The Ultimate Guide to Halal Japanese Food In Kyoto


Elaine Tee •  Feb 04, 2016

Kyoto is one of our favourite cities in Japan (if you don’t already know by now) and one of the many reasons why we love it, is of course, THE FOOD! From amazing halal ramen to halal wagyu, there’s just so much to try in Kyoto <3

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1. Ayam­-ya

It’s unanimous. Our entire team has voted and Ayam-ya is our favourite ramen stall in Japan :P (Out of those that we’ve tried in Tokyo and Kyoto, that is.)


The flavorful broth, the springy noodles and the perfect ramen egg. We wish we could fly to Kyoto and have a bowl of piping hot ramen right this minute! Oh did we also mention that the rich chicken broth is free of MSG? Yes, to get this amazing bowl of ramen, the chicken is boiled for several hours and different kinds of vegetables are added to enhance the sweetness of the broth!


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Price: ¥380 –¥850

Opening hours: Open daily; 12PM - 3PM (Last order 2.30PM), and 6PM - 9.30PM (Last order 9PM)

Contact: (+81) 075­344­1456

Address: 1F, Douka Bld., 470, Kannondocho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

How to get there: The place is literally 5 minutes away from Shijo Station, exit 24. Walk straight all the way until you see Holly's cafe and turn right into the alley. Continue heading straight until you see KADO, turn left and you will arrive at the destination.


#HHWT Tip: We’re not quite done. The amazing thing about Ayam-ya is that they have huge prayer rooms that take up almost half of their store! So this is something that you don't have to worry about on your trip.

2. Naritaya

eating-ramen-naritaya halal japan

Craving for MORE ramen? Be sure to visit Naritaya when you’re visiting Gion in Kyoto! It’s also the second branch in Japan, opening shortly after the one in Asakusa, Tokyo.

If Ayam-ya is famous for their chicken broth ramen, then Naritaya is where you should try miso ramen and their famous fried chicken karaage! Trust us, your trip to Japan won’t be complete without trying these dishes.

Chicken Karaage
Chicken Karaage

#HHWT Tip: Extra perk of visiting Naritaya? They offer a prayer room and ablution facilities, complete with prayer times. They even have free Wi-fi in the restaurant!

Price: ¥700 –¥1,700

Opening hours: 12:00AM ­ 10:00PM; closed on Mondays

Address: 422-1 Rinkacho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 605-0062

How to get there:

Contact:(+81) 075­255­0181


3. Kiyomizu Junsei Okabeya


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Kyoto is famous for its yudofu (simmered tofu in hot water) and if you want to try this local delicacy, you have to visit this restaurant! It’s also conveniently located near the Kiyomizu-dera Temple (3 minute walk away), so it’s a perfect stop for lunch.

Grilled yudofu with miso paste
Grilled tofu with miso paste

Credit: avidinkobecity

There are several set meals for you to choose from, with the cheapest, starting from 7 food items in the set, to the most expensive, with a total of 12 food items. Don’t worry, they all come with yudofu!

#HHWT Tip: make a reservation at least a day in advance. As the restaurant is located near the famous Kiyomizu temple, make sure to include it in your sightseeing plan!

Price: Set meals range from ¥2,000-¥5,000

Opening hours: 10:30AM ­ 6:00PM

Address:Higashiyama­ku, Kyoto­shi, Kyoto Kiyomizu­dera Temple 2, Shimizu, Monzen, 605­0862

How to get there:

Contact: (+81) 075­541­7111

Website: Find out more here

4. Nanzan


Okay, we’re starting off with a disclaimer for this one. It’s pricey. But oh-so-worth saving up for! Where else can you try authentic halal wagyu yakiniku (that tastes amazing and melts in your mouth)?!?!


Nanzen offers two different set meals – each with salad, rice, soup and dessert. Both sets include Kyotankuro Wagyu – the highest quality of beef produced in Kyoto Prefecture! The Kyoto Wagyu BBQ set (¥5000) includes 5 different cuts and assorted vegetables.

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If you’re still craving for more after your set meal, there are a number of items on the ala-carte menu: additional cuts, scallops, squid, wagyu sushi. Find out more here!


#HHWT Tip: Do remember to make your reservation at least 3 days in advance by calling the restaurant at +81-(0)75-722-4131. It will be easier to ask your hotel concierge for help if you’re not able to speak Japanese.

Price: Starts from ¥5,000 (excluding tax)

Opening hours: 11:00AM to­ 10:30PM (last order at 10pm)

Address:Kitayama Notre Dame Mae, 31 Shimogamo Kitanononogami-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto city 606-0846

How to get there:

Contact:(+81) 075­722­4131

Website: Find out more here

5. Ganko Kyoto Sanjo Honten 

UPDATE (11 March 2017): A reader has informed us that Ganko has stopped serving their Muslim-friendly menu? We advise that you dine at your own discretion or ask the staff beforehand. 

With multiple branches throughout Kansai, you must visit this restaurant at least once when you’re in the area!


Credit: adventures withfamily

Their Muslim-friendly menu consists of three different sets, each with sushi, tempura, grilled chicken and more, served in a bento. Each set also comes with a hot-pot!


Credit: walkwithcham

#HHWT Tip: Do make a reservation at least 3 days in advance! Prayer mats and qibla compasses are also available upon request.

Price: ¥3,564 - ¥8,316

Opening hours: 11:00AM ­ 11:00PM

Address: 101, Nagashimacho, Higashi­Iru, Kawaramachi Sanjo, Nakagyo­ku, Kyoto­shi, Kyoto

How to get there:

Contact: (+81) 075­255­1128

Website: Find out more here

6. Ukihashi in Hotel Granvia Kyoto

[caption id="attachment_3290" align="alignnone" width="1000">

Halal Kaiseki!

