The Social Outcast: The Dark Artistry of Halal BBQ Beyond The Heat


Qistina Bumidin •  Mar 02, 2022

The witty Chef Aminurrashid Hasnordin of The Social Outcast, fondly known as Mintwas always a daredevil, which may not always be the case for the average Singaporean. He traded his comfortable office job for an idea almost unheard of in the Malay-Muslim community: opening a halal charcoal-grilled joint selling burgers to prove that halal burgers in Singapore don’t equate to just Ramly or McDonalds. 

The Social Outcast Has A New Halal BBQ Menu

Within three years of running TSO, he and his partner Ms Noelle Chua shifted his business three times, and yes, even during the pandemic, when fellow small businesses were struggling to break even. Their efforts definitely did not go in vain though. In only two years, their humble business won multiple award titles and endless features of their tasty burgers, along with a strong following.

The stubborn, fearless chef isn’t ready to settle down and be satisfied just yet. The duo left the burger scene last year (during yet another pandemic year), and revamped their menu with only meats, wood-fired pizzas and other dishes, while maintaining their beloved woodfire smoked and charcoal-grilled speciality. Here’s what you should try on your next trip to The Social Outcast ?

Mint carries change like a badge of honour; customers enjoying his free-rein approach to his eclectic, dynamic menu gives him satisfaction money can’t buy, which you can see materialised in the fan favourite Moluccas Beef Rib. Charcoal-grilled New Zealand premium beef ribs are generously marinated with an aromatic mixture of spices from Moluccas (aptly known as the Spices Island near Indonesia as well), with a side serving of cold mash and Mexican-style elote (corn cob). The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with one even likening it to an authentic Texan smoked BBQ. 

Sometimes, it’s much better to let the tasting do the talking (or speechless with awe) for you when you bite down the melt-in-your-mouth Charcoal Grilled Japanese Black Hair Wagyu from the Chef's Special Selection. It's imported specially from Mayura Station, home to some of the best quality and award-winning Wagyu beef in Australia. Meat appreciators will definitely appreciate the buttery, almost caramelised flavour of fat coming through due to its high marbling content - MB 9/+. Smoked over the Binchōtan Box (Japanese-style grilling that has clean-burning properties and the amazing aroma and flavour it imparts when grilling), the wagyu is glazed with duck fats, and accompanied with a charred whole garlic bulb and smoked salt on the side. The resulting taste? Not even the synonyms of the word ‘delicious’ could cut it. Mint changes his selections every 4-5 months, so be sure to catch this soon!

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Fire plays a large role in Mint’s pursuits (pun intended) and it goes beyond the taste of his succulent meats. The hours of painstaking and meticulous work in sourcing out high-quality, expensive ingredients and importing top-notch equipment such as the Mibrasa Charcoal-Grilled Oven from Spain is proof that the soul and joy you taste is what fuels The Social Outcast. And in our profit-driven world today, only the greats have the courage and heart to do so. 

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The River Phoenix pizza is as complex, remarkable and rare as the talented actor of 80s Hollywood. Succulent unagi, dried bonito flakes, rice crackers and mixed Italian cheese are laid over a teriyaki base. It’s a treat for fans of their popular Teriyaki Unagi burgers, and a rollercoaster of flavours for new customers. Whatever you are, you’ll be impressed by the end product. 

They also have other pizzas for you to try such as Malcolm X, Anthony Bourdain, Salvador Dali and Alan Turing; fellow outcasts who dared to be different, much like Mint himself. 

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The journey of The Social Outcast sees no end in sight. Mint will continue his creative streaks in the dark arts of charcoal grilling and wood fire smokes while putting the satisfaction of his patrons at the centre. Perhaps we should take a page out of his story: rebellion is a skill we all could learn ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: 5pm - 11pm (Wed-Fri), 11am - 11pm (Sat-Sun); Last order at 10pm (closed every Mondays and Tuesdays)

Address: The Grandstand, 200 Turf City Road, #01-35A, 287994 (Located outside of the mall)

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