There's A Brand New Express Line From Shinjuku To Mount Fuji


Cheng Sim •  Mar 19, 2019

Fancy taking a glimpse of Japan's tallest peak, Mount Fuji? Now you can make a day trip to the country's iconic mountain and still have plenty of time to explore the rest of Tokyo! ?

Credit: Giphy

We heard from The Straits Times that JR East announced a limited express railway named the Fuji Kaiyu service. Remember the name because the Fuji Kaiyu service can take you from JR Shinjuku Station to Kawaguchiko Station (the closest stop to Mount Fuji) in less than 2 hours!

You know what's the best part about it? It's a direct train route, so you can enjoy the scenic and comfortable ride without changing trains ? That's a huge time saver if you ask us!

Credit: David Edelstein on Unsplash

Previously, travellers would have to take the train from JR Shinjuku Station to Otsuki Station before switching to another railway line to reach Mount Fuji. With the all-new Fuji Kaiyu service, the Yamanashi prefectural government hoped to bring more travellers to the treasured UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mount Fuji as well as the breathtaking Lake Kawaguchi.

Credit: Visit Mt.Fuji - The Top of Japan on Facebook

We can talk all day about the reasons why you should visit Mount Fuji, but it's best to experience it yourself. If you're thrilled to explore the iconic snow-capped mountain, check out our essential (and Muslim-friendly!) tips to conquering Mount Fuji and Hakone. With an inspiring guide in your pocket, guess we'll be seeing you in the fast lane to Fuji! ?