There's A Barber Shop In Bedok SG With Barbers As Young As 16 Years Old


Farhana Husin •  Dec 29, 2021

The school holidays are coming to an end and for parents, it's a time to both celebrate and panic! We celebrate (YAY!) because we are ready to send our kids packing to school but also panic because we are still rushing through preparing the school books, uniforms, shoes, bags and of course, haircuts!

A few weeks ago when I was at my usual breakfast haunt in Geylang Serai Market, I caught sight of the perfect place to send our sons for a haircut. On the weekends, I often patronise the Sajian Mak Dara Stall.  Having been passed down 2 generations, their dishes are filled with authentic Malay tastes. From their famous Nasi Lemak to the all true blue Malay-style Bubur Kampung and Mee Goreng, it's my family's favourite stall!

Credit: Farhana Ayu

While I was in the queue at the stall, something caught my eye. It was not their Crispy Chicken Wing and Sambal, but a poster of their latest shop (drumroll please…) – TheTrueBarbershop! From selling Nasi Lemak to setting up a Barber Shop is definitely an interesting move! But what I found much more interesting was the reason for the barbershop's existence. The True Barbershop is a third-generation business run by Sajian Mak Dara. They foster support to young talents who are passionate and interested in learning and eventually working as young barbers.

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Credit: Farhana Ayu

There are currently 3 young barbers working at the shop. Apparently, their interests bloomed by learning from ‘corridor barbers'. They then enrolled in an academy and continue to learn the skills and techniques required for trendy haircuts like the Fade Haircut. These barbers are as young as 16 years old! With encouragement from their parents, they've managed to both explore their passion and continue their post-secondary education at the same time.

P.S. The True Barbershop's owners are looking for a 4th Barber to join them as a ‘Guest Barber’! The Guest Barber will be provided tools and a space to earn their own income. Guest Barbers are welcome to bring in their own regular customers too!

Anyway, since there's only one week away from school reopening, I quickly booked an appointment for my 2 primary school boys and silently rejoiced at the fact that I managed to escape the barbershop crowds! ?

As an excited mom, I arranged for the young barbers to do a Fade Haircut for the boys. If you're not familiar with this haircut, it's not just a 5-minute snip snap regular haircut! This trendy haircut tapers your hair from the bottom to the top. Trust Me! This is the coolest and trendiest haircut that will have you saying…. ''WAAAAH!! How come so handsome ah?!!'' ?

Credit: Farhana Ayu

It was the first time the boys experienced a haircut that takes more than five minutes. However, the amount of attention and precision required for the trendy Fade Haircut unexpectedly won the boys over. It was definitely a treat for the boy. They were pampered with the finest hair care and style. Now, they're all ready for school!

The True Barbershop's opening hours are from 12 pm to 10 pm. So if you're busy in the day, great news! You can also choose to just walk in or book an appointment, so they're definitely flexible. Check out their Instagram for their affordable haircut prices! They can be found at Block 537 Bedok North Street 3 #01-561. You can get Pomade from their shop too!

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Credit: Farhana Ayu

And oh, if you have not tried Sajian Mak Dara’s Nasi Lemak at Geylang Serai Market, you have to make time to try! It's hands down one of the best Nasi Lemaks I’ve tasted. Grom the Fragrant Basmati Rice, to the Crispy Chicken Wing, I always crave for more. Not to mention the Sambal which is freshly cooked for 8 to 9 hours, everything is on point!

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Credit: Farhana Ayu

They take their Sambal preparation seriously and it definitely tastes perfect. My favourite from their stall is Bubur Kampong. Although it looks like just a simple Bubur Kampong, the combination of the Malay style bubur ingredients and spicy belacan is one of the hardest to find in Singapore. FYI, they are also my go-to stall to get my Lemang, Ketupat, Sambal Goreng Pengantin and Kuih Raya during the Raya Festivities. ?

Don’t waste any more time, make plans to welcome the New Year with a brand new look at The True Barbershop and treat your family to a wholesome breakfast at Sajian Mak Dara!!?

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