This Sand Dune Experience in Dubai Will Make Your Heart Thumping with Excitement


Elysha Rosman •  Sep 24, 2021

This article about dune bashing in Dubai was written by our Tribes by HHWT member, Elysha Rosman. 

Dune and Dind

Just beside a highway in the outskirts of Dubai, was where we started our journey. Imagine a rollercoaster cart in a desert - that was how dune bashing went for me. It was a heart-thumping experience going through the piles of sand - one time all you see is the sand and another, all you see is the sky. Screaming my lungs out never felt better! It was scary yet fun, I was proud to even sign my life off for this because I'd swear on my life I wouldn't go on a roller coaster ever again.

I continued the adrenaline rush with a quad-bike drive through the desert. Not knowing how to even ride a bike, it was pretty fun to be able to do so (and with a view). With the wind going against me and the endless piles of sand, it really felt out of the world. It was healing to be able to just drive into the horizon and speed through the course.

After all that, I winded down with a candlelight dinner in the middle of the desert. It was boujee to say the very least - just imagine the scene when Aladdin entered Agrabah with his entourage, the scene was pretty similar to that! With the extravagant decor and lights and people welcoming us and dancing as we sat down, there was never a moment of dullness during dinner.

There was a huge array of local delicacies and it was an all you can eat buffet! Thrilling performances, one after another. They even made people stand up to dance with them and teach us how to play the instruments. Overall, it really didn't feel like I was in the desert at all! Ended the chilly night by watching silhouettes of camels passing through the top of the dunes. The whole experience was ethereal. Missing the pre-covid days a lot and would mean the world for me to even get an escape from the hectic life right now.

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