On Autism Awareness Day (2 April) 2019, it’s amazing to hear that Sunway Putra mall has become the first autism-friendly mall in Malaysia! 😄 The mall is also holding activities throughout the month of April in celebration and support of Autism, including Bazaars with booths manned by and selling goods by autistic individuals, and free Autism screening sessions.

Credit: Sunway Putra Mall on Facebook

Autism is a complex neuro-behavioural condition that can affect one’s sensory experiences, social interaction, communication skills, and language. Autistic individuals often experience hypersensitivity to stimuli such as sights, sounds, smells, or touches – these can cause them discomfort, anxiety, and even pain. This is why it’s so heartening to see Sunway Putra mall taking steps to make their facilities not only family-friendly but Autism-friendly as well 😊

Credit: Sunway Putra Mall on Facebook

One of these steps includes transforming a customer care room into a “Calm Room” – the room contains dimmable lights, weighted blankets, and other things that can help soothe meltdowns and overstimulation.

Credit: @gene.ng on Instagram

Donated fabric has been used to create sensory walls in selected areas to help soothe autistic individuals. Tuesdays (10am-5pm, except Public Holidays) have also been specially designated as ‘Autsome Shopping’ days at the mall, where noise volumes and lights in common areas will be lowered and dimmed to ease the sensory experience. Parents who are planning to make a visit, remember to register your family online before you arrive to receive a special kit to help ease your shopping experience even more. 😊

We’re excited to see more malls and other public spaces moving towards becoming more aware and more accepting of others. Hopefully this is a trend that will continue to grow!

Contact: (+603) 2786 9300
Address: Sunway Putra Mall, No. 100 Jalan Putra, 50350 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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