Whether you're in the mood for a halal Japanese bento or to go all out and try halal kaiseki (traditional Japanese course meal), Ukihashi is the place for you! You can choose from either the bento or kaiseki meal, and yes, they are both really really good. Find out more in our review of Ukihashi's bento and kaiseki!

[caption id="attachment_3306" align="alignnone" width="1000">

halal bento

#HHWT Tip: Do remember to make a reservation at least 3 days in advance through phone (075-342-5527) or their contact page.

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¥4,200 for the bento and ¥8,300 for the kaiseki

Opening hours:0700 to 1000, 1130 to ­1500, 1700 to ­ 2200

Address: M3F, Hotel Granvia Kyoto, 901, Higashi­shiokoujicho, Shiokoji­sagaru, Karasuma­dori, Shimogyo­ku, Kyoto­shi, Kyoto

How to get there: The hotel is located just above Kyoto station and the restaurant is in the hotel.

Phone no: (+81) 075­342­5527

Website: Find out more here

7. Minokichi­ in New Hankyu Kyoto

Located around a 5 minutes walk away from Kyoto Station, Minokichi serves authentic Kyoto kaiseki (halal beef and chicken!) during lunch and dinner. Plus, what's a trip to Kyoto without experiencing an authentic local meal?


Credit: Tripadvisor

#HHWT Tip: Do note that reservation for the Muslim-friendly menu has to be made at least 3 days in advance! We recommend going for the lunch set as the price is pretty decent!

Price: ¥2,700 for the lunch set, ¥7,560 or ¥9,257 for the dinner set

Opening hours: 07:00AM ­ 10:00AM; 11:30AM ­ 9:30PM

Address: B1F, Hotel New Hankyu Kyoto, 579, Higashi­shiokoujicho, Shimogyo­ku, Kyoto­shi, Kyoto

How to get there:

Contact: (+81) 075­343­5327

Website: Make a reservation http://www.japanese-kyoto-cuisine.com/contact.html

#HHWT Tip: There are multiple branches of Minokichi in Kyoto alone, not to mention throughout Japan.

8. Rantei in Kyoto Century Hotel

Rantei is another restaurant located in a hotel where you get to try authentic halal kaiseiki, shabu shabu and also a tempura set meal! They provide a Muslim-friendly menu and have been halal-certified by the local board since 2013. If you're staying at the hotel, you can also consider trying their breakfast set at 2,600.


Credit: kyoto century hotel

#HHWT Tip: If you have additional requests regarding the ingredients, you can give them a call to make a reservation and consult about food preparation in advance. Do also make your reservations 3 days in advance!

Price: Sets range from ¥3,300 to ¥5,500

Opening hours: 07:00AM ­ 10:00AM, 11:30AM ­ 2:30PM, 5:00PM ­ 9:30PM

Address: Kyoto Century Hotel 2F, 680, Higashi­shiokoujicho, Shimogyo­ku, Kyoto­shi, Kyoto

How to get there: 

Contact: (+81) 075­351­0158

Website: Check out the menu for more info

Note: A reader has alerted to us that this restaurant no longer exists?

9. Honke Tankuma Honten

It's really convenient for tourists to try authentic kaiseiki in Kyoto these days, simply because there are quite a number of restaurants offering halal kaiseki and Honke Tankuma Honten is another one of these restaurants! If you're looking for a premium restaurant to try your halal kaiseki, this establishment definitely fits the bill. It's been around for 90 over years now and if you're wondering why its so pricey... Well, that's because it's a 1-star Michelin restaurant!


Credit: Honke Tankuma

#HHWT Tip: Do call them to make an advance reservation for the halal kyo-kaiseki!

Price: Sets range from ¥5,400 to ¥43,200

Opening Hours: 1130 - 1500, 1730 - 2200

Address: 168, Izumiya-cho, Kiyamachi-dori, Bukkoji-Sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

How to get there:Around 6 mins walk away from Gion-shijo station

Contact: +81 75-351-1645


10. Yuzanso Ryokan


Credit: Yuzanso Ryokan

Want to truly experience traditional Kyoto? Then you’ll have to stay at Yuzanso Ryokan. This traditional Japanese guest house has a private outdoor onsen bath (do request upon reservation) and you can enjoy views of Lake Biwa and Mount Hiei from your room!

If you’re wondering what it’s doing in this article… Well, it’s also the only ryokan in the Kansai area to serve a Muslim-friendly menu that's Halal certified!


Credit: adventureswithfamily

Yes, that means you can try a full halal Japanese meal including shabu-shabu, during your stay there! If you're feeling peckish at anytime of the day, the ryokan also provides a halal menu for in-room dining!

Price: Rooms start from ¥1,800/night for a double room with meals included

Opening Hours: -

Address: 1-9-28 OgotoOtsuShiga-ken520-0101,Japan

How to get there: Take a train from Kyoto station and alight at Ogoto Onsen station. (Journey takes about 20 minutes) There will be a free shuttle bus from the train station to the ryokan.

Contact: +81-77-578-1144

Website: Check out their full menu here

Note: All information in this article is accurate to the date of posting. We highly encourage readers to check on the information before heading down.

Most of these restaurants are not fully halal-certified and would hence require advanced booking/reservations, so we would encourage you to plan ahead and perhaps get your hotel’s front desk or Japanese host (if you’re doing a homestay/Airbnb) to help you out with this!