Tips and Tricks For The Upcoming Coldplay Concert In Singapore 2024

Tips and Tricks For Coldplay's Concert In Singapore 2024


Qistina Roslan •  Jan 17, 2024

We are all hyped for Coldplay's concert! We've waited years for them to come and they're finally here! Coldplay has been very outspoken about reducing the carbon footprint of their concerts, and we should do our part as well! There are so many benefits from going green that we've collected here!

Psst.. there are a bunch of tips and tricks too!

General Information

Admission timings

For General Standing Admission, the gates open at 4PM. For those who are in the General Seated Area, the gates open at 5.30PM! Those of you who are in the standing pen and intend to secure a spot near the front of the stage should head as early as you can! We've seen people queue as early as the night before, but only do so if you can! Wherever you stand, Coldplay has ensured that their screens are big enough for the whole audience to see them up close.

Admission Gates

Tips and Tricks For Coldplay's Concert In Singapore 2024

If you have the General Standing Admission tickets, here are all your entry points!

Tips and Tricks For Coldplay's Concert In Singapore 2024

For those with General Seated Admission tickets, head to the gate nearest to your seat number! You don't have to rush but it's good to come early to catch the opening acts.

You can't bring these things in:

Tips and Tricks For Coldplay's Concert In Singapore 2024

There is a rather extensive list of prohibited items that aren't allowed. We picked out the main ones that you should take note of!

  • Bags bigger than 35cm x 20cm x 30cm
  • Noise makers (whistles, airhorns etc.)
  • Non-collapsible umbrellas (However, if it's raining, you can bring it in if it's raining heavily, but it's best not to!
  • Glass and Steel bottles
  • Cameras (Best not to unless you want them to be confiscated!)
  • Flags of any kind
  • Fan boards bigger than an A3 size

Tips and Tricks To Fully Enjoy Your Coldplay Concert Experience

Buy merchandise a day before or after your concert

Coldplay Merch

Coldplay is going to be in Singapore until 31 January! So if you want to avoid the merchandise lines, head down to the National Stadium either before or after your concert date to grab the items you want! The store is open from 11am onwards on concert dates so do check them out there. They are also selling bottles however, you can only redeem them during the concert days! (23, 24, 26, 27, 30 and 31 January 2024)

Only cashless payment is accepted! So VISA, Mastercard, PayNow, ApplePay, GooglePay, and Samsung Pay will be accepted. We're not sure about Paylah! but it can be assumed that they will accept it as well.

There are different opening times for the merch booths so here's the full list!

  • OCBC Square (Level 1): 11AM
  • Stadium Riverside Walk (Level 1): 11AM
  • South Dome Deck (Level 3): 5.30PM - 9PM
  • South West Tunnel (Level 1): 5PM - 10PM

Bring a portable fan and a power bank along

Portable charger

It can get really hot and humid, especially if you're stuck in a queue where the rain has just ended and the sun has come out. Fainting can be quite common in concerts here so we recommend you to have a portable fan and a power bank to charge your fan and of course, your devices!

Have a heavy lunch and snacks

You can't bring food into the stadium, and yes there is a stall selling food inside but they're really pricey and not halal. So we highly recommend you to have a heavy lunch and snacks. There is a Kopitiam within Kallang Wave Mall where you can grab either Korean, Japanese or Yong Tau Foo. There are many fast food options too. However, there are a bunch of places you can grab food from here in our list!

If you're standing in line for the General Standing Admission, bring some snacks along with you and a plastic bag to throw your trash in. It's good to munch on sweets and other filling goodies as it can get quite sweaty and hot in the Standing area!

Here are some amazing halal food that's near National Stadium!

Bring a plastic water bottle to hydrate!

There are confusing rules surrounding what you can and cannot bring into the stadium. As a rule, no glass or steel bottles are allowed into the stadium. However, you can bring a plastic water bottle (recyclable or reusable) but it has to be empty! There are several water coolers around the stadium where you can grab a drink.

