8 Things Malaysians Miss Most During The Movement Control Order


Ili •  Mar 30, 2020

[Updated 16 June 2021]

While we try to find all kinds of activities to keep ourselves busy with the Movement Control Order like cooking easy recipes, watching travel shows and reading travel books, it's hard to deny that most of us are sorely missing the outdoors. After staying home for a long period of time, daily routines like going to work and eating out are things we can't wait to have back once the situation gets better. As we persevere through the pandemic, here's a list of things that Malaysians miss from everyday life.

1. Eating out at restaurants

There's no doubt that we, as Malaysians, take our eating very seriously. As a country that boasts itself as a food lover's paradise, having our beloved eateries affected by the pandemic is like a nightmare we can't wake up from *cue the horror music* ?  From having your weekly brunch dates and celebrating special occasions at fancy restaurants to going for romantic dinners with your other half, it's safe to say that many are longing for a visit to their favourite eateries. So in the meantime, resorting to takeaway options and delivery services are some of the ways to curb the hunger of dining out.

2. Exercising

If you're a fitness junkie, the thought of not being able to go out and build up a sweat or attend your regular gym class can be a tough one. Jogging in public parks, cycling and hiking up trails are just a few of the activities that are currently out of the question amid the pandemic. Many have had to reinvent their workouts routines at home through spring cleaning, gardening and dancing, and as fun as some these may be, it truly isn't the same as stepping outdoors for a good run or a fast-paced HIIT class.

3. Visiting family and friends

For some of us, we're lucky to be living with our family during the Movement Control Order. But for others who live apart from loved ones, being refrained from visiting them can be rough. This includes your friends who you're used to hanging out with all the time. Aside from that, what most of us truly miss is also the warm embrace that comes with a greeting or goodbye with family and friends. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder and until the day comes where we get to see them face-to-face, let's make the most out of the situation and keep in touch through texting and FaceTime sessions ❤️

4. Go on café-hopping adventures

Multi-layered cakes, buttery pastries, sweet-smelling breads - putting a pause on indulging these heavenly treats at your local neighbourhood café is hard to say the least ? It's especially tough if you're someone who's passionate about visiting different cafés on the weekends and rewarding yourself with a delicious bake after a week's worth of hard work. Sure, you may choose to spend this time whipping up your own batch of brownies or have loaves of sourdough delivered to your doorstep, but nothing will beat stepping into a café filled with the smell of heavenly baked goods wafting through the air ?

5. Hanging out at the mamak stall

A classic activity that many look forward to at any time of the day: Chilling at the nearest mamak stall while satisfying a craving for local favourites. As simple as it sounds, it's definitely something that most, if not all, Malaysians enjoy doing and in this period of confinement, it is deeply missed. Being able to sit among other patrons, watch some football on a projector and dive into a plate of mee goreng or roti canai without so much as a worry sounds like a dream right about now. Even though the coming days may seem uncertain, we're already counting down the days where we'll be able to enjoy mamak stalls once more.

P.S. If going to a mamak stall is on your list for after the MCO is over, check out these 10 halal 24-hour KL eateries for your late night food adventures.

6. Going to work

As surprising as it may be, the void that was once filled with everything related to work is heavily felt during this time of the pandemic. Those who have been working from home since day one of the MCO find themselves feeling sentimental about their respective place of work. From commuting to the office to interacting with colleagues, these are all the things that we really miss and as much as we appreciate having more time to ourselves, there's always going to be that yearning for social interactions with your coworker in the cubicle next door.

7. Grocery shopping in peace

We usually see mundane chores like grocery shopping as uneventful and tedious. But now that we've been confronted with COVID-19, our attitude towards going to the supermarket has shifted especially with all the panic buying resulting in rows upon rows of empty shelves. Not only do we wish for the time when you could peacefully shop for your groceries and face shorter lines at the checkout counter, but also to freely visit the stores whenever we want with whomever we want. Until the situation gets better, get your ingredients and fresh produce delivered to your doorstep with these online grocery delivery services in KL and Selangor.

8. Going to shopping malls

Shopping malls are the go-to place for many reasons -  when you're bored, looking to buy something, or simply want to enjoy seasonal decorations. It's a great spot where everyone of all ages can go to to spend time but given that social distancing means avoiding typically crowded areas, shopping malls are a no go.

Although we're unsure of when this pandemic will officially be over, we encourage those who are staying home to not just reminisce about these activities but also make a bucket list out of it so there's something to look forward to when the right time has come ?