[JUST IN] The White Label Has A New High Tea Menu, ‘High Tea Di Malayan’


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  May 11, 2022

We’re no stranger to this amazing halal Malayan-french fusion eatery in Singapore. Chances are, you’ve already enjoyed their halal afternoon tea within the past year! 

Its cozy and romantic interior makes it the perfect spot for all events and celebrations: from Father’s Day to anniversary dates, it’s no wonder The White Label’s so popular. And another reason to visit is its biggest menu revamp ever - a new high tea set filled with uniquely crafted savoury creations! ? We’re rushing over right this instant ?

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Halal High Tea: The White Label’s New Menu

From new presentations to creative dishes that will tickle your taste buds, your upcoming high tea session will be filled with good treats and amazing vibes. 

Credit: The White Label

Here’s the deal: The White Label’s new high tea set is not just about the ol’ local delights. True to their fusion theme, they’ve instead curated never-before-seen, unique treats like the Tart Au ‘’Nasi Lemak’’. A bite-sized version of our favourite local dish, just imagine creamy arborio rice topped with The White Label’s special in house sambal tumis, served with a quail egg and crispy dehydrated salmon skin… All in a fragrant tart! 

Pop it into your mouth for an explosion of sweet, spicy, and creamy lemak tastes that lingers. ? ?

Credit: The White Label

Speaking of local flavours, The White Label’s new ‘’Rendang’’ Aioli with Chilli Crab takes 2 of our favourite Singaporean flavours and blends them into a wondrous medley for the senses. Sweet crab meat bathed in spicy, cream and aromatic Rendang Aioli Sauce - doubling down on our weakness for savoury goodness! The best part? It’s served in a traditional kueh pie tee for that extra crunch! ? 

Credit: The White Label

These fragrant and savoury dishes already sound incredibly enticing - but that’s not the end of your meal. Be sure to top off your already perfect high tea with something sweet! The White Label’s local rendition of the eclair is moist, soft, and all you need to truly embrace the spirit of high tea. 

Get a load of the ‘’Puteri Salat’’ eclair! Light pandan creme piped into freshly baked choux pastry, glazed with a sweet pandan custard and topped with shredded coconut. A truly tropical treat ?

Alternatively, opt for the ‘’Orh Nee’’ Taro Eclair! It’s made with an irresistible Japanese Taro filling that’s been cooked over a low fire for a smooth velvety texture before being piped into freshly baked choux! Guaranteed to be a trip down memory lane, your high tea will not be complete without these desserts. ?

Hungry already? Not going to lie: us too! So don’t forget to book your dine in reservations ASAP - who knows, you might be the first one to try their new high tea set? ?

If you’re too preoccupied with Raya prep at the moment, no worries too! The White Label offers delivery and takeaway options, all you have to do is order through Oddle. ☺️

The White Label

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