This New Halal French Dessert Shop In SG Has The Most Amazing Artisanal Pastries


Farzana •  Jan 08, 2018

Be struck with wonder and live to tell the tale of the most unique artisan pastries you'll ever taste, right here in Singapore! If you're always one to have a sweet tooth, these cakes and tarts of diverse flavours from Wondertales will give you a sugar rush like no other ?

Credit: Giphy

This newly-opened halal dessert shop will make you feel like you've just stepped into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. From gooey caramel chocolate praline, bandung-flavoured vanilla mousse to strawberry cheesecake mousse, the spread doesn't only satisfy the chocolate lovers. Their double combination desserts, like the mango-white chocolate mousse, are unique infusions on the classic dessert table ?

Sweetly-scented vanilla spongecake with rose syrup panna cotta and white chocolate crunch will treat your tastebuds to a rose-inspired treat you didn't know you needed.

Credit: Wondertales on Facebook 

For those who can't live without their dose of coffee, the opera cake made up of coffee mousse, dark chocolate ganache and coffee panna cotta will awaken your senses and make you crave for seconds ?

Credit: Wondertales on Facebook 

If you're still attempting to stick to your new year resolution of staying healthy, don't worry ? The white chocolate cheesecake cups are bite-sized treats that'll satisfy your sweet tooth without adding on too much calories. Shortbread crumbs give this mini treat its extra crunch and each mouthful will be a flavourful of strawberries melting in your mouth ?

Credit: Wondertales on Facebook

Address: 308 Telok Kurau Rd, Singapore 423858

Operating hours: Monday: Closed,

Tuesday-Friday: 1130am-9.30 pm,


Sunday: 10am-2pm

These heaven in every bite pastries are not only delicious, but halal too! Why not give yourself a little break and treat yourself to yummy desserts to help you get through the rest of the year? ?