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This Cheesy Korean Fried Chicken Joint In JB & KL Will Pull You In


Maryam •  Aug 01, 2017


[Updated 28 November 2019] Let’s be honest, the search for delicious halal Korean fried chicken in Malaysia never ends. Or anything Korean for that matter. If you find yourself in either category, one thing’s for sure: you’re going to love this Korean restaurant! ?
Credit: giphy With two outlet locations in Johor Bahru and Batu Pahat and three more in Kuala Lumpur, K'FRY Urban Korean has been making waves for its deliciously cheesy take on the popular Korean comfort food – you’ve guessed it, it’s fried chicken! ?
Credit: K FRY Urban Korean Holiday Villa on Facebook The menu’s superstar is undeniably the K’FRY Chicken Bumbuk, which comes in four flavours: Original Cheesy, K’Razy Spicy Cheesy, Honey Mustard Cheesy, and Yangnyeom Cheesy. Half of the hot plate is piled high with crispy boneless thigh meat and topped with a heap of French fries ?
Credit: K FRY Urban Korean Holiday Villa on Facebook The other half is a gooey pool of cheesy goodness that is part mozzarella and cheese sauce. If you choose the Honey Mustard Cheesy flavour, it’ll be mixed with honey mustard sauce instead! ?
Credit: K FRY Urban Korean Holiday Villa on Facebook
If you aren’t a cheesy person (pun intended), fret not! You can still have your Korean fried chicken fix without the cheese fondue. Browse the menu for K’FRY K’rispy Chicks that comes in nine flavours. You can enjoy every bite of their crispy fried chicken that is coated with Yangnyeom (traditional Korean sweet and tangy sauce), Spicy Soya (their in-house secret Korean Soya sauce mixed with garlic), Honey Butter sauce and more!
Credit: K FRY Urban Korean Holiday Villa on Facebook For Korean food lovers who prefer to enjoy their fried chicken plain, the K'FRY Nude Chicks is the one! Nude Chicks are their signature fried chicken that it’s served without any sauce (ask for the Original). You can also take it up a notch by oredering the Flaming Nude Chicks for spiciness in every bite ?
Credit: K FRY Urban Korean Holiday Villa on Facebook True to its promise of ‘recreating Korean comfort food with a twist’, K’FRY Urban Korean’s varied menu shines with its other equally tasty offerings as well. Other quintessentially Korean dishes that you must try include budae jigae (traditional Korean army stew), japchae (stir-fried Korean glass noodles) and bokkuembap (Korean fried rice served with a moat of cheesy runny egg around it).
Credit: K FRY Urban Korean Holiday Villa on Facebook Before calling it a day, round off your dining experience with their sweet desserts. You’ll have a great time sharing Korean bingsoo,  a bowl of fluffy milk shaved ice crowned with various toppings! Check out flavours like mango, melon, watermelon, matcha green tea, strawberry cheesecake and oreo chocolate ?
Credit: Giphy As you can see, it really doesn’t matter if you’re a cheesy foodie or not, K'FRY Urban Korean has a lot of awesome food on offer. You’d be missing out if you don’t hit up with your buddies soon! ? Halal status: All meats and ingredients are sourced from halal-certified suppliers. At the time of writing, the restaurant is in the process of applying for halal certification from JAKIM. Average price of main dishes: RM32 Opening hours: Address: Website | Facebook | Instagram