This Singaporean Muslim Medical Student Shared What Ramadan Is Like In Germany


Noor Aishah Karim •  Apr 18, 2023

Meet Rashaad Khan, a Singaporean medical student studying in Düsseldorft, Germany who is about to celebrate Eid in his hometown after spending several years abroad. Rashaad has had an exciting journey during his time in Germany, especially during the month of Ramadan.

As a Muslim student, Rashaad found himself representing his faith in a foreign land where many of his classmates had little knowledge about Ramadan. But he notes that his friends were willing to learn and listen to his experiences. P.S. If you have friends who are wondering what Ramadan is like, share this with them!

Credit: Rashaad Khan

Rashaad noted that the Muslim community in Germany is smaller than in Singapore, but this has brought them closer together. When he started fasting in 2018, he fasted for 19 hours and found it challenging to rest. However, he soon found solace in the community, especially when he would head to the mosque to meet his friends.

Credit: Rashaad Khan

Despite the support of his newfound friends, Rashaad missed the traditions and festivities of Ramadan in Singapore. From the delicious food to the vibrant Geylang bazaars, he longed for the familiar sights and sounds of home. One of the things he missed the most was breaking fast and waking up for sahur with his family.

However, Rashaad found comfort in the fact that he was not alone in his experience. Friends invited each other to the iftar at the mosque. Even the university Muslim association hosted an iftar every year. These events provided a sense of community and helped him feel connected to his faith and culture.

Credit: Rashaad Khan

Rashaad reflected on his experience in Germany and how it had influenced his view of Ramadan and his faith as he got ready to celebrate Eid in Singapore. He was appreciative of the chance to represent his religion and share his life's journey with others.

Despite the challenges of being away from home, he found a sense of community and belonging in a foreign land and as he celebrates Eid with his loved ones, he carried with him the memories and experiences that had shaped him into the person he is today.