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COVID-19: 10 Things You Can Do To Help In Malaysia


Cheng Sim •  Mar 25, 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on us, Malaysians. Now that we find ourselves in a two-week movement control order, we've been keeping ourselves safe by working from home, boosting our immunity, and staying positive. As much we're safe and comfortable at home, our medical front-liners and essentials workers are working hard amid this trying time. Senior citizens are also having trouble getting help to shop for groceries and pick-up their medicine.
Credit: Giphy While we're embracing this challenge together, there are many things we can do to help others in Malaysia amid the COVID-19 pandemic. From providing cash contributions to purchase medical supplies to donating food items to the hungry, we share a few organisations and initiatives in Malaysia where you can lend a helping hand. Before rolling up your sleeves to help, there are some important things to know before you make a donation.
Essential things to know before you donate
  1. Research - Before donating to a specific organisation or individual, always do some online research first. Check their official website and social media pages to see if their call for donation is accurate (especially bank account details). You can also search online or on Facebook to see if there are any scams relating to this organisation or individual.
  2. Call to check - Regardless of the amount you'll be donating, call or email them to see if they're still seeking donations for that particular cause.
  3. Check the date of the donation drive - Remember to check the date of the fundraiser, charity campaign or donation drive because you might come across outdated pages or flyers. You can also reach out to see if any help or donations are still needed.
  4. Donate safely - For secured online donations, make your transfers on URLs that start with https://. Any websites with Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) will keep your personal data safe and secure. Any website that begins with http:// is not a secure page.
  5. Keep your receipts - Save screenshots of your online payment transfers and receipts, in case you need to provide payment proofs. Some donations are also tax-exempted, so having a hard or soft copy would make it easier for tax filing.
  6. When in doubt, donate food/non-food items - If you're worried about donating online, ask the organisation or individual if you can give food or non-food items instead. It can be anything from canned food to second-hand clothes. Remember to call or email in advance if you're offering to drop-off these items at their headquarters.
1. Ministry of Health Malaysia (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia)
Credit: Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia on Facebook The Ministry of Health Malaysia has set up a medical contribution account for Malaysians who wish to make public donations to the ministry. All donations will be used to purchase medical equipment, medicines, reagents, disposable items and other medical essentials for the Ministry of Health Malaysia's facility. You can send cash donations to their RHB Account 2-66016-0002347-5 under the name, "Sumbangan Perubatan KKM".
Credit: Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia on FacebookWhat they need: Public donation Contact number: +603 8883 3111 Email: [email protected] Website | Facebook | Instagram
2. MERCY Malaysia
Credit: MERCY Malaysia on Facebook MERCY Malaysia has launched the COVID-19 Pandemic Fund to support the severely strained healthcare system. The fund will go towards supporting medical services and provide essential needs for marginalised groups. You can support the organisation by donating through the official website or direct transfer to MERCY Humanitarian Fund (Maybank Account: 5621 7950 4126) or MERCY Malaysia (CIMB Account: 8000 7929 08). All donations are tax-exempted.
Credit: MERCY Malaysia on FacebookWhat they need: Public donation Contact number: +603 7733 5920 Email: [email protected] Website | Facebook | Instagram
3. Malaysian Red Crescent Society
Credit: Malaysian Red Crescent on Facebook The Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) has recently launched its #ResponsMalaysia initiative to get medical equipment and suppliers for our front-liners and reach out to vulnerable community groups like the B40 (Bottom 40%) and the elderly. Show your support by transferring directly to the Malaysian Red Crescent Society (Maybank Account: 5644 2710 0245). What they need: Public donation Contact number: +603 2143 8122 Email: [email protected] Website | Facebook | Instagram
4. IMAM Response & Relief Team - IMARET
Credit: IMAM Response & Relief Team - IMARET on Facebook IMARET is gathering public donations to purchase personal protective equipment, ventilators, monitors and infusion pumps for healthcare facilities in need. You can transfer directly to Persatuan Perubatan Islam Malaysia (CIMB Account: 8600 703 709 and include COVID 19 in the reference column). Alternatively, you can transfer your donation through their official billplz account. What they need: Public donation Contact number: +6013 986 1898 Email: [email protected] Website | Facebook | Instagram
