9 Muslim TikTok Travelers You Have To Follow Before 2021 Ends


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Dec 23, 2021

Singapore's Vaccinated Travel Lanes might be on hold for the moment, and travel in general might seem a little far from reach. But what if we told you you can travel the world just by swiping on your phone? TikTok's home to plenty of Muslim travellers - some of them even live away from their home countries!

Here are the top 8 Muslim travellers on TikTok that you absolutely have to follow to catch a glimpse of the world from your sofa.

Top 9 Muslim TikTok Travel Influencers

1. @asingaporeanabroad

Amira, a Singaporean cabin crew member, tackles the world through her job! Exploring both Singapore and abroad, she captures her experiences and memories on TikTok.

Credit: @asingaporeanabroad on Instagram 

Sharing all the cool new things she goes through as a cabin member and as a Singaporean Muslim traveler, this TikTok influencer is definitely one to keep an eye on.

2. @jpbrinx

If you're Malaysian, you've probably heard of Sabrina Azhar. Though only 22 years old, this Malaysian Muslim is already becoming a popular name for Muslim representation in South Korea!

Credit: @jpbrinx on Instagram 

Documenting her student life as a Malaysian in Seoul, this TikTok star never expected to find her way into fame. Now, she's got 1.3 million TikTok followers, and has been signed by WILD Entertainment with former CLC member, Sorn. She even got to host a Shopee live session with Twice in Seoul!

If you're looking to catch a glimpse of what it's like to live abroad, you might just want to give Sabrina a follow.

3. @muslim.fbi

Although a little more established on Instagram, this TikTok influencer already has 28.1 thousand followers on her TikTok account.

Credit: @araceli.vv on Instagram

This Mexican Muslim revert now studies in Cairo as she travels the world. Many of her videos and photos on Instagram and Tiktok surround her travels around the world - including Turkey & Paris! If you're interested in finding out more about her journey to Islam and her life in Egypt, you have to give her a follow.

4. @salehfamily

Looking for some wholesome family fun? Will & Sana Saleh, a Canadian-Pakistani couple share their life as Muslims in Toronto, as well as document their travels abroad!

Credit: @salehfamilyofficial on Instagram

Recently, the family traveled to  Turkey for vacation and visited the Syrian refugee camps where they encouraged their followers to help out the refugees through various channels.

Beyond their travels, the couple also posts relatable Muslim family content, pranks and answer Muslim-related questions on their page!

5. @fahemamiah

Solo female Muslim travels might just relate to this influencer. The founder of @mock.studios, an ethical clothing company, Fahema documents her life through her passions: travel and fashion!

Credit: fahemamiah on Instagram

From taking videos with the Eiffel tower in Paris to visiting an active volcano in Greece, catch a glimpse of the world amid a pandemic with Fahema! Traveling with alone or with her friends, Fahema challenges the preconceive notion that female Muslims can't travel alone. Check her out!

7. @rubbiatravels

Currently situated in Turkey, this travel blogger, and researcher has explored one 30 countries! With 33.8K Instagram followers and a growing TikTok following, it would be a waste not to follow Rubbia on her journey.

Credit: @rubbiatravels on Instagram

With powerful reflections on her life as a Muslim woman to extraordinary adventures across the world, Rubbia will leave your wanderlust thirsting for more and your mind inspired. Yet another Muslim women challenging the norms of what it's like to be a Muslim women, the researcher notes in one of her posts, ''Just a reminder, as sometimes being a Muslim woman can be tough as groups/cultures within the community may try to project their understanding of Islam on to you with regards to what your role should be as a woman, so my advice is to NEVER take anything at face value, do your own research.''

Truly inspiring!

8. @abdu_nour_travels

Credit: @Abdu_nour_travels on Instagram 

If you're a fan of watching vlogs, then you have to follow Abdu Nour. His 13.5K TikTok followers definitely did not come easy - Abdu Nour captures the unique scenery of each country in each vlog and video, sharing must-visit spots and all the delicious food he encounters on his travels!

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9. Have Halal, Will Travel

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