you’ll get great pictures with pure blacks and vibrant colours, coming from over 8 million self-illuminating pixels that are precisely and individually controlled. So, get your poses ready and prepare to snap some Insta-worthy Raya photos that’ll impress your friends and family.

2. Enjoy endless entertainment with your favourite apps

If you worry that you’ll get bored spending your Raya at home, Sony’s Android TVwill make you think otherwise. With over 5,000 apps available at your fingertips, you won’t have a dull moment this holiday! From the second you wake up right to when you go to bed, Sony’s Android TV promises to keep your entire family entertained throughout the day. On top of that, the TV is equipped with a Voice Search function, so even when you’re busy fixing yourself a plate of rendang or cleaning the dishes after your Raya meal, you can still easily find and play your favourite shows and movies ?

3. Play PlayStation®4 games together

If you have a PlayStation®4 at home, this will be the perfect time to whip it out and get your family engaged in a video game or two for some family time. From FIFA 20 and Call of Duty to Overwatch, you’ll surely find something that everyone will love no matter their age or skill level. Made perfectly for gaming, Sony’s BRAVIA TV series will take your experience to the next level with ultra-fast response times and cool graphics! Whether you’re a huge gamer or not, you’ll definitely get hooked on when playing video games on a BRAVIA OLED A8G TV. 

4. Watch Raya specials and shows with your family 

Since you’ll naturally be spending more time indoors this Raya season, take the opportunity to bond with your family over classic Hari Raya flicks. With various apps to choose from like Netflix and YouTube, the BRAVIA OLED A8G TV is not only here to entertain, but also to enhance your viewing experience. Far from your average TV speakers, the BRAVIA OLED A8G TV comes with proprietary Acoustic Surface Audiotechnology that enables sound to be accurately projected directly from its screen - talk about innovation! That means you can look forward to an immersive cinematic experience whenever you want to have a family movie night. 

Not in the mood for films or television shows? Then turn on some Raya songs instead that’ll guarantee to put everyone in the festive mood! Play your favourite tunes on the BRAVIA OLED A8G TV and get ready to fall in love with its unique sound technologies such as the ClearAudio+ and S-Force Front Surround PRO. It selects the best possible audio to be played and the surround sound system allows your Raya music to reach every corner of your home. So you’ll be jamming out to nostalgic festive songs with your family no matter where you are in the house ?  

Although we’ll have to change and adapt to different Raya traditions this year, it doesn’t mean we can’t still make the best out of this festive season. With Sony’s BRAVIA TV, you can look forward to an awesome virtual gathering with your loved ones that’ll keep your spirits high throughout the holiday. So, make sure you head to Lazada for their promotion of the BRAVIA OLED A8G TV this month. 

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