5 Tips To Ease Your Body Back To Your Usual Routine After Ramadan


Qistina Bumidin •  Apr 20, 2022

We’re in the last week of Ramadan, and this year, it’s a little more special: streets are lined with bazaars selling delicious food, more iftar gatherings with our extended family and of course, our return to our usual Raya preparation of cookies, kuihs and more! ? With Raya approaching, returning to your old lifestyle of having 3-4 meals a day might overwhelm your body, so we got you some guidelines on how to get your body back on track! ?

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Soups, Sandwiches, Grilled Chicken And More From The Soup Spoon

1. Take on lower-calorie, but filling meals

On the first week of Raya, you definitely are gorging down on large portions of special Raya dishes such as ketupat, rendang, and more! While we totally understand that you’re in a festive mood, shocking your stomach with a large amount of food at one go will do your body worse. A lot of the food consumed is usually high in calories, fats, and sugar which makes you even more lethargic. Moreover, you might end up feeling hungrier than before because your blood sugar levels have increased, which results in you possibly overeating! ?Instead of consuming your Raya dishes at every meal of the day, why not replace your lunch or dinner, with lower-calorie, but super satisfying and filling meals like The Soup Spoon Sandwich Set? Choose any of their regular-sized soups from the 8 mainstays and 3 monthly Souperchef Specials offered such as fan favourites Tokyo-Style Chicken Stew, Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff Soup and more plus a tasty Smoked Salmon Sandwich. The entire meal is only under 700 calories, which is the recommended meal intake for both males and females! It will keep you full for a longer period of time, but you still have space to savour some Raya treats without crossing the overeating line ?

2. Add more proteins to your meals

You’ve heard many saying how having a high protein intake not only gives you the nutrients and energy you need to last through the day during Ramadan, and if you have been doing so, keep up your effort beyond Ramadan! ? A high protein intake offers several potential health benefits and could help maintain weight loss, enhance muscle growth, and improve your overall health, especially your stomach and digestion issues, now that you’re consuming meals during the day. If you’re not sure how to start, why not try Grilled Chicken Thigh from The Grill Knife, one of the union brands under The Soup Spoon Union. Succulent chicken thigh is freshly grilled to perfection upon order and served with a choice of wild mushroom or black pepper sauce, with a side of garden salad. It’s a refreshing break from your Raya dishes, and we know you already love Western food, so this doubles up on being a healthier, delicious option! ?

3. Add more vegetables

Sumo Mami BowlYes, we know it’s hard, but there is some truth behind our parents nagging us to finish up our vegetables. Our Raya favourites may not necessarily have lots of vegetable options on the table, but you do need plenty of them to get enough fibre, which keeps your digestive system in check. Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to ditch your Raya dishes; just add on a side salad to ease your digestion better ? One option you can try would be the Freedom Bowl from The Salad Fork, another brand under The Soup Spoon Union. Mix and match your choice of foundation, greens, and a range of protein with their popular selection of sidekicks and crunchies and topped off with a healthy splash of their drizzles for a bowl that you truly can call your own! At least you won’t spend your Raya in discomfort all the time; you deserve a fun celebration!  ?

4. Treat yourself but don’t overdo it

Pineapple tarts, chocolate chip cookies, and sugee cake; these are only a few reasons why we look forward to your Raya visits! You might find yourself mindlessly snacking on them at every Raya house (we’re guilty too! ?), and we all know the dangers of consuming too much sugar to our bodies. For those who always have a hankering for something sweet, why not try some treats that fulfil your cravings but in moderation?
Muffintory by The Soup Spoon is a newly opened speciality store at Lau Pa Sat offering sourdough muffins! Their sourdough muffins are naturally leavened with no commercial yeast, and are loaded with delicious toppings such as Dark Chocolate Chip, Kookie Orep, Banana and more! ? It’s light yet fluffy, which makes it a perfect treat that doesn’t result in a sugar crash later on. Remember to check out their website here and on Instagram for more updates!

5. Get your loved ones to join in with you 

Union Bundle for 3 paxIt does get a little lonely when you’re the only one trying to keep healthy ? Why not get your loved ones to join and eat healthier? The Soup Spoon Union is offering 3 Pax (from $41.50) and 4 Pax (from $49) Union Bundles that are delicious for all! Mix and match 3 to 4 mains (depending on your choice of a bundle), drinks and sides across The Soup Spoon, The Grill Knife, The Handburger, The Salad Fork! Choose soups such as Tokyo-Style Chicken Stew, Meatless Minestrone, the Grilled Chicken, sausages, a variety of salads, refreshing juices and teas; the options are endless! It’s so much better when you and your loved ones are trying to keep healthy together! Not only will you be more motivated, but it also helps maintain healthy lifestyles for your loved ones! ? Do note that the 3 Pax and 4 Pax Union Bundles are only available on Deliveroo, foodpanda and GrabFood
Union Bundle for 4 paxBeyond Ramadan, we tend to fall back to our old habits, and all the benefits we gained during Ramadan have all gone to waste. You don’t have to completely ditch your favourite foods, all you have to do is make small changes to your diet which can go a long way ? These small changes won’t even take much of your time; you can simply order healthier meals from The Soup Spoon at the click of a button! ?Halal status: Halal-certified Location & opening hours: Check out here3 Pax and 4 Pax Union Bundles are only available on Deliveroo, foodpanda and GrabFood. Website | Facebook | InstagramThis article is brought to you by The Soup Spoon.