If you thought that the cherry blossom frenzy is only in Japan, think again. As the blossom period comes to an end in Japan, it’s time to move on to Korea to catch these breathtaking blooms! We’ve compiled a list of the major locations where you can view these majestic blooms, all around Korea.

korea cherry blossoms jinhae cherry blossom festival bridge
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1. Jinhae-gu in Changwon (Cherry Blossom Festival – 1st to 10th April 2015)
korea cherry blossoms festival jinhae gunhangjye train petals
korea cherry blossoms festival jinhae gunhangjye train trackskorea-cherry-blossoms-festival-jinhae-umbrellas
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Home to the world’s largest number (more than 300,000) of flowering cherry blossom trees or벚꽃 나무, Jinhae is the place to be for the grandest cherry blossom festival in Korea. Stake out Anmin Road (the naval headquarters) or Jehwangsan Park for a prime spot and you’re set for an amazing view!

2. Hadong in Changwon (Cherry Blossom Festival – 3rd to 5th April 2015)
korea cherry blossoms hwagae hadong 2
korea cherry blossoms hwagae hadong

Changwon seems to be the place to be for cherry blossoms! Hwagae Cherry Blossom Festival? We say, if you’re attached, this is the perfect place to visit. It is said that if you walk down the ’10ri Cherry Blossom Road’ (also known as ‘marriage road’) while holding hands, you will get married and stay happily together forever!

3. Seogwangro in Jeju-do (Cherry Blossom Festival – Late March)
korea cherry blossoms jeju island 1 korea cherry blossoms jeju island 2
Jeju Soju

Apart from Jeju-do’s vast oceans and fields, the island is also known for cherry blossom blooms. Consider us sold!

4. Hahoe Folk Village in Andong (Gyeongsangbuk-do)

Want to feel like you’re filming a sageuk (historical Korean drama)? You can do so amidst the pink and white cherry blossom blooms in a UNESCO World Heritage Site at Hahoe Folk Village!

5. Palgongsan in Daegu (Cherry Blossom Festival – 10th to 14th April)
korea cherry blossoms festival daegu palgongsan mountain korea cherry blossoms festival daegu palgongsan mountain road
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If you’re in Daegu for a bit, you can also check out Keimyung University (Seongseo Campus), Duryu Park, Suseong Lake, Hwawon Resort, Eworld Amusement Park for other cherry blossom viewing sites

6. Hangang Yeouido in Seoul (Cherry Blossom Festival – 10th to 15th April 2015)

korea cherry blossoms festival seoul yeouido hangang korea-cherry-blossoms-festival-seoul-yeouido-hangang-2korea-cherry-blossoms-festival-seoul-yeouido-yungjungro-tunnel


Also known as the place where you’ll meet everyone else in Seoul. Head to Yunjung-ro’s Cherry Blossom Tunnel and walk along the 5.7km path lined with 1,400 cherry blossom trees!

7. Seokchon Lake / Lotte World (Jamsil Area) in Seoul (Cherry Blossom Festival – 10th to 12th April 2015)
korea cherry blossoms festival seoul seokchon lake jamsil korea cherry blossoms festival seoul seokchon lake jamsil 2korea cherry blossoms festival seoul olympic park jamsil
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Cherry blossoms along with a lakeside view? Yes, please!

 8. Bulguksa in Gyeongju (Cherry Blossom Festival – 5th to 13th April 2015)

korea cherry blossoms gyeongju templekorea cherry blossoms gyeongju bulguksakorea cherry blossoms gyeongju closeup

Visit the UNESCO Heritage Site – Seokguram Grotto in Bulguksa Temple during the cherry blossom blooming period for that picture perfect postcard!

9. Seoul Forest 서울숲 (Seongdong-gu)in Seoul

If you’re avoiding crowds, Seoul Forest is the place to go!

10. Dream Forest (Gangbuk-gu) in Seoul
korea cherry blossoms seoul dream forest gangbukgu pavilion

One of the more underrated spots in Seoul, Dream Forest is as its name suggests – the place to spend an idyllic day in the park admiring the blossoms.

11. Seoul Grand Park in Seoul
korea-cherry-blossoms-seoul-grand-park-1OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Make the most of your time in Seoul and catch the cherry blossoms after you visit the Seoul Grand Park Zoo!

12. Inwang Mountain 인왕산 in Seoul
korea cherry blossoms seoul inwangsan mountain gyeongbukgung parkkorea cherry blossoms seoul inwangsan mountain gyeongbukgung sky view

Don’t forget to visit Gyeongbukgung while you’re at it! You can also catch the blossoms around the palace.

13. Children’s Grand Park 어린이대공원 in Seoul
korea cherry blossoms seoul gwangjingu childrens grand park picnic korea cherry blossoms seoul gwangjingu childrens grand park

Travelling with kids? We’ve found you the perfect place to visit!

14. Gyeryeongsan National Park in Daejeon (Chungcheongnam-do)
korea-cherry-blossoms-festival-chungcheongnam-gyeryeongsan-national-park-mountain-2 korea-cherry-blossoms-festival-chungcheongnam-gyeryeongsan-national-park-mountain

Fancy some hiking? Head to the Donghaksa Mountain trail during spring to catch these lovely blossoms on your hike!

15. Yudalsan유달산 in Jeollanam-do
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Hiking spots are plentiful in Korea. If you’re headed towards Jeollanam-do, be sure to check out Yudalsan!

16. Seomjingang in Jeollanam-do (Cherry Blossom Festival – 4th to 5th April 2015)
korea cherry blossoms festival jeollanamdo seomjingang river
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17. Anyangcheon Stream in Gyeonggi-do
korea cherry blossoms gyeonggido anyangcheon path



Around an hour away from Seoul, take a peaceful stroll along Anyangcheon and be surrounded with blossoms!

18. Namcheondong (Samik Apartment) Cherry Blossom Road in Busan

This cherry blossom street will perhaps be one of the more surprising areas to find cherry blossom trees. Be sure to drop by the famous Gwangalli Beach after!

19. Haeundae Dalmaji Road in Busan

No trip to Busan is complete without a visit to Haeundae Beach and now there’s another reason to! Dalmaji Street is definitely the most famous cherry blossoms viewing spot in Busan and we can clearly see why. If you have time to spare in Busan and can’t get enough of these pink and white blooms, check out Oncheon Stream Park, Igidae Coastal Promenade, Mt. Hwangnyeong Ring Road and Samnak Park!

20. Other notable areas around Seoul

Geumcheongu Road (Harmony Cherry Blossom Festival – 11th to 12th April 2015)korea cherry blossoms seoul geumcheongu park

Kyunghee University’s Cherry Blossom Roadkorea-cherry-blossoms-seoul-kyunghee-university

Hapjeong Cafe Streetkorea cherry blossoms seoul hapjeong hongdae

Namsan Tower
korea cherry blossoms seoul namsan towerkorea cherry blossoms seoul namsan tower 2
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Gyeongbukgung Palace

If you’ve visited any of these locations, we would love to hear from you! Let us know what you think in the comments below and share it with your family and friends 🙂

Happy cherry blossoms viewing, everyone!


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    Thankyou so much for sharing all these wonderful locations to see Cherry Blossoms in Korea! We are trying to find the perfect places to see them this year and this post was extremely helpful and some of these places we hadn't even heard of!
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      Hi Megan! You're welcome, we're glad you found out guide useful! Wish we could be there during the cherry blossom period this year, looking forward to your photos :)
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    • Hi Wanie, we are actually not certain on this as the forecasted bloom is happening right now. But we do believe that you'll still be able to catch a glimpse of the blossoms, pertaining to the weather situation in S.Korea right now!
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