5 Things Only First-Time Moms Can Relate To


Ili •  Aug 27, 2021

Motherhood is arguably one of the most challenging yet enriching experiences in life. It’s a wild roller coaster ride filled with great moments but also unique hurdles - especially if you’re a new mom! From late-night feedings and endless diaper changes to tummy time workouts, here are some of the things only newer members of the mommy tribe can truly understand and relate to ?

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1. You’re a pro at taking power naps

Lack of sleep and having a baby go hand in hand. With a new child in your life, you’ll be waking up frequently in the middle of the night to feed them, comfort their cries and rock them back to sleep. Before you know it, the crack of dawn arrives which means rising from the comfort of your bed to prepare breakfast and starting your day with little to no rest. The cycle continues and until you get your child on a regular sleeping schedule, power naps are what gets you through the day.

2. Meals are now 5-minute affairs  

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As a new mom, you’re constantly tied up with taking care of your baby, leaving you little to no time to do anything else. Things like making a meal for yourself and your family feels impossible since most of your energy and attention are focused on the baby. 

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3. It’s tough to find time to do anything else that’s not baby-related

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Becoming a new mom means having a busy schedule centred around taking care of your baby, so much so that you rarely have time to do anything else including grocery shopping. Luckily for new mothers, there is a way to save your time and energy! 

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4. There is no such thing as too many clothes

You love dressing up your baby with the cutest outfits but that’s not why you’ve got piles and piles of baby clothes in your home (though admittedly it does play a big part ?). Between messy meals and diaper disasters, you need enough backup outfits for accidents, which goes without saying happens a lot. It reduces the need to do laundry as often so you’ll rarely be out of fresh clothes.   

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5. You’ve got new-found patience that you didn’t have before

The journey of motherhood is one filled with ups and downs. It takes a special kind of patience for first-time mothers to raise a child, particularly through the tough times that lead to restless nights and body aches. Every moment is a learning experience and through these difficult periods, you unknowingly cultivate a level of patience and resilience that you never thought was possible prior to being a mom!  

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Having your first child is no doubt a life-changing experience that is both exciting and scary. However, at the end of the day, being a new mom is a super rewarding role and can be made more enjoyable with the help of pandamart. So share this with your fellow new mothers and all the soon-to-be moms out there ?

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