This 16-Year-Old Muslim Convert Was Determined To Learn About Other Faiths & Discovered Islam


Noor Aishah Karim •  Jul 28, 2023

In the diverse and bustling city of Singapore, a 16-year-old named Ryan embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery. Coming from a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) school, he was not exposed to various religions and races, sparking a desire to bond with people from different backgrounds. Little did he know that his path would lead him to Islam, and an unexpected Tiktok fame that would touch the hearts of thousands.

Building Bridges Across Cultures and Starting on Tiktok:

As a Sec 1 student, Ryan yearned to break barriers and build friendships with individuals from diverse religious and racial backgrounds. He wanted to break out from what he was comfortable with. He eventually started a Tiktok account to share his authentic quest for knowledge and understanding. To his surprise, his Tiktok journey gained popularity, attracting a substantial following of 19.9K followers, drawn to his sincere and respectful approach.

Finding Common Ground and Fasting in Solidarity:

Ryan's exploration of different cultures and religions led him to discover striking similarities with Islam, which resonated deeply with his existing beliefs. During the circuit breaker, he fasted alongside his Muslim friends during Ramadan, not wanting them to feel alone during this sacred time. This meaningful experience brought him closer to his friends and strengthened his admiration for Islam.

Embracing Islam: A Personal Revelation and Seeking Knowledge:

As Ryan continued his research, he found a sense of peace and purpose in Islam. Despite being underage(14 at the time) , he utilised the resources available from the Muslim Converts' Association (MCAS) to deepen his understanding of the faith. Eventually, he informally took his Shahadah with the support of his friends, marking a significant turning point in his life.

Navigating Family Conversations and Supportive Love:

Talking to his family about his faith was not an easy task for Ryan, but he believed actions spoke louder than words. He chose to share about Islam through his daily actions, hoping to demonstrate its positive impact on his life. Despite their initial surprise, Ryan's mother eventually respected his choice and demonstrated her support by buying food from halal stalls for him, acknowledging his dietary preferences.

Navigating the World of Tiktok and Spreading Positivity:

As a young Tiktok-er, Ryan faced both admiration and criticism. He advises one to not take negative comments to heart and encouraged open dialogue to address doubts constructively. Embracing the positive feedback, he cherished uplifting comments that celebrated unity and understanding. One comment, in particular, where he inspired someone to pray more frequently, deeply touched his heart, fueling his motivation to continue his journey on Tiktok.

Ryan's inspiring journey of embracing diversity, deepening his faith, and touching lives through Tiktok showcases the incredible impact one young person can have. With sensitivity and open-mindedness, Ryan teaches us that genuine connections and understanding can transcend barriers of age, culture, and faith, creating a world that celebrates unity amidst diversity. As he continues to spread positivity and love, Ryan reminds us all to embrace each other's uniqueness and stand together as one global community.