Water coolers (100 PLUS Promenade (Level 3)):

  • Between Gates 3 and 4
  • Between Gates 16 and 16

Water coolers (National Stadium):

  • Level 3: Behind Sections 109, 117, 122, 128, 134 and 142
  • Level 4: Behind Sections 410, 416, 435 and 441
  • Level 6: Behind Sections 608 and 643


Coldplay has a ton of public transportation options that you can opt for! (And some of them are free!) Here are some you should take to go green and help to reduce our carbon footprint (and crowds)

MRT (Stadium MRT)

Well, the Stadium MRT (CC6) is the CLOSEST MRT that you can take to to get to the National Stadium! Built right outside of Kallang Wave Mall, there are two exits that you can take, depending on which gate you're going to!

  • Exit A: National Stadium (Gates 1 – 5 & 18 – 23), OCBC Aquatic Centre, Kallang Wave Mall, Singapore Sports Museum, Sports Hub Library, Visitors Centre, Water Sports Centre, Singapore Indoor Stadium, Kallang Theatre
  • Exit B: National Stadium (Gates 6 – 17), OCBC Arena, Leisure Park Kallang

The merch stores are dotted all around the area so if one of the exits are crowded, go to the other one!

Note: Exit B will oftentimes be the most crowded right after the concert. You can head to Exit A or check out the rest of the ways to head home here!

Another MRT station you can head to is Kallang MRT (EW10) which is quite a walk away but a great place to head to if you live on the East-West line! There is a straight, sheltered walkway so you don't have to walk in the rain (which could happen with how rainy it has been lately!)

Free Grab Post-Concert Bus Shuttles

Free Grab Shuttle

Do you stay along the North-South line? You're in luck as Grab has 2 bus shuttle routes that take you to 2 stops (each route).

Choose from:

  • Route 1: Redhill MRT, Jurong East MRT
  • Route 2: Boon Keng MRT, Toa Payoh MRT

The bus departs every 15-30 minutes and seating is based on a first-come-first-serve basis. However, they runbetween 9.30PM - 12AM so don't worry about not being able to get there on time! Head to Pickup Point A (by Gate 14 and look out for the Grab sign!) Please check out the link here for more details!


If you're taking Grab from the National Stadium, use GrabShare as it's now 30% cheaper! What's more, you get a free 24-hour Anywheel Pass if you take up this offer! There are many bikes under this service around the Stadium so you can take one home if you're living nearby.

Bicycle (Anywheel Bike)

Last but not least, biking to the concert! Coldplay wants everyone to do their part to reduce carbon emissions and taking a bicycle to the concert is one of the best ways to do it! If you're living nearby in the city, you can take an Anywheel bike to and back from the concert!

Charter Buses

There are a bunch of pop-up bus services that can ferry up to 12 people to the same location!

Bussin is a service that you can use to book your bus tickets to the North, North-East, West, and East of Singapore. Each route will have a maximum of 5 stops. However, it's based on the demand for those areas. Each ticket now costs $9.99, inclusive of a refreshment and snack! Those who have bought a ticket will be put into the same Telegram group chat where you can get updates on pick-up points on the day itself. You can reserve your tickets here! NTU students can definitely make use of this function as it brings you all the way to Hall 16! There are a bunch of stops that they are able to bring you:

  • North: Yishun, Canberra, Sembawang, Admiralty, and Woodlands MRT stations
  • North-East: Serangoon, Hougang, Sengkang, and Punggol MRT stations
  • West: Jurong East, Lakeside, Boon Lay, and Pioneer MRT stations, and NTU Residential Hall 16
  • East: Bedok, Simei, Tampines, and Pasir Ris MRT stations

Attending a Coldplay concert is a thrilling experience. With these tips, you’re all set for an enjoyable and hassle-free concert adventure in Singapore. Embrace the music, the crowd, and the atmosphere, and most importantly, have an incredible time!