This New Medispa Gave Me The Glowing Skin I’ve Always Wanted!

This New Hijabi-Friendly Medispa Gave Me The Glowing Skin I’ve Always Wanted!


Cheryl Felix •  May 29, 2024

I came to know of 21 Aesthetics through HHWT and I’m so glad for their recommendation! 21 Aesthetics is a new medispa offering personalised treatment plans to achieve specific goals for every type of skin needs.

All of their treatments are tailored to each individual and topical application is used to ensure its effectiveness for each and every skin tone and texture. As for me, my skin was looking dull and dry, so I sought a facial treatment to rejuvenate it, and the reviews for 21 Aesthetics appeared promising.

Step 1: The consultation

Credit: 21 Aesthetics Singapore

I've always struggled with dry, fatigued skin, and wasn’t really sure of the proper skincare routine. Working 12-hour shifts, spanning 3-4 days a week, further exacerbated this issue, leading to inconsistent skincare practices. During the consultation, I discovered that my skin not only suffers from dryness and fatigue but also displays discolouration due to irregular sunscreen application.

Moreover, I learned the importance of avoiding daily use of acidic skincare products like retinol and BHA, especially for my skin type, as they can heighten sensitivity.

It was emphasised that these products should be reserved for nighttime application, considering the intense sunlight in Singapore, which could potentially exacerbate skin damage if combined with acidic skincare during the day.

2. Treatment rooms are private and hijabi-friendly

Credit: 21 Aesthetics Singapore

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience because of their private rooms! It’s always top of mind for me when choosing a treatment venue and I’m happy to report that any hijabi girl will feel comfortable in removing their hijabs during treatment.

3. Let’s walk through each step of the treatment

Credit: 21 Aesthetics Singapore

First they begin with a face cleanse application of toner before starting treatment.

Credit: 21 Aesthetics Singapore

Then you will be given a light massage on your face and shoulder to set your mind and body into total relaxation to kick start the facial session. The therapist was expertly massaging and applying gentle pressure points ensuring good blood circulation

Credit: 21 Aesthetics Singapore

Next, they apply toner pads to soften the skin dermis layer and prepare the pores to better absorb the chemical peeling liquid afterwards.

Credit: 21 Aesthetics Singapore

Then comes the chemical peel. It’s important to note that a few days before treatment, you should avoid using any AHA/BHA or home use product containing high concentrations of retinoids as this might cause increased sensitivity to your skin barrier. This peel will give a tingling sensation on the skin and it’s totally normal.

I appreciate the fact that they treat each and every individual’s skin condition differently, so we don’t have to worry about the chemical peel being too strong as its concentration is based on the skin condition during consultation.

Because it’s all about the perfect timing when it comes to the chemical peel working its magic, our expert therapist is able to tailor a precise time needed for the topical application.

Credit: 21 Aesthetics Singapore

Next is the Cryo machine. After the chemical peel, they will use a Cryoultrasound machine to enhance the delivery and absorbency of a potent serum containing over 30 skin-healing ingredients. This machine not only boosts the serum's performance by improving skin barrier healing but also provides an instant cooling effect. This helps soothe the skin, reduce redness, and tighten pores, effectively locking in the serum for optimal efficacy in both the dermis and epidermis layers.

Credit: 21 Aesthetics Singapore

And lastly, the final step of the treatment, which is also-another customizable element within the facial. So based on your consultation outcome, and how your skin reacts during the treatment, the aesthetician will custom pair a suitable soft moulding mask to end the treatment.

As mentioned, my skin condition is lacking hydration, so I was given a deep hydration boosting mask - which not only works wonders to deliver a hydration boost to my skin barrier but also as the final pore soothing product.

It left me with a cooling sensation that is deeply relaxing and guarantees a quick 15 min power nap to recharge and bring my mind, body and soul back to balance!

4. Post treatment waiting lounge

Credit: 21 Aesthetics Singapore

I love their calming and private lounge area as you wait for your post-consultation session. They serve you a nice cup of warm tea while waiting.

Taa-daa! This is the results: before (left) and after (right)

Credit: 21 Aesthetics Singapore


Credit: 21 Aesthetics Singapore


5. Post consultation and immediate results

I shared my experience during my treatment and the aesthetician provided tips on maintaining a skincare routine to promote smooth and hydrated skin.

Following the treatment, I noticed significant improvements, such as a radiant glow to my skin and a more even complexion. Additionally, my skin feels noticeably more hydrated and appears healthier overall.

To round out the experience, I bought their Bio Stem Cell face mask for nightly use. Despite not chilling it in the fridge, the mask provided a refreshing cooling sensation when applied! After leaving it on for 15-20 minutes, my skin felt instantly nourished and intensely hydrated. Additionally, I appreciated that the mask packaging included a ziplock to store any leftover product for future use.

6. A week after treatment

Each day, I am noticing improvements in my complexion after the facial session. My skin looks clearer and brighter just after 1 week. I believe it was the chemical peel that is able to aid quicker cellular turnover and regeneration to improve skin texture and clarity.

My skin is also looking healthier with a more even complexion and it elevated my confidence to a new high, so much so that I am comfortable stepping out of the house even without makeup!

Address: 252 North Bridge Rd, #03-27A Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103

Opening hours: 11am-9pm Mondays - Fridays, 10am - 7pm Saturdays-Sundays

Contact: +65 6333 0021

If you’re ready to embark on a skin-pampering journey, be sure to check out 21 Aesthetics for a truly personalised and skin-rejuvenating experience. Don’t miss their current promotion for the Blemish Eraser Facial at SGD78 (UP: SGD380)*. Remember to call ahead to book your appointment or simply sign up here!


  • Please note that Chemical peel is not suitable for sensitive skin, peeling skin, eczema or after sunburn skin and those who are sensitive to acid, and allergic to Vitamin C and Retinoids.
  • This service is not licensed under the Healthcare Services Act 2020; but is permitted under the Act to be provided at licensed premises where licensable healthcare services under the Healthcare Services Act 2020 are also provided.

*For new customers aged 18 & above. Valid for Singaporeans, PR and valid work pass holders only. Prices are subjected to prevailing GST at payment. Other T&C applies.