5. Kesatuan Pekerja Swasta Hospital Kerajaan
Credit: Kesatuan Pekerja Swasta Hospital Kerajaan on Facebook Kesatuan Pekerja Swasta Hospital Kerajaan has set up a public contribution fund to support front-liners such as hospital cleaners. All funds will be used to purchase masks and other daily necessities for front liners in need. You can channel your donations to KPSPSHKSM (RHB Account: 2-08061-00057762). After you submit your donation, email your transfer receipt to [email protected] with the subject 'Sumbangan'. What they need: Public donation Contact number: +6017 237 7518 Email: [email protected] Facebook
6. The Lost Food Project
Credit: The Lost Food Project on Facebook Aimed to rescue surplus food from Malaysian supermarkets and feed the hungry, the Lost Food Project is seeking public donation to continue helping local charities that are in need of food and other necessities. You can transfer directly to The Lost Food Project (Maybank Account: 5148 9706 8927). They also accept food donations. What they need: Public donation and food donation Email: [email protected] Website | Facebook | Instagram
7. Pit Stop Community Cafe
Credit: Pit Stop Community Cafe on Facebook Based in Kuala Lumpur, Pit Stop Community Cafe aims to find solutions to urban hunger and poverty by marshalling volunteers and repurposing food. Currently, they're seeking for food and non-food donations. High-priority food items such as bottled water, canned sardines and tuna, bread rolls, frozen sausage and meatballs, mee hoon, pasta, and tomato paste or puree are needed. For non-food items, they're seeking donations for surgical masks, nitrile gloves, hand sanitiser, antiseptic liquid, handwash liquid, and dishwashing liquid. All items can be delivered to Pit Stop Community Cafe (refer to the address below). Do note that delivery hours are between 12 PM and 4.30 PM daily (except Tuesdays and Sundays). During the COVID-19 outbreak, this community cafe is also practising safety measures by providing takeaway food, operating with minimal volunteers, and practising social distancing during food distributions.
Credit: Pit Stop Community Cafe on Facebook Pit Stop Community Cafe is also seeking cash contributions to purchase plastic containers, waxed paper, plastic water bottles, takeaway bags, utilities, and running costs to pack takeaway food for the hungry. You can transfer directly to PSCC Resource Ventures Sdn Bhd (Maybank Account: 5143 1060 8247) with the verification email: [email protected] What they need: Cash, food and non-food donations Address: 101, Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, Kuala Lumpur Contact number: +603 2022 2036 Email: [email protected] Website | Facebook | Instagram
8. Meals 4 Medics
Credit: Hawker Hall Malaysia on Facebook Established by Team 106 and led by Dr Lim Geng Yan, Meals 4 Medics is raising funds to supply hot meals for healthcare workers and front liners on duty in the Klang Valley. All funds will be used to purchase dry goods, medical equipment, and medical disposables. Recently, they worked together with Hawker Hall Malaysia to provide takeaway meals for Hospital Kuala Lumpur and Micasa Cafe by the River to contribute food for Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan. To lend a helping hand through cash contribution, you can make your donation via their KitaFund page. What they need: Public donation Contact number: +603 5626 0033 Email: [email protected] Facebook
9. CAREMongering Malaysia
Based in Kuala Lumpur, CAREMongering Malaysia is a movement that provides support for those affected by COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, they're looking for youth volunteers to help the elderly to run daily errands or pick up medicine to minimise infection risk. You can offer to help via their Facebook Group or join their local WhatsApp group. Other CAREMongering groups in Sarawak and Penang are also available. What they need: Youth volunteers Contact number: If you're a youth volunteer who is interested to help, you may contact them through their local WhatsApp group. If you're elderly or know a senior citizen who needs assistance, do reach out to any of CAREMongering Malaysia's contact numbers:
  • +6019 669 1881 (English)
  • +6011 2100 5882 (Malay)
  • +6016 686 3232 (Chinese)
  • +6011 2100 5882 (Tamil)
  • +6018 768 4708 (Hindi)
10. 100% Project by Ed Space
A crowdfunding platform for classrooms in need, 100% Project is setting up another crowdfunding channel to support medical professionals and front-liners. They're currently raising funds to purchase Alphatec 1500 and 2000 protective suits as well as Biosis Healing medical surgical masks and respirator face masks for hospitals in need. For donations, you can transfer directly via their official page. What they need: Public donation Contact number: +6017 308 2792 Email: [email protected] Website | Facebook | Instagram Whether you're donating canned food to the hungry or contributing some cash to provide hot meals for our medical heroes, there are many ways we can do to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this trying time, no amount of effort is too small to help!