7 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Office Secret Santa (Under $30!)


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Dec 09, 2021

The festive season is just around the corner and everyone's ready for festivities and celebrations - even offices! ? From roast Turkeys during company lunches to office bonding, year-end celebrations can be super joyful. If you're working in an office, you'd know that one way many coworkers celebrate the end year festivities together is by holding a Secret Santa event ?

For the uninitiated, Secret Santa is an arrangement between a group of friends or colleagues where everyone exchanges Christmas presents anonymously! Each person is assigned another member of the group to buy a small gift for, then an exchange happens on an agreed-upon date. Well, if don't know your allotted giftee well enough to get them something personal, this list is for you!

HHWT has compiled a list of the best gifts to get your colleague for Secret Santa this year. Something that's not too boring, but definitely not too expensive - they're all for under $30. ?

7 Festive Gifts For Your Office Secret Santa (Under $30!)

1. For The Techie

What could be more useful to get through a day than a power bank? A tool that everyone needs, a power bank will definitely impress your giftee...Especially if they're a techie! The next time one of their devices runs low on battery, they're going to be thank you!

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Credit: Mi Power Bank on Facebook

Shopee has power banks for under $30. And at 10000mAh, you know it's pretty a good one. Plus, it only costs $21.50 on Shopee! ?

2. For The Eco-Friendly

The sustainable movement has swept up many in its wave, and rightly so! If you've got a colleague who is determined to play their part and only uses reusables, this lunch box is perfect. It'll be even better if they're into cute things!

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Credit: Watsons on Facebook

This Line lunch box from Watson is perfect for that coworker who packs food from home or refuses to use disposables. The set even comes with utensils! A whole set. Get it for just $19.90 on Watson's online platform's Christmas sale! ?

3. For The Beauty Lover

Bath and Body Works will be familiar to any beauty lover. Known for its creams and fragrances, it's got some of the best products for anyone to stay fresh.

If you've got a coworker who loves all things beauty, you might want to consider Bath and Body Works' In The Stars gift set! For just $29, they'll get a travel size version of In The Star's best sellers: the Fine Fragrance Mist, Shower Gel and Body Cream.

Credit: Bath and Body Works on Facebook

The best part? You don't even have to buy the wrapping paper - the box comes with it! 

4. For The Artsy

This is the coworker who's got a journal filled with colourful pages, a sketchbook in their bag at all times, and who loves making things with their hands. Chances are - they'll probably love this gift! For the artsy, why not gift them a colouring book? You don't have to know what their specific art preferences are, but you can tell they like art.

Credit: Paper Market 

A colouring book would be the perfect way for them to express their creativity without restricting them to a medium ? Paper Market's got the cutest colouring book! At just $22.95, your artsy giftee can now spend their free time colouring or painting them in.

5. For The Music Lover

They've always got their ears plugged into the latest jams, they can probably play an instrument or two, and hums a tune while they're making coffee in the pantry - if your giftee fits this description, they might just enjoy this gift!

This affordable Bluetooth speaker from IKEA is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Credit: IKEA

Simple and fits in with any room! Check it out here.?

6. For The Coffee Addict

This coworker probably drinks multiple cups of coffee a day, has practically permanent eyebags, and won't answer questions until they've had their first cup of coffee. A colleague like that would probably appreciate their own coffee machine!

Credit: Fairprice 

While not the most extravagant of coffee makers, this coffee maker definitely gets the job done - delicious coffee right at their desk! Here's where you can find it ?

7. For The Snacker

We all snack while working, whether it's a chocolate bar, some biscuits, or even chips! So this one's really for anyone! ?

Irvin's has halal-certified snacks that you can mix and match and gift! Choose from 10 different halal flavours and hand a box of three different, delicious chips to your coworker.

Credit: Irvins on Facebook

Not only will you have added a thoughtful touch by picking the flavours, but you would also have supplied your coworker with future snacks! Find it here?

With this list, you no longer have to be at a loss of what to purchase for your office Secret Santa giftee! Share this with a fellow friend or colleague who's also got a gift to buy this end of year ?