There’s A Newly Halal-Certified SG Eatery That Serves Bingsu With A Twist


Faruq Senin •  Feb 14, 2018

Have you ever wondered what it'll be like if you combined the world's best desserts into one? Well, a newly halal-certified eatery in Singapore is doing something pretty similar ? Okay, we're exaggerating but Oriental Ice Bistro at Rangoon Rd is serving bingsu (Korean shaved ice) infused with local flavours!

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Get ready cos we're about to introduce you to some tantalising sweet treats and we can't guarantee that you can get to the end of this article without salivating?

Probably the most talked about dessert at Oriental Ice Bistro is Chendol Pak Dol. Chendol is already amazing as it is but instead of the usual shaved ice that we know, it's now served bingsu-style. It's a delectable combination of fluffy milk snow topped with gula melaka and fresh jackfruits. Wow, sure sounds like the perfect treat to beat the heat?

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Another locally-infused dessert which will delight your tastebuds is Avocado Gado. This dessert consists of Indonesian-style avocado paste with fluffy snow ice topped with brownies and a scoop of coconut ice-cream. You can just imagine the burst of flavours in your mouth as you indulge in the creamy dessert!

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For those of you who prefer your bingsu the traditional way, have a taste of the Mango Pops which has REAL popping balls that will create a tingling sensation on your tastebuds.

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Now we know many of you are social media junkies and are always looking for the perfect insta-worthy shot. Just when you thought bingsu couldn't get any better, each bowl of bingsu at Oriental Ice Bistro comes with a syringe filled with milk for you to "inject" on your snow ice. This is for all you dreamers who had lofty ambitions of being a doctor back in school?

That's not all. Oriental Ice Bistro also serves super instagrammable milkshakes. Check out Clad in Black - this yummy combination of dark chocolate, marshmallows, brownie and double chocolate chip ice-cream is sure to give you a sugar rush!

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If you're feeling more than just desserts, Oriental Ice Bistro also serves different types of chicken chop dishes, burgers and pizzas! Now, some of you might find the desserts familiar. That’s because Oriental Ice Bistro used to be IceBox Café but it has since reopened under a new management. Aren’t we glad that we can still enjoy halal bingsu now? ?

Address: 89 Rangoon Road #01-02, 218375

Operating hours: Monday – Wednesday, Friday, 1pm – 10.30pm; Saturday – Sunday, 12.30pm – 11pm, Thursday, CLOSED

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