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10 Things You Can Share With Friends At The Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2019


Have Halal Will Travel •  May 11, 2019


It's been almost a week into Ramadan and we hope all of you are having a great week so far! Credit: Giphy One of the places we look forward to every year is the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar and this year, we were more excited than ever to check it out as organisers have said that it only consists of halal-certified, Muslim-owned or stalls using halal ingredients that have met the criteria set by halal consultants. So, yay that only means more food for us ? If you're like us and you'd like to try almost everything at the bazaar but don't have the stomach (or budget) for it, here are 10 things at the Geylang Bazaar that are perfect for sharing with friends or family (2-3 people)! [P.S. In case you missed our earlier article on the Geylang Bazaar, we rounded up 18 things you have to try from hipster to traditional and even budget items ?]
Main dishes:
1. Prata Waffles – Fooditude
One of the new trends to hit the bazaar this year is "Praffles" - a combination of prata and waffles. If you're wondering what it's like, it's actually a prata-like texture shaped like a waffle. Mind-blowing, right?
We had the Chilli Crab Praffles ($15.90) which came with a generous serving of soft-shelled crab topped with chilli crab gravy. It was served to us in a cone-like box. At first glance, it looked little but the praffles dough is actually kind of thick and the gravy is fragrant with lots of spicy coconut flavours. So, it might seem a tad overwhelming to savour this all by yourself.
Credit: @zaq_thequirkylad on Instagram Other than chilli crab, they also have toppings like curry chicken, truffle cheese and even sweet ones like rainbow ice-cream. If you're sharing, we recommend asking for a plate and some utensils and then head over to the seating areas to enjoy the praffles properly! Price: from $8.90 to $15.90 Stall: WGS A G343, food area near Wisma Geylang Serai [P.S. Think Geylang Bazaar is too mainstream? Don't worry, we've rounded up a list of 12 other bazaars you can find in Singapore this Ramadan.]
2. Lobster Nasi Lemak - Lobster Bro
The lobster nasi lemak trend took Singapore by storm last year and it seems like the trend hasn't died down yet. This year, Lobster Bro seems to have wow-ed everyone at the bazaar with their lobster offerings. In case you're wondering, Lobster Bro is the sister stall of the immensely popular Beef Bro known for their Taiwanese beef cubes.
Credit: @food.wendy on Instagram If you'd like your lobster fix but you're not planning to splurge, get the Lobster Nasi Lemak to share. Priced at $22.90, the serving comes with a huge portion of grilled lobster. It comes with rice too, so you and your friends can sample this mouthwatering meal, and still have enough room to try other things. Plus, it won't hurt your wallet too ? Price: $20 - $22.90 Stall: WGS A G306 [P.S. Finding a nice eatery to break fast with friends or family? Check out our 2019 iftar guide on the best place to break fast in Singapore!]
3. Otak-Otak - Ranor Tenggiri Fresh Otah
No, we're not asking you to split the small piece of otak-otak meat ? But since Ranor Tenggiri Fresh Otah is selling their otak-otak at 5 pieces for $3, we thought some of you could do with sharing the bundle.
Of course, you could eat all 5 by yourself or get more to share with more friends! With tasty fish meat and just the right amount of charred taste, Ranor's otak-otak is one of the better ones we've tasted. And the stall owners are pretty generous with the portion too, so it's value-for-money. Plus, the stall also sells other variations of fish meat in wrapped banana leaf and spices like pepes, and satar ikan. These are chunkier than your normal otak-otak, so you can share those with friends too. Price: $3 for 5 pcs (otak-otak), $3 for 5 pcs (pepes), $2 for 1 pc (satar ikan) Stall: WGS A 344, food area near Wisma Geylang Serai [P.S. If you're too lazy or tired to head out for iftar, don't worry! Our list of 10 halal deliveries in Singapore will keep you covered.]
4. Nasi Briyani Dam - various stalls
For those who are old-school at heart and want some rice to fill your tummy, having some Nasi Briyani is always a good idea ☺️ With so many nasi briyani stalls scattered around the various bazaar areas, you'll be spoilt for choice! Ranging from $4-$10 at most stalls, you'll get a generous amount of meat and rice, and you suggest that you share it, so that you won't be too full to continue your food hunt.
Credit: Sheikh Allaudin Copper Pot Dum Biryani on Facebook Here are some of the stalls where you can get your Nasi Briyani fix:
  • Masakan Shaik Sabri (WGS G287)
  • Sheikh Allaudin Copper Pot Dum Biryani (WGS A G324)
  • Shakira's (WGS A G273)
  • Nazreen Gatering (G300)
  • Biryani Boss (WGS B 027)
5. ALL-IN Mala Salted Egg Yolk – The Mala Stop
You’ve definitely tried some form of mala and salted-egg, but together, it makes for a pretty unique combination that we’re willing to bet you’ve never come across before! The Mala Stop is probably the only place in Singapore to serve halal salted egg yolk mala.
With some interesting choices on the menu, we couldn’t make up our mind and went for the ALL-IN Mala Salted Egg ($16.90), which comes with a really generous serving of noodles, beef, seafood (those prawns!) and of course, your healthy greens. The price was pretty reasonable for the large serving and also came with a free drink, perfect for sharing with a group of friends for when you need your mala fix ☺️
If you and your friends can take the heat, we highly recommend turning it up and going for the highest level or just taking the mala (without the salted-egg) option. The small spice wasn’t too spicy, and had just the right kick, but we were left wondering if we would have enjoyed it more if we had a higher spice level to go with the salted egg! Price: From $9.90 (Chicky Mala) to $16.90 (All-In Salted Egg Mala) Stall: WGS B 038, near Tanjong Katong Complex
Desserts and drinks:
6. Yu Char Kway Manis – Charkoi
You might be familiar with the Indonesian sweet pancake Martabak Manis, but have you heard of Yu Char Kway (youtiao) Manis? Well, now you have! Charkoi jazzes up your youtiao (traditional Chinese doughstick) with both sweet and savoury options.
Credit: @charkoisg on Instagram One of our top picks is the Nutella – get it with the rainbow rice sprinkles for a pretty Instagram photo to boot! Oreo lovers can choose to top it up with oreo bits instead ? We suggest sharing this treat as it's a tad sweet and it might be too overwhelming to devour it by yourself. Otherwise, you can share a bundle with 2 other friends and get 3 for $10.
We also tried the Chicken Floss Nachos Crunch, which went wonderfully well on top of a perfectly fried youtiao! The youtiao remained crunchy even though it was covered with cheese and chicken floss, and it felt surprisingly light despite the savoury toppings. Perfect to snack on as you explore the stalls and decide what to get next!
Other options include Daging Rendang, Peanut Crunch and Keju Susu (cheese and condensed milk) making it perfect for both dessert or even dinner. The best part is, when you get 3 pieces of any flavour, there'll be a discount so gather your closest friends and head over to Charkoi to share the goodness ? Price: Individual pieces range from $4-$6.50 per piece. Prices of box of 3 pieces range from $10-$17 depending on the flavour. Stall: G294, Engku Aman Rd side
7. Apam Balik – various stalls
Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside with sweet toppings, apam balik (turnover pancake) is one traditional dessert we just can’t seem to get enough of! As the pancakes are usually thick and rich with filling, you'd want to split this with your friends. And it's convenient too because they'd cut it into a few pieces ☺️
We love how much this yummy dessert has evolved. It used to be purely consisting of peanuts and corn but now you can choose from so many flavours like nutella, cheese, durian, banana and more.
Credit: @roza_khali on Instagram Get your fix of apam balik at Apam Balik Power or Apam Balik Wak Power and you can choose to mix and match your flavours too ? Price: from $4 Stalls: Wak Power - WGS A G276, food area near Wisma Geylang Serai Apam Balik Power - various stalls at Wisma Geylang Serai area and Tanjong Katong Complex area
8. Boba Pancake Stack – Alley
Alley is a common face at previous bazaars and night markets, but for Ramadan 2019 they’ve added something new to their mix – their tea-infused Boba Pancake Stack ($9.90).
The pancakes are freshly made on the spot, and the cream quickly melts and leaves it drenched. So we were super surprised to bite into our portion and find that the pancakes themselves don’t feel very soggy or soft! Instead they are dense and taste like brown sugar – some of us even thought they tasted like maple syrup ? The sauce is similarly flavoured to the pancakes, but the pearls are what really set it apart. Chewy and soft, they add a certain touch to the pancakes that set it apart from other milk tea-inspired desserts out there.
You can definitely taste the tea infused in the batter, sauce, and pearls, all of which add a really interesting kick of flavour that blends both drink and dessert together. Though it's a small serving, we recommend that you split this with friends as the taste of the pancakes, coupled with the pearls, is pretty rich. Price: Pancakes – $9.90 Drinks – $3.50 to $6.30, available in 5 flavours with 2 sizes (Medium/Large) each Stall: 2 stalls – Stall 360 (Wisma Geylang Serai), Stall 43 (Tanjong Katong Complex)
9. Traditional Malay Kuih – Homemade Cookies
We only managed to find 1 stall selling traditional Malay kuih but the variety of kuih at Homemade Cookies was really extensive! At just $2, each box comes with a few pieces of kuih. We recommend getting a few types of kuih, so you can try different ones with your friends ?
There were common kuih like ondeh-ondeh, kuih lapis, kuih kaswi (tapioca flour in palm sugar) and lopes (glutinous rice with palm sugar syrup). But there were also more unique ones like belebat ubi (grated tapioca root with palm sugar, coconut milk & grated coconut) and tepung gomak (chewy powdery kuih made from rice flour, green bean flour and filled with coconut/green bean).
Plus, there were also savoury kuih like Pulut Panggang (glutionous rice grilled wrap) and Pulut Serunding (glutinous rice with spicy grated coconut). So, if you and your friends are not fans of hipster food at the bazaar, then make your way to Homemade Cookies for their traditional kuih! Price: $2 per box of kuih Stall: Wooden push carts at food area near Wisma Geylang Serai
10. Thai Milk Tea With Grass Jelly Topping (1 Litre!) – 555 Thai Tea
1-litre for just $3 dollars?! Thai milk tea has never been this affordable (except in Thailand of course ?). There are various sizes to choose from but we recommend getting 1-litre as it's the most value-for-money.
As you'd probably be full from all the heavier meals and sweet treats, you can share the 1-litre milk tea with your friends (like we did!). Plus, you'd also want to leave some space in your tummy just in case you spot other fancy drinks at the bazaar ? The tea from 555 is smooth, aromatic and not too sweet! Choose between original milk tea, green Thai milk tea and even Thai rose tea. Then, pick your (free!) topping of grass jelly or chendol. Trust us, this is one refreshing drink you’ll need while braving the heat. Price: $3 (1 litre), $2 (700ml), $1.50 (500 ml) Stall: WGS A G304 – food area near Wisma Geylang Serai We hope this guide will be helpful for those of you who are small eaters but still want to try as many things or those of you who want to get the most bang out of your buck ? Now, go gather your closest friends or family and find these 10 things at the Geylang Bazaar! P.S. For a more extensive list of what you should check out at the bazaar, refer to our article on the 18 things you HAVE